Crosspost: quest order in T4.4 Adventures Patch 8

  • Seeing as ya'll here on the .uk domain are all rilled up, I figured now would be a good time to bring something else up, which seemingly none of you noticed (pro-tip: always read the patch notes)

    (International (.com) thread is here:
    Change to quest order in "T4.4 Adventures Patch 8" )

    Early game tasks were rearranged to improve the early game
    The changes are in the category Battle:
    Quests 8 and 9 (10 Adventures and Auctions) are moved behind 14 (Upgrade Units)

    What is the reasoning for this change?

    Me, and practically any semi-competitive player would never dream of upgrading units before having completed 10 adventures and used the auctions.

    I don't complete the task normally until at least ½ a month into the server or more, because it's extremely ineffecient, and expensive:

    • The upgrade is not worth it's own cost until you have a certain amount of units of that type - and we're talking an amount that no player will have within even a week - until you have that amount, it's more efficient res wise to just produce more of the unit, since the cost is smaller than the gain from upgrading the unit.
    • The reward for completing is of little value to your early game, and the competition to settle 2nd. In fact, the res you spend on the upgrade will set you back significantly in the race for croppers.
    • Putting other quests after upgrading troops means that you will either waste a large amount of res, just so you can complete these two other quests, or that you won't complete those last two quests until several weeks into the server.

    I didn't mind the quest being there, with little reward - because it was the last quest in the line, so it didn't matter when I completed it. But putting it as something to be done before you even complete 10 adventures? Absurd.

    I get that the quests might be designed to teach new players the different things they can do in the game. But shoehorning both new players and experienced players into wasting res on something that they should never spend res on so early in the game is completely senseless.

    Please restore the former quest order. This way, experienced players can delay upgrading their units until it makes sense, and new players will still be presented with the posiblity of upgrading units, but not until having completed most of the other stuff.

  • We noticed - from our ally chat, etc etc:

    the new T4.4 patch has changed a couple of the task rewards to startup
    it will very slightly impact things if you are one of those players racing to the first cropper in the quad
    [UK] Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog
    so the reward now gives 4605 resources
    if you are going to level 6 crop only before settling, then building level 2 mill with that will only give you 2520 payback before settling
    just over 50%
    if you are going to 7s, you will get about 3700 back
    so still only 75% back
    best to spend those resources on other things and get mill level 2 later
    if u research a troop, to get the auction reward...only a scout is worth it
    but u need stable to do that unless u are teuton

    I assume everyone else and their alliance just also did the quick maths as well...

    I guess, if you need access to auctions, that's a might make buying items in the silver auction cheaper during startup rofl and reduce gold use during startup!!!

  • Not a fan of new players learning to level troops at a too early stage. Perhaps we can have some insight in why this change came about?