Price Increase

  • simple higher gold prices more people will quit ... everybody have some limits i think they try to cross mine ...

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic

  • I am trying to understand the changes to the gold price. The justification given is that the GPB-USD fluctuation. But Travian Games is based in Germany so the GBP-USD exchange rate appears to be irrelevant?!?

    If you look at the GPB-EUR fluctuation over the last 5 years (the period given in the justification), you can see that over these 5 years that the exchange rate is basically constant (below). Actually, it has gone down slightly. In fact, 2 years ago, the exchange rate went up to 1.4 which meant that TravianGames was getting 82% more earnings on foreign exchange from UK servers. At this time they did not discount gold due to currency fluctuations. Can I please have a response about this discrepancy as I do not understand the justifications given for the 12% increase in gold based on realising the foreign exchange difference over the period stated.

    I have also checked an inflation justification. The inflation in Germany over the last 5 years (cumulative) was 7.49%. If you take the current exchange rate between the GBP and the Euro and multiply it by 7.49%, you arrive at a figure that is (just) less than the 5 year exchange rate. So this does not justify the 12% increase either?

    You can make the argument that it is to make it constant across servers - but that is not fair. We all know that some servers are cheaper - it should be linked to cost of living, and that is what currency fluctuation and inflation is all about...

  • Ok, i could say i'm happy with the price increase, but i want something in return.
    NPC to cost 2 gold instead of 3. Make the Travian Plus cost 8 gold per week to extend.
    When did a gold promo last time was? How about a 50% off gold promo? i don't want to sound too silly but how about 75% off?

    When people leave,... there is no coming back.

  • Hello Everyone

    I am not here to argue any stats or facts based on the post about the price increase. It is way over my rank and not part of it.

    I do want to say though that your feedback is being watched and read.

    I will also add that posts that are only to flame or are posted with rumors or unfounded accusations will be removed without notice.

    Discussion is a great thing as it is communicating but creating stories where none exists will be removed.

    Thanks for the brief interruption.


  • How about enabling reactions on the thread that announces the gold price increase ? as if you people don't make enough money from this game, really sad to see this

  • Trust me to post in a thread without reading it! Not happy, as Cretin has said the rates do not justify the change.

    A £5 increase on a large packet is insane! You cannot void inflation and then proceed to accumulate it in one. Basic knowledge!

    I will be back with stats and figures and more furore once the footy is over!

    P.S. I assume this is why Matt stepped down? He wanted no part in it?

  • There's only so many times you can shoot yourself in the foot Travian. If it aint broke, don't fix it... but it is broke, and broke bad, there were over 20k per UK server when I started playing and now is around 400 probably less if the bots are taken into account. And to fix the dwindling numbers ???? increase the price of gold (needed to play really) . It's a bad bad move and I for one will never play again unless this suicidal decision is reversed. Do not call our bluff, there are many good gold using players still on the UK servers, the game no longer warrants the cost of playing it. Fewer players will make it even more dull. The price should be coming down if anything, it's an game that is mainly unchanged that is over 10 - 15 years old . Please rethink this

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  • What rumours, flames or unfounded accusations have there been that its warranted to make that warning? Feels more like you're warning us to shut up.

    I have removed one post already accusing Travian of creating things that they are not.

    That is what my post is about.

    This thread was started by the community and will remain as you do have a right to express yourselves about changes that Travian makes.

    All I ask is that the posts are not just flaming or trolling.

    I or Dario will also make sure this thread is part of our weekly reports as well.

  • This is a forum everyone is welcome there opinion but if your going to remove unfounded accusations

    why have a forum of peoples opinion if its above your level which i agree it is your just the puppet someone else is pulling the strings

  • Pay more for less.

    Why don't you fix your game before charging more? The Last Month has seen a huge increase in issues.

    The Unlimited wheat bugs on Comx, The 100% Troop Recruitment Bonus on Ukx, The Artefacts and plans not releasing when expected. You expect people to pay More For what is no longer a fully functioning game?

    Great Job at driving people away, A Development Team that can't develop and a marketing team that can't market. No sense of timing.

  • I am really just dumfounded about the decision making process. The economics of supply and demand say that justifying an increase in cost-of-goods requires an increase in demand. We are obviously seeing the opposite when we look at player numbers. Increasing the price will only lower player numbers, creating a vicious cycle. It is tempting to increase price to increase revenue, but this is not how supply-demand works...To increase demand, incentives need to be provided that make players want to take up the game. This can be in many forms. Increased demand "means that consumers wish to purchase more of the good at every price". Only when you see increased demand can you justify increasing the price without sacrificing revenue.

    This is economics 101. They need to get a better grasp on this before they mess with the revenue base of the company :(

    I say this, not because I want to pay less (!) but because we are reaching critical mass. I left AU domain because there were insufficient players for a competitive server anymore. We will soon reach this in UK if this is not rectified. And I do not think I will play .com with the cheating and bots...

  • I have a question.

    Is this change UK based?

    If it is USD vs GBP then how does the gold cost on .US servers fair in comparison? We were looking at doing a .US server already, maybe we all go there. The losses from transferable gold across a server being lost may still work out cheaper.

  • This has gone down the route of so many online games I have played and left, every single one has increased their prices and each has seen players leave in droves. Now we need to have sitters and duals to run the account 24/7, a team of players playing one account can spread the cost, the single player cannot. I mirror the sentiment shown by others, the number of players has gone down significantly over the years, I shall not be buying any more gold and most likely not return to a game I once really enjoyed