"Winter has arrived ..."

We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
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  • This year the Northern winds were extremely strong, bringing cold weather from the ice peaks surrounding the valley. Even old veterans of first Travian wars, whose favorite pursuit now was to gather at the fireplace and tell war stories to each other, couldn’t remember anything like that. The world was changing...

    To be continued.....

  • For three days, the snow storm continued unabated, locking people in their houses and making them fear for their lives. When it finally stopped, the whole world turned white with the snow. Children, despite the risk to get frost-bitten, immediately started to build snow fortresses and organize snow battles, but adults frowned, looking at them and – now clear – sky. Something was not right, something was still missing…

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  • Today the first heralds made their way through the snowy tops, announcing the news that had already become apparent: people, driven by the extreme weather and fearing for the severe famine it might cause, started to prepare for another war to set control over the last strongholds of the Natars. Everyone knew – those, who would first construct the World Wonder, would get the power of all their artifacts.

  • And only when the first enemy had been noticed spying in the valley, people realized they were wrong in their predictions: this would not be the usual war for the World Wonders. Even from the far distance, they could clearly see the fiercely looking nomad on a very fast horse, accompanied by the falcon, who vanished into the thin air as fast as he appeared. Rumors, that had already started to spread around, now got confirmed: this time the new tribes would not stay away, instead, they’ll join the battle!

  • But why? Why the two Southern tribes, who never seemed to be interested in the Natars’ legacy, decided to join? The answer came with the last herald, and it was disturbing but simple: the cold weather, which brought so much excitement to the children in the valley, had a disastrous effect on the size of fertile lands. Parts of the world close to the glaciers became unfit for human habitation, making people move and fight for the existence. This would be the fiercest war ever. The war for the survival.