Pricing adjustment due to currency fluctuation & SMS provider fees

  • Dear community,

    For the past 5 years, we haven’t touched the pricing of our Gold tariffs despite currency fluctuations and SMS providers raising their fees.

    As much as we would like to maintain the same rates, we have to change the tariffs for Gold purchases and adjust the SMS tariffs according to the increased SMS providers fees.

    For us, it is important to provide you with an overview of the reasons behind this decision, as well as the list of upcoming changes, to make the transition as transparent as possible.
    In the chart below, you can see the exchange rate fluctuation between the US dollar and the British pound. Over the last 5 years, the pound has dropped by 20% compared to the US dollar.

    Starting from 28th December 2017, we will change the tariffs for Gold purchases and adjust the SMS tariffs in accordance with the tables below.

    Current Pricing Currency Credits
    1.50 GBP GBP 30
    3.99 GBP GBP 100
    7.99 GBP GBP 250
    15.99 GBP GBP 600
    39.99 GBP GBP 1600

    NEW Pricing Currency Credits
    1.69 GBP GBP 30
    4.49 GBP GBP 100
    8.99 GBP GBP 250
    17.99 GBP GBP 600
    44.99 GBP GBP 1600

    As you can see from the numbers, we intend to raise our prices by a limited amount, for you - our players. That is why the first step will consist of an increase of around 12.5%.
    In the case of SMS tariffs, the new Gold amounts now reflect the fees we are required to pay to local payment service providers. These tariffs will change as follows:

    Pricing Currency Credit
    1.50 GBP GBP 22 (before 25)
    5.00 GBP GBP 95 (before 110)
    10.00 GBP GBP 230 (before 260)
    1.53 GBP GBP 24 (before 28)

    Thank you for your attention. We know this is a sensitive topic that is always hard to acknowledge, but we hope that you will understand the necessity for these changes.
    The Travian Games Team

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