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    Be cool Matt and may your future be successful and may peace always surround your home. :)

  • All the best Matt, you worked your ash off to break down the walls between HQ and the players/forum, and I commend you for that and all your work to get the forum as active as possible. Good luck in whatever you move onto, you deserve it.

  • Ok, we are going to do this? Ok then.

    Matt was amazing. Truly. A great chap who was professional regardless of how much of an arse I intentionally was. His only fault that can be named is he towed the company line too much and protected Travian more than they deserve to be protected. I hope that HQ have seen and do appreciate that too!

    I cannot remember a single time he didn’t make an effort to resolve an issue promptly and swiftly regardless of what it was. He also managed this without being a douche, which is very impressive.

    An all round nice lad, massive shame to see him go. I do not envy whoever takes up the role after him.

    Wish you the best Matt, and sorry for all the grief :)

  • Having spent more than the last year working side by side with Matt, I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am to see him go. He's conscientious, doesn't make fun of me when I screw up (well not too much), is easy to work with and really gives a darn about everything Travian. He understands the game, the culture, and the overall online gaming environment. Through all that has gone on, he has been the perfect partner.

    Thank you sir, for making this a much better place.

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  • Sorry for butting in from another domain, but seeing this thread I had to!
    I'll keep it short.

    Matt has helped a lot of us for a lot longer than 2 years in very different positions and aspects of TG, one of the most competent persons I know, every intervention always knowledgeable and showing great understanding of the issues at hand.

    Thank you for everything mate!

    Best of luck in your future, I really hope our paths cross again!

  • he was amazing, I doubt anyone would challenge anyone on that.

    What domain are you on?

  • Matt's been on this domain for ages now. As MH, admin, cm (and I think irc-operator with me ages ago?). Well done for hanging in there for so long, and doing a good job while being here. By hanging on I mean; it's not easy to constantly having to be the spokesperson for a company that struggle with community contact, and are somewhat blind to what their best resources (crew/players) tell them. Also, UK is not the easiest domain to be in charge of.

    I'm certain you have understood and shared all our grievances towards the ones in charge, and done what you could to make it a clean domain, so thanks for that!

  • Seeing it as I was summoned by thesssssupdude_UK, I guess I have to comment on this thread aswell.

    Thanks for all the work you have done here on the forum Matt, was truly a pleasure working alongside you and I wish you all the best in the future! I'm sure the current SMODs and MODs will be able to keep the UK and US forums some of the best domains here on the forum.

    I know how much work you did to this forum, and I don't even want to imagine how the forum would look like if it wasn't for you. I hope TG will find a new CM, who can continue to keep the UK and US forums some of the best to visit for us users.

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    And seeing it as you love Coldplay, I think this song is quite fitting...