UK3 Server Awards

  • so is UK3 finally over? no more WW forum page spam? :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Still potentially a week or so to go yet. But as the others have said it probably wont affect these awards

    Peer pressured in to it by both null leaders hey? I see my opening...

    Well mutley, you know what else all the cool kids are doing these days? Joining null 1 minute before their WW hits lv100. Just saying, if you want to be one of the cool kids...

    But seriously, that's a good insight to MFH&NMS for me, I didn't know who was doing what and it's good to know for future servers. I'm also quite glad Andy annoyed you, he's quite good at doing that haha!

    shhhhhhh we were meant to be keeping that a secret!!!

    Highly debatable.

    I believe those are my trophies to give out, you should be glad I stopped at two :P

    *insert word i cannot say*

    :O :O :O
    Don't tell me you've FINALLY learnt your lesson ^^

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Whitewolf

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Almost stole the Uni Spy :p

    Alliance: MFH&NMS - took me in gave me shelter and showed me how to crank out def i think majority of em spoon fed me advice for most of the early days just to shut me up tbh ^^

    Best Alliance (Not your own): RD - you guys owe me an uncountable amount of hours of lost sleep due to def calls

    Best Player on the Server: Giga for building and feeding those hammer big big respect for managing that :thumbsup:

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: the options here are quite difficult but if i had to id pick one of 3
    Ayath - the stig - Repent because without them all we would have been screwed ^^

    Best Opponent: Boom! he got me my first defenders medal <3 (he did kill all the def in the vill though)

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Aegon hands down

    Best Leader (Your own): Mutley - not only has he ran our WW amazingly hes a good guy whose happy to help new players when theyre starting up.
    Ayath - all those nights you were up till 2-3 in the morning with me and a few others haven't been forgotten ;)

    Best Leader (Not your own): which ever players sorted null out and got them on the right path made the server a lot more interesting :)
    Stupidest Decision: going def instead of off the late nights are hectic

    Most Underrated: Babapapa - he made a real nuisance of himself when he wanted to ^^ never seemed to let troops dieing bother him just got on with the game so to speak :thumbup:

    Most Entertaining: Maximus Decimus/Moogle -

    Best Noob: Welliton because despite not being a noob he will always be one in my eyes ;)

    Most Helpful: Aegon, mutley, MJ, Ayath, moogle and many many more that ive probably annoyed the hell outta asking for advice ^^

    Memorable Moment of the server: seeing my hero had bounced when he went for the uni spy (atleast i know now eh :p )

    Soundtrack to your server:

    (apologies for any grammer or spelling mistakes i may have made :P )

    Happy does NOT speak for me. hes an absolute loon i swear.

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Double Trouble - Dual then single somewhere by mid game.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Was going off before dual quit - Went def for an easier life - then spammed a pathetic rammer at the end.

    Alliance: RD, hell of a surprise to see so many familiar faces about considering RD just happened - players not expecting much workload stepped up and got us into shape, wouldn't have been a competition otherwise.

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Null, for becoming the very definition of a phoenix

    Best Player on the Server: Jackle had some good early game - but the troop count coming out of gigga's even taking it easy is just plane annoying!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Not being on the receiving end i couldn't give an honest opinion full credit to the guys who kept the pressure up all server.

    Best Opponent: Digga (i think it was him) for being the only person to hit me properly all server and get away with it twice! those lvl20 wheat fields were damn expensive!

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: there were a few guys who have maintained high def counts throughout hard work considering how much they were lent on in periods this server.

    Best Leader (Your own): It's like riding a bike to these guys now but the motivation to keep playing is incredible - shout out to mad, who knows more about WW's than anyone I've ever seen! getting MFH's and Nulls build time estimation to the seconds took far more commitment than I've seen up close before.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Again got to give this to Null leadership, certainly made things more interesting for us this server, which could have been very dull otherwise, made it a decent competition in the end.

    Stupidest Decision: Personally Swapping from off to def and back, end up with a stupid graph like

    Most Underrated: Again! Null took all the lip this server and are still here with a sense of humour.

    Best Noob: Hearing some of the talk in the skype room you could give this to most of us! beginner mistakes made all round :thumbsup:

    Most Overrated: Thor, what the heck happened!

    Memorable Moment of the server: pretty pants considering everything going on lately buy from a personal perspective Managing to sneak through Ayaths def for a small AA

    Soundtrack to your server: not really a soundtrack but

  • IGN (single or dual-account): hag n raki dual account

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Smasher account, goal = just be a thorn in enemy sides in as many ways as possible and judging by some of the messages in game/skype/ forum etc. looks like succeeded

    Alliance: MFHNMS

    Best Alliance (Not your own): RD

    Best Player on the Server: Can't beat giga here for me, but respect for boom as well. When you both had haste and midnight sends as a team every night near impossible to stop

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: hard one this but think will go with the stig, mainly due to the quick rammer rebuilds

    Best Opponent: Fairly quiet server for account attacks for change lol, but for ally attacks again boom/giga combination

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: A shout out for all the 10-15 village players that stuck it through till end of server and never get a mention, backbone of any ally

    Best Leader (Your own): Ayath always there when needed

    Best Leader (Not your own): RD mid game offence planners

    Stupidest Decision: Send EC at giga different speed to fakes early game after few drinks

    Best Noob: My dual finally made it to "end game" congrats hahaha

    Memorable Moment of the server: Been a few hammers and cata caught at home or hide in oasis, always nice warm feeling kill a hammer before it used

  • Feeling left out...

    IGN (single or dual-account):
    Repent (Dual)

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Offensive player, built the highest attack power Gaul WK on the domain despite work & other commitments causing issues over the summer for my dual and I. I was also One of the leaders of MFH/NMS.
    I ran most of the offensive actions of MFH/NMS and those that I didn't run I advised on. I think I brought offensive impetus to the alliance that was lacking during my relative absence over 5 weeks or so in the summer due to work commitments. I feel I brought a lot to the table generally for the alliance and in leadership too.


    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Null do deserve a lot of credit, they impressed me with the way they rallied to eventually hit a decent amount of defence, they showed they belonged at the top table. That said R D have or will soon confirm a win this server so ultimately I have to give it to them.

    Best Player on the Server:

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Moogle used his mace with exceptional skill making a huge difference as well as building a pretty reasonable rammer to go ahead of CA1.

    Best Opponent:
    Giga again, along with Boom! Two exceptional players who used their troops brilliantly.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Aegon is a fantastic defensive player, one of the best i've ever seen. A few others like Welliton, Whitewolf, Maximus Decimus and Misho deserve a shout for their efforts too.

    Best Leader (Your Own):
    I'm going to list a few who've been with us throughout:
    SR - Early game stuff such as def targets etc stood us in good stead for the rest of the server, he planned the chiefing of Jellypete's WWK and offered sound advice to all throughout.
    Mutley - Holds everyone together, knows when people need encouragement and well-liked by all.
    Ayath - Crucial in keeping things together whilst many of us were hugely occupied in the time after artes, the main man behind defensive operations and a key adviser on all actions through the server, a great player with great knowledge of the game.
    Kett - No-one has their members back more than she does, loyal and the first to help anyone who needs it.
    Aegon - Offered sound input and a fabulous player.
    Moogle - Keen as anyone and set a fine example to the rest of the offensive players with his willingness and ambition.

    Best Leader (Not your own):
    Null's guys have the loyalty of their alliance and did well to rally them in the end. I have to give it to R D again, specifically Meme who is one of the best leaders i've ever had as a member and never disapoints.

    Stupidest Decision:
    Forgetting to move 2k cats out of oasis in time for boom's attack, maybe cost us the server not having those extra couple of levels knocked off.

    Most Underrated:
    Misho was a fantastic defensive player. Welliton does his thing no-gold and deserves recognition for that.

    Best noob:
    Whitewolf has everything you need to do well, commitment and not only willingness to listen to advice but he actively sought it out from the strongest players in the alliance.

    Most Overrated: Everyone was more or less within expectations - no-one really underperformed. Maybe Hewhodares since they apparently became more or less sitter run?

    Biggest Disappointment:
    Trouble telling me he was going to cat me off the server and running away with his tail between his legs before artes for the thirtieth time in a row. Thor's leadership in general weren't disappointing exactly as they did exactly what was expected and made a mess, but it is a shame that they couldn't do better, though ultimately that brought about the birth of null so we and their players were probably ultimately better for it.

    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Hitting Crunch's WW will always be the highlight for me as we built towards it for so long.

    Soundtrack to your server:
    Linkin Park - In The End

    Tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter. Seems apt.

    Overall this server has been fantastic and as close as any I've seen in some time. I predicted early that R D would win and probably was on target, third time in a row my early ally analysis has predicted the winner, not sure why we even play beyond it :P

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Welliton (single, but had a GF before I started UK3) - non-gold.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Mid-game def account. Also had the WW named after me.

    Alliance: MFH(&NMS) although I could have been RD if MBCHB got the invite over earlier.

    Best Alliance (Not your own): CareBear. a 2 man alliance bashing a WW is pretty impressive.

    Best Player on the Server: Two of Five. They kept my account going towards the end of the server and definitely deserve a shout-out.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Ayath or Repent, solely due to their WWks (sorry Joshy).

    Best Opponent: I don't think I had any opponents. I was practically the only central MFH account that didn't get their cap or other vills smashed (whilst poor Whitewolf and Fargo had plenty of visits).

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Can't single one out, the people who stayed up (often to 3am) to send defence were invaluable.

    Best Leader (Your own): I only learned who the leadership team actually was recently, but I completely agree with what MJ said.

    Best Leader (Not your own): I steer well clear of server politics, but whoever organised the RD mid-game off plans has my vote.

    Stupidest Decision: Putting Uni work first. My account was in a great position until October, when work started to pile up, and I could only log in a few times a day,

    Most Underrated: Kettricken. Possibly the kindest and most genuine person I've ever come across. Never negative, a great team player and all round good player. Oh, and she never failed to wish us a good night (I honestly think I'll have withdrawal symptoms when the server finishes, so keep in touch!). It was a pleasure playing with you.

    Best Noob: Maximus Decimus! He blew his load on GTA then switched to defence (did brilliantly at that - all those praets!), but then lost countless artefacts. The Grand Danois did well (you know you're a noob when you ask me for advice!).

    Most Overrated: All the RD players around my spawn (expect Boom!). I switched quads and didn't lose my spawn. I did, however, have a player park 20k clubs (or axes) in there for about an hour - I never noticed.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Stealing the two fools from RD, or watching Whitewolf lose his def, whilst mine was kept safe in the villages being faked.

    Soundtrack to your server: 21 Guns - Green Day (because I only had one real all server (on a feeder), and I didn't even know I had it until I checked the village a few days later.

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Boom! Started dualling with Tom (NIght Rider) but he ditched me for RL life a rat up a drain pipe

    Your Set-up and Achievements: RD leader . Nosey- parker Hawk eyes. Smashy off player that became double rammer post Mutley and Moogle's RD WWK Purge.

    Alliance: RD

    Best Alliance (Not your own): MFH

    Best Player on the Server: Gigga . Amonsgst other things,the Server came down to end game hammers in the end and I have never known anyone play smashy then come up with 3 worth end game hammers. Wowzers

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: See above

    Best Opponent: Alot of high quality players in MFH . Ayath/Mutley/ Repent /Aegon all key . Khaz / Hag and Raki particularly later on . Id give it to Moogle though . Flexible, persistant and almost destroyed our end game. Where on earth did he magic those last 10k cats from too?

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Was a real team effort. Giffo had great numbers. SIBH gave alot once he joined. Berty was big for end game . Perhaps Jimbob for me though . Usually an off player he spammed preats all server, and didnt give in when he nearly had to remortage for more gold

    Best Leader (Your own): Very much a shared job . Shout out to Meme for holding it all together and making some big calls. Anne was invaluble for end game and Giga for alot of the high quality off planning

    Best Leader (Not your own): Mutley . Great job . Nice bloke. Taking on NMS was a game changer. Nasty off player and a WW holder. What more could you want?

    Stupidest Decision: I did clear a couple of times mid server with cats. techincally that was Firefox though rather than an informed choice so not actually my descision, so maybe I would say letting my dual live a normal life outside of travian.

    Most Underrated: Repent . That hammer would have been a gave changer if it had a rammer before it

    Best Noob: SIBH in our team deserver a mention Worked hard/ asked question/showed flexibility and smart . Big contributer Perhpas Whitewolf deservers the accolade though . PLayed a really good server. Amazed to find out reading above he was a noob. Determined Too!!

    Most Overrated: Trouble . Again i thought he might achieve something after all the hype.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Wow . 3 really big moments for me if thats allowed. 1) Crunch finally killing off Lord Ruckus . Just loved seeing a deffer take out that hammer with a follow home :) 2) Seeing White Wolf land on my cleared Unique Hawk to find those beautiful words on the attack report - He already had a large arty :) 3) the final RD attack with Frusty and then Gigga taking MFH WW below us

    Soundtrack to your server: Bit indulgent but what the heck: Boom Boom shake the room tick tick tick tick BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

    Best drinker on Server Crunch

    Worst Drinker on Server Crunch

    Best Wheat Screamer on Server Crunch

    Best starver of troops on Server Crunch

    Best abuse on Forum Crunch

    Best abuse of Forum Crunch

  • Best Leader (Your own): It's like riding a bike to these guys now but the motivation to keep playing is incredible - shout out to mad, who knows more about WW's than anyone I've ever seen! getting MFH's and Nulls build time estimation to the seconds took far more commitment than I've seen up close before.

    Madog?! Controversial choice there Chris! :S:huh:8|<X

  • Madog?! Controversial choice there Chris! :S:huh:8|<X

    Yeah.. Madog... that's who i meant... he did start the alliance i suppose. :huh: and wasted a few MFH hammers on his WW. :/ Think he was the guy who ignored my request to join RD, Ignoring things seems to be a common complaint, about all i can say about him really.

  • Will try to give these repsonses & awards the detail they deserve after such a server!

    IGN (single or dual-account): Moogle (single account)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Resident annoying player who didn't mind his troops being sacrificed for the greater good. Half built a WWK then changed to a WWR due to deletions and bans. Chiefer of hammers and killer of many of my own ally's heroes (More on that later) Finished at Rank 3 attacker, which is technically Rank 1 human player as Boom and Giga are obviously robots built specifically to play travian.

    Alliance: NMS -> MFH&NMS

    Best Alliance (Not your own): RD - a well run team of experienced players. Nice guys & girls as well which made attacking them even more fun!

    Best Player on the Server: Boom. I could have gone for Giga for essentially winning the server with his fantastic hammers, but I'm going to say Boom as he was the all round package. I used to fear the repurcussions of his frequent scoutings and hastily move any troops I had parked anywhere for fear of his disposable EI's coming to kill them. Had 2 x very good hammers/rammers as well. I'd also like to mention Frustration, Brexit, Bertyrubble, Double Trouble and Bum who all also had great hammers.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Again, I have to mention more than 1 person here as it's just not fair. Repent built the biggest Gaul hammer we've seen on a uk domain (wheat/attack wise, one of those), amazing achievement. Mutley and Ruben (Ghost/Khazix) for being my chiefing/arte stealing partners in crime mid game. Hag&Raki for being another version of me, just persistent and annoying, they sometimes hurt our enemies more than our WWK's. The Stig is a machine too.

    Best Opponent: Giga. The raiding, the hammers. I know he had a unique diet but fair play to the guy(s)

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: I will keep it short and sweet - Whitewolf, Welliton, Two of Five, Ayath, Aegon, Fain, Kett, Sparhawk --- thank you all for your help in responding to def calls for me and others like me.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ayath. The man is perhaps my longest running trav acquitance for a reason. He's the ying to my yang. Organised, dilligent, thorough and perceptive (everything I'm not) - he spent hours every night organising def calls whilst still building one of the servers biggest hammers. He's an asset to any team. Shoutout to Mutley as well for the WW management, great job.

    Best Leader (Not your own): I will say Meme here. Although she herself may not have planned each hit, she did in fact steal 3 x Uniques which can't be sniffed at. She's a great people person and I know RD will have benefitted from her massively.

    Stupidest Decision: Trying to steal ca1's small AA mid game and losing everything I had. Little did I know at the time he was one of their very few hammers so he was protected massively. That set me back a few weeks. I also lost 3k cata raiding the wrong oasis :(

    Most Underrated: Ra and Angel. Ra contributed several thousands of k def to the WW whilst also having a mid sized hammer which he used to great effect in helping to soften up targets for the bigger boys. His positive MM's were also always well-timed. Mentions here to Maximus and Kett who also did great jobs without stealing the headlines.

    Best Noob: Me. I would like to take this moment to apologise to these people. Ayath x 3? Khazix x 3? Repent x 2? These are the amount of times I killed your heroes whilst you were coming to my place to collect artefacts (Hence the avatar) - I'm so sorry guys and I know you always laughed it off but I was fully aware how annoying it was. In my defence I can't control when my gf asks me to make her a cup of tea, which accounts for 75% of those hero deaths.

    Most Overrated: Jekyll? HeWhoDares? Activity may have been an issue but Jekyll's great start didn't amount to too much I guess.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Chiefing JellyPete's apparently rather large WWK and putting 20 x crannies in there for when he chiefed it back. Judging by the reaction from Boom and others, we did a good job there.

    Soundtrack to your server: Eminem - Without Me. I'd like to hope the server would have been different had I not randomly signed up and gone North West, who knows!

    I've written this to time with what I believe will be RD crossing the finish line tonight. Well done to them, and well done to our team. Null also, we can all be proud of our efforts.

    Peace Out,


    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard

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  • IGN (single or dual-account):
    1.21 Gigawatts (solo since end of August last year, miss you Michelle! ;( Cuda also started round with me, regularly logging in one a month! haha)

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Started the round as a smashy account with a small group of players hoping to join a well-run alliance. :/
    We joined up with RD and it quickly became clear we’d have to be involved in leadership if we were to have a fun round. Main role was planning off against MFH during midgame, but got involved in a bit of everything. Wanted to avoid WWK this round, but no such luck! Ended up building 3 hammers that I used several times on the enemy, but all turned into make shift end game hammers.


    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Notable mention for null, Alex and co did an amazing job organising that lot and made them into a decent outfit all thing considered.
    MFH/SNM for me though – came back at us well after we gave them a bashing. Had the numerical advantage and used it well producing masses of def for the WW, but maybe a little light on the big end game hammers.

    Best Player on the Server:
    Early game it was Jekyll & Syn by a country mile, those German boys know how to play, just a shame TT started and account became inactive soon after artes.
    Boom gets it for me, great troop numbers and always up for a ruck!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Had great fun hitting/zeroing caps with Ryder mid game after he briefly ran the Jekyll & Syn account with promise of multiple hammers and U Haste! Boom (Mr reliable :rolleyes: ) was also fantastic along with Bum and Frusty (who wanted a plan made every night)!

    Best Opponent:
    Hag n Raki, Ayath, the Stig and Moogle caused us all sorts of problems. They caused plenty of damage after a quiet start and took out some of our biggest end game hammers, well played!

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Smithy for me, great numbers early/mid game, always asking for standing to be taken. Also notable mention for Valley Boy, Enok, Tuna, giffo and Wigys.

    Best Leader (Your own):
    Meme, took a little bit of persuading, but we all knew she do an amazing job!

    Best Leader (Not your own):
    Alex for making something out of the shambles in the South, resulted in a much more enjoyable game for all!

    Stupidest Decision:
    Alliance – made some glaring errors with end game hammer def, from ruling out reals as fakes, to storing siege in oasis.
    Personal – forgetting to dodge my own siege for an attack, think I lost 1.5/2k.

    Most Underrated:
    Madwomanne, basically won endgame for us. Rest of us are a bunch of noobs when it comes to anything about WWs that doesn’t involve smashing them up! Anne was instrumental in planning everything during the latter part of the round.

    Best Noob:
    Off – Brexit, took over the account which was set to be def and on request of the alliance, built a WWK for the first time (hadn’t even had an off account ever before). Fantastic effort with great siege numbers, genuinely impressed, hope to play with you again Joao!
    Def – Smithy, only his 2nd server and produced loads of def.

    Most Overrated: (By himself)
    egoisti – Certainly lived up to his name, extremely selfish player who basically had no allegiance to anyone but himself. He produced an OK rammer in the end, but could have been so much better if he hadn’t thrown his toys out the pram and given up cause things didn’t always go our way on the server. Claimed he had no support RE incomings so I organised 150k standing for him, which he then decided to send back without warning starving thousands. No time for guys like this!

    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Bert’s hammer being caught at home the night after he sent back standing defence because he was having to get up 2/3 times in the night to NPC. Bert and I had long discussions trying to convince Madog to hand over his small diet to Bert, but he refused, even though he had his WW villa to store troops in at half wheat a few fields away. He also refused to help clear the ally WW and instead cleared his own pointless one. Another guy I wouldn’t wish to meet again on a server (on the same team)!

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account):
    Bum - dual account with the amazing Toby

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Intended to play a bash around server with a few friends. We decided to join what looked to be an endgame alliance in our quad so we could do that and leave the politics and strategy to someone else but ended up having to step up and do more than we bargained for.
    Achievements - definitely stealing three Unique Artefacts with a bit of help ;)


    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Null did a good job of pulling together the Southern quads after the Imperium and Thor deabcle. MFH had the determination to play a solid game though.

    Best Player on the Server:
    I'm going to go with Madwommane. She may not set up an awesome offensive/raiding account like our big boys do, but she sets up an account designed to serve the alliance. She had villages prepped and ready to take large artefacts to chief around the alliance, she stored endgame hammers, she churned out defence and she ran the WW building. We wouldn't have won without her. Simples.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Giga, Boom, Frustration, Babapapa, Double Trouble and my lovely dual all got attacks going out on the dot when asked. Ryder popped in midgame and got us going again when we were starting to get placid.

    Best Opponent:
    Hag and Raki for his really annoying trick of golding up villages and stealing oases. Didn't cause much damage but boy, was it irritating. MJ for putting together some good offensives midgame and the fakes from MFH/NMS were well planned. Trying to make defence calls was a mare.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:
    Smithy definitely, also Ikaragh and Giffo always had def troops ready. Bretorubble churned them out at the end with the help of the Unique AA (thanks MFH for that one ;)) Bazzer on the Ouija account also got the def where needed when needed.

    Best Leader (Your own):
    Madwomanne again, had the timings of all the WWs down to the second. I couldn't have organised the WW hits without her expert knoweldge. Crunch, while never officially on the leader board was definitely a good endgame leader and his MMs were great. Plus he kept us all upbeat and cheerful.

    Best Leader (Not your own):
    Alechol did a good job of pulling together the remnants of Thor. I don't know much about who was the guiding light in MFH/NMS but they did an amazing job on the defence and endgame organisation.

    Stupidest Decision:
    Sending Babapapa, Giga and MBHCB on Null at the end. They weren't needed and I should have held them back to go in on MFH/NMS. That decision nearly cost us the win.

    Most Underrated:
    Defenders are always underrated. Smithy had great numbers. Frustration should have had more chance to do offensive planning. Null's rammers weren't too shabby, shame they weren't followed in by their cata hammer.

    Best Noob:
    Got to agree with Giga here, it was definitely Brexit and Smithy.

    Most Overrated:

    Ego was a tough one to manage. Built a great rammer from a tiny account but insisted on using it up far too early to get himself attention. Madog was also a difficult situation to manage. The early game players that leave fast though - Lord Ruckus and the boys on Jekyll who dumped a really decent account. Kudos to Ryder for jumping on and doing something worthwhile with it for a bit.

    Memorable Moment of the server:
    Crunch leaving a really annoyed message in the leaders room for us when I woke up. ca1 isn't going in on MFH he's coming in on us. Taking the Unique AA from Khazix. We would have been happy with second place and all the Uniques but winning as well is just amazing.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • So, server is ending in a few hours, I might as well get this done too

    IGN (single or dual-account): Maximus Decimus (single acc)
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Roman off account, going smashy and ended up splatting on Tuna making me go def ending up with +150k praets pre ww
    Alliance: MFH&NMS
    Best Alliance (Not your own): gotta give this to RD, they played the better game, through mid game you never had a silent night, and in the endgame you just kept on bringing up new hammers
    Best Player on the Server: Boom! This is very clear to me. You could never know if you’d wake up and have 1 hour till you cap was all smashed up. Also, he wasn’t afraid to have a little banter if you messaged him ;) I enjoyed that :D
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Moogle gets this one 2 me, altho it wasn’t him alone, those 2 hammers chiefed was brilliant.
    He also made some quite impressive endgame hammers!
    Best Opponent: Boom!
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Aegon get this mainly cause he had amazing sitters, without those 2 brilliant sitters he would never been where he is and his gf would probably also dumb him, so he should really thank those 2 amazing guys.
    Best Leader (Your own): Have to give this to both MJ and SR, this was my first proper server, they both helped me massively, and no questions was too dumb, even tho we all know that 90% of my questions are extremely dumb
    Best Leader (Not your own): Gotta give this to the guys at Null, tbh I don’t know who’s in charge but the way you motivated the lot to stay in it and give it their all even tho it was a huge long shot, you have my respect.
    Stupidest Decision: Going in alone on Tuna and splatting my hammer. Wish I hadn’t done that. But you learn from your mistakes, next time bring proper amount of rams.
    Most Underrated: Null. No one expected anything from them in the endgame, but they delivered a game changing performance. Hats off
    Best Noob: Whitewolf, guy really surprised me and just keeps on going, not afraid to step up for the ally and really deserves a mention!
    Most Overrated: MFH&NMS, I think everyone expected us to be the winners, I know I did, and ultimately that might have cost us the victory, so I’m handing this to ourselves. That being sad, I’m extremely proud of what we did achieve, never in my wildest fantasy did I expect such a server, shame for us we didn’t win, but hey that’s life.
    Memorable Moment of the server: Settled my cap only 2,5 fields away from Qzer at that time we weren’t in a confed, became a pretty decent fight that Qzer ultimately gave up, so I was pretty happy with myself now that I could get me another cropper nearby, he logged on only to delete the acc, then read a message saying that NMS and MFH where to be a confed and decided to stay, so it was all in vain.
    Later he deffed many of the attacks on my cap and there where never any hard feelings from him.
    Soundtrack to your server: Bonnie Tyler - I need a hero
    Every single time I went to pick up an artefact someone killed my hero, it was like he was cursed, at some point I just bought up all buckets on the AH even tho prices where mad, just to be sure I had some for next time!

    Lots of people who isn’t mentioned in here made a huge difference and I consider you all my friends! Have been a really nice year for me, and If I could go back and do it all again I’d do it exactly the same (but maybe punch maxa really hard)


  • IGN (single or dual-account): Crunch. Started as a solo then obtained a dual near to end game to help out with the WW stuff. They went AWOL though so I was back to a solo account. Fortunatley picked up the worlds greatest sitter along the way and they did most things for me whilst I watched, which was amazeballs.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: I started out ready to have a fun smashy server but the defence numbers were looking a thin in the lead up to artefacts so I took one for the team and swapped to a defence player, then shortly after I got bullied into holding the WW as I had one of those handy Teuton walls that don't get knocked down easy. Achievements, hmm, putting an end to ruckus was fun. Getting banned twice on the forum in one server (new personal record). Holding the winning world wonder was nice too but in the immortal words of Atisa, "The greatest achievement is selfisness", so it was being able to help my team that was my greatest achievement.

    Alliance: R D

    Best Alliance (Not your own): My mother told me that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

    Just playing. Following the collapse of Imperium, then THOR, it was Carnage east and Carnage west, then they split apart. To go through all of that and still have an alliance competing at end game and actually come pretty close to winning is very impressive. However, allowing a player who has betrayed your alliance and is in your quad to rebuild 2 hammers and keep attacking is disgraceful, for this I simply cannot give Null the award. So, (by default as there are only 3 alliance and one is my own and i cannot select it) reluctantley, I'm going with MFH&NMS on this one.

    Best Player on the Server: Hands down it'g giga. Though I think he has won this unanimously on every server he has played so lets do what they've started doing with the ballon d'or and look at who would win if Ronaldo and Messi wern't here. The obvious choice would be Boom!. There was Bertyrubble too, good end game hammer turned biggest end game defender in our alliance. TheStig, making 19,000 rammers after their alliance lost 2 of their main rammers. Moogle, he was annoying all server, mostly on skype but in the game too. Maybe Aegon should be up there, would love to see a screenshot of that guys troop overview now the server is over.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Well you can't not give it to the guy that made so many endgame hammers he had to send 2 at the same time meaning one had no hero and still took levels off the WW can you?

    Best Opponent: Probably Hag & Raki, I was in stitches for a week solid when they pulled that oasis stealing trick the first time. Plus they just kept poppping up, anyone with a name with an annoying symbol in it should pop up less often.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Tuna, because if I don't say him he will punch me in the face. Shout outs to Giffo, DT, Ikargath and smithy though. Oh and me, shout out to myself, I had loads before this WW lark began.

    Best Leader (Your own): Madwomanne, never known anyone like her before. By far the most in depth end game leader I have ever known. It's been a pleasure working wih her but I think next end game I will stick to sending wheat a defence from a distance lol. Shout out to Meme though, she kicked bottom's (happy SR?) when needed.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Not sure who did what in the behind the scenes of the other squads but I will give it to Mutley as he was great banter all server long. Shout out to Alex too for managing to have an alliance competing at end game.

    Stupidest Decision: Putting on the forum that MFH and NMS should merge together.

    Most Underrated: Cuda's Super Awesome Ally. What a squad!

    Best Noob: Boom!, taught him everything he knows.

    Most Overrated: The Imperium Meta. Not that anyone thought they would actually make it this far.

    Memorable Moment of the server: 22:24 09/01/18.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    All the arguement aside. It has been one of the most enjoyable servers I have ever played and I would happily play with or against you all in the future. Except SR. So most arguements aside rather... :thumbsup:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Repent - dual

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Top Gaul Attack Points WWK/2nd largest Gaul WWK in terms of WPH. Churned out some half decent deff numbers too so our alliance didn't have to break their backs defending us out in the boonies all the time. Helped pull things together in terms of growth and getting people involved and engaged in the early game in particular, negotiated the merger with NMS from the MFH side and coordinated artefacts after we confeded with NMS. Coordinated the Jellypete chiefing and served as a soundboard for MJ to finalise his plans when he coordinated the other Ops.

    Alliance: MFH&NMS

    Best Alliance (Not your own): RD - because they were consistently strong and a threat throughout the server. Really good job to the null leaders too though, who I did give a lot of stick earlier in the server, but really showed us something special in the late game with the determination and resilience they showed.

    Best Player on the Server: My answer here is two-fold, everyone seems to be picking off players, but I think Aegon was such a pivotal account for us and really made RD wary of coming at us and our artes in the midgame. Would have been a completely different dynamic if we hadn't had him on board.

    On the off-side, whilst Giga was stand out, it's got to be Boom for me. The account seemed to bring so much to RD, not just in terms of the end game hammers, but the frequent hits, the regular scoutings and the late night ghost attempts really piled the pressure on. The one night I forgot to set an alarm he even caught 2K of our cats at home, so props to Boom for what I would consider to be a really top tier performance.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: There's a few that need mentioning here such as Moogle, Hag n Raki and the stig. For me though, it had to be Ayath. Fantastic end game hammer and his quick rebuild almost gave us a shot at the win. Really great advice given to some of our members too and a solid raider to top it all off.

    Best Opponent: Boom

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: I have already put forward Aegon in the best player category, so I've gotta go with him again here. He did have some stiff competition though as we did have a lot of reliable deffers who did put up some big numbers. Personally, Welliton, Whitewolf and Maximus Decimus helped bail us out of some tight spots, so it would be remiss of me not to mention them

    Best Leader (Your own): I would say that we had a lot of leaders who really put a lot of work into the server and split the workload reasonably well. However, I would specifically mention Kettricken & Mutley here, who were really operating as the glue, motivating the members in general and making it the kind of environment people really enjoyed playing in, which is crucial in getting people to stick around for so many months.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Difficult to say not knowing the ins and outs of the inner workings of Null/RD, but from what I've seen on the forum, I'd have to say Meme for steering the RD ship. The results speak for themselves, so well done.

    Stupidest Decision: "Okay... surely... surrrreeellllyyyy, this time Josh (Moogle) has learnt from his past mistakes and will not kill my hero for the fourth time." *Logs on a few hours later and sees the fat skull next to his hero's dashing headshot* "Who was I kidding, this is Josh we're talking about."

    And also, letting Boom catch those catas really bugged me.

    Most Underrated: Someone mentioned Ra and Angel before, I'd agree with that. He had a bit of a late start, but was still instrumental throughout the server and also did a fantastic job with the update MM. A really good guy to have on board for morale.

    Best Noob: Mr 'Level 6 Barracks' Welliton. Took him significantly longer than anyone else to get going with the whole no gold thing, but once he got going he sure was a force to be reckoned with.

    Most Overrated: Maxa - an early game top raiding account we had on board that went rogue and threw his rammer at a friendly before deleting. He required a lot fo hand holding early on in the game and was super high maintenance. I regret that I/we ever humored him or relied on him to produce a WWR, so this one could be in the stupidest decision section too I guess... Even passed him our haste.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Actually managing to land our WWK after holding our breath waiting for the chiefing attempt from RD for the last couple of months. Also walling all those null hammers on our non=cap and then realising that in total across the three attacks they had only sent 3 chiefs anyway...

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Lonely - Akon

    Aptly describes how we felt out in the boonies all server long.

    EDIT: Yes, very happy Crunchie. Knew you had it in you.

  • Just playing. Following the collapse of Imperium, then THOR, it was Carnage east and Carnage west, then they split apart. To go through all of that and still have an alliance competing at end game and actually come pretty close to winning is very impressive. However, allowing a player who has betrayed your alliance and is in your quad to rebuild 2 hammers and keep attacking is disgraceful, for this I simply cannot give Null the award. So, (by default as there are only 3 alliance and one is my own and i cannot select it) reluctantley, I'm going with MFH&NMS on this one.

    To be fair to us, we proved we could do it to Seunggee when we have the hammers, went from rank 6 to 2 villages in 2 weeks or something? But it is kind of hard when most of your players have just thrown all of their hammers at a brick wall, and the remaining hammers were a 10+ hour trip away.

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)