Bleep Bleep Auctions (UKX)

  • Does anyone else find it very difficult to actually bid on anything?

    Every time an auction ends the page refreshes - fine but I find it hard to find a big enough gap between ending auctions to enable me to get bids in and thats including showing just the item type I want to bid on. Its even worse if on phone or tablet.

    So, now for a question, anyone out there with some tips on how to get around this annoying feature?



  • Auctions do seem to get stuck sometimes

    It was very hard to bid on anything yesterday afternoon because the auctions were stuck/page refreshed even after filtering by type and lot of items sold for base price :(

    I managed to get in a few bids though :D

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

  • I don't think there's a way around it..

    auctions are few seconds apart and the page keeps reloading

    Best way is to go to the second or third page, put up your bid and hope you get it because everyone is in the same situation and they might not be able to outbid you once the item goes to first page :rolleyes:

    That's what I did :)

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

  • When the page starts to refresh you can cancel it if your internet is slow enough :D