What is and isn't acceptable use of caps locks and fonts?

  • I agree and think in this situation a warning would suffice, even if it is a repeat offence. In my opinion, content is more important than how a post is typed.

  • Problem is some people find caps not a nice way to communicate things, its like if we had a conversation face-to-face then someone could say the most genious things, but not say them in a nice tone, ie scream at you or not in a positive feedback way.That is not nice.

    Let me give you an analogy. Its like a basketball coach could say something either by screaming "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO THIS, YOU ARE BAD" etc or say "next time try to do it this way". Both achieve same thing by saying to the player that that they are not performing the correct move, but which would you prefer to hear from a coach?

    Same way using caps conveys anger and not a nice tone, which is not nice to reply to. I don't know if you guys play games other games (like on steam etc) but its sort of an unspoken rule to ask sorry when speaking in all caps by mistake.

  • I know all about Caps lock and the implications of it's usage and I agree that it is preferable for it not to be used.

    However, the point that crunchie was making, is that if the content is acceptable and adheres to community guidelines, to me that is more important than how it is typed.

  • I agree that its quality instead of how its presented. But why not both. I mean any1 who can manage to come on this forum and reply (ie go into internet, sign up to the forum, go to email log in get confirmation etc.) is capable of turning off their caps lock... if they don't know how (which is stupid) then its just pressing the caps lock button the the middle left of your computer...

    Now no excuses. You could do both nice content AND no capslock turned on for a whole paragraph... its not a matter of comparing content to capslock or not if you can do both like i am doing right now.

    If you do want to add emphasis on a word or eve sentence then plz do use caplock or fonts or whatever you want. But using capslock/fonts is usually used for emphasis, and using it all the time takes away its meaning...

  • If it bothers you of how i write a word then fell free to sayso and i will try to change it. But if you bring it up, before cali editted your font size you wrote playing as palying, so don't accuse people if you are doing the same thing.
    Anyways my point is using fonts and bold and caps etc is used for emphasis and using it all the time takes away its meaning. And i believe that you are just being picky and trying to argue about stuff ;).

    Also if you are speaking about grammar etc of me typing any1 instead of anyone or u instead of you etc, then its also not grammatically correct to type in all caps... if you wanna make emphasis the correct way is to use underline or bold, but using all caps is not grammatically correct... but idc as long as its used on one or 2 words to make emphasis... im not an english teacher ;)... just not on a whole paragragh...

  • I have no problem with how you type or write at all.

    kinda my point....

    Also if you are speaking about grammar etc of me typing any1 instead of anyone or u instead of you etc, then its also not grammatically correct to type in all caps...

    So what the problem with caps is?


  • Its a well known convention on the internet that the use of all caps is regarded as shouting.

    It has always been the case and will continue to be the case that over use of caps will be classed as spam and thus treated accordingly. Generally a warning will be given and continued use could result in a ban as it can be disruptive to a thread and is often used deliberately to provoke or cause offensive

    If you wish to discuss this matter further you are invited to contact me directly

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