Snow battle Contest

  • Dear players!

    New Year is around the corner and we want to celebrate it with you by our traditional snowball game!

    Load your catapults with snowballs and let's fight a snow fortress! Will there be the lucky one who'll get the super-prize - a chest with 300 gold?

    How this works:

    Here is a board which looks pretty much like the one we use for the chess. We hid some prizes under some of those fields. They are:

    • 3 extra adventures
    • 3 Daily rewards for 100 points
    • 2 chests with 30 Gold
    • 1 chest with 100 Gold
    • 1 chest with 300 Gold (super prize)

    All you need to do is just choose randomly ONE field and post your answer in this thread (for example F3) till the 22nd of December 14:00 GMT+1.
    Then we'll unveil the prizes. They will be given to your accounts within the next couple of days.

    Please, note:

    • You may post here only ONE message with ONE coordinate. The other messages will be deleted.
    • Unfortunately we can't give away prizes in the Tournament finals to keep this server as fair as possible. But you can get it on any other server of The .COM Domain where you took part in this contest.
    • The game ends at 14:00 GMT+1 23rd of December 2017. After that we'll post the open board and announce the winners. We'll probably need some time to check all your answers, so this will take some time, but we'll do our best to announce them as soon as possible.
    • The main prize (300 gold) can be won only once – the first player who’ll post here the correct coordinate will get it to their account. All other prizes can be won several times by different players, if they choose same winning coordinate.
    • 100 points daily reward can’t be given on a server that lasts less than 10 days. You have to wait for your prize a bit longer or can exchange it for 30 gold which will be given immediately.
    • Don’t forget to add your name and your gameworld! If you don't have an account on any gameworld yet, but you plan to start one in the nearest future, you can still take part with the note - "not playing yet". You prize will be waiting for you till the 31st of January 2018!

    We wish you a Happy New Year!
    Your Travian: Legends team

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  • F4

    You know the old joke, Eiaiestyi? Man shows up at the Pearly Gates, sees this guy in a pin stripe suit, and a briefcase, a cigar, prancing about. He says to Saint Peter, 'who's that guy?' Saint Peter says 'ahhh, that's just God. Thinks he's Jofke.'

  • C10

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    (Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones, ages ago)

    fnx wrote:

    I have to admit last year Villains played cleaner than us