AA Call to Arms! (Winter specials, anyone?)

  • Hello to all, hope you all enjoyed your Christmas dinners and if like us you are probably still trying to get through all the leftoves lol.

    However the new year is nearly upon us and it seesms travian is forcing upon us what looks like it could be a very nice change with a legends server using all 5 tribes available.

    I think we will bring AA to give this a go as long as no other silly changes are added to the game format so we are putting out a challenge for any past enemies or untested alliances to come and battle it out with us on there, I believe 11th January is the date for the UK one!

    Please confirm on here if your team will be up for the challenge so hopefully more will come forward as well. :thumbsup:

  • I am only finishing first server on uk right now, so i don't really care about history of your ally or servers because only thing that matter is current state, and by that you said you went overseas and gave up. I understand that you gave up because of .us low competition(no surprises there xD) , but to tell that uk1 won't be having good competition before its date of release was even published is just laughable. Anyway, as this is special server thread i'll be leaving it now to avoid spamming :)

  • Sorry we never started overseas as no decent servers started this winter and the main alliances on the US servers are all currently on a lowly populated server running (which we were told on the US forums)

    Unfortunately Travian is dying a slow drawn out death. I think this may well be our last outing as an alliance due to the poor standard and player numbers on travian now.

  • Talking a great game Andy, only reference I find for AA on the overall Hall of Fame is 8th fastest WW win as a meta with OGC who're quite large themselves.

    If it was that easy and you were all that surely you'd be on there somewhere without needing OGC's help?

  • Good for them. We're doing the same thing on s3 right now having to repress three WWs while the other allies only target us. Do we get to be the next ones running around saying how crap the UK servers are, how we're the cats pajamas as an alliance and oh if oooooooonly we could find a challenge but everyone is scared of us :'(

  • Yeah we do. And if AA didn't have any they'd be somewhere in the top 10 fastest without having to get OGC's help. I've been in better alliances who've done more and didn't shout from the rooftops disrespecting the domain they did it on.

  • Haha MJ, The HoF is nonsense you should know that. I'd feel ashamed even having to mention and go through the times i've been on it, lol.

    Normally comes from being on an over easy server, over hitting natars or nature all server, over simming or being battered all server long by enemies that should have been taken out long before without silly losses!

    Nice try though lol. I don't see how trying to find decent opponents Is a crime though :(

  • Off Points/Def points maybe. Fastest win? No not if you're as dominant as you say. I didn't even find any AA in the hammers charts, and even I'm on there now. Actually remember when you turned me down years ago like 2011/12 on s2 saying I don't finish servers? Ah never mind probably not.

    Trying to find opposition is no crime, Pulsant announced themselves on the servers when I was with them for the same reason. They didn't feel the need to insult the quality of the rest of the players on the domain whilst doing it though.

  • And we have played against one really good alliance before but we were not named AA then, a Danish outfit who came over to the UK servers when we were unfortunately not playing a WW server. They were beasts and very well organised. Was UK5 in 2014-15 I think!

    The other good UK teams I've played against have been when I was playing outside of AA . These were Pulse and SMASH! (Both very good teams at the time)

  • I've not purposely disrespected anyone to my knowledge, sorry if I have in the heat of the debate. I merely meant we won the servers we played on fairly easily so wanted some fresh opponents. I do apologise if anyone is offended by that.

    I will not try to improve travian and get competition to a server again!

    Good luck to you all on UK1! Xxx

  • Standard of competition and number of players, can't remember saying UK players were low standard, some good players in an enemy alliance does not make for good competition in the WW game!

    Good leadership and great teamwork does! Teamwork being the key factor -> Anyone that has played in AA or any other good team knows everyone does anything possible for the team not themselves and not for records or hall of fame places or top attacker on the server!

  • so you are saying that because for example MJ got into hall of fame for his biggest off points gaul hammer he isn't a good leader and teamplayer? I first will agree on this point! I applaud you :thumbdown:

  • No i have no interest in MJ at all so I can not comment on his account building skills, leadership qualities or team work!

    I purely said that UK servers have a lot of really good account builders that are in poor alliances and not in set teams. Drifters might be a good term to use.

  • And we have played against one really good alliance before but we were not named AA then, a Danish outfit who came over to the UK servers when we were unfortunately not playing a WW server. They were beasts and very well organised. Was UK5 in 2014-15 I think!

    Ohhhhh that brings back memories, Great enemy those Danes were came in mass and dedicated. Was on constant rebuild never been battered so much, but enjoyable to stay alive and hit back all server.

  • Yes it was a great battle while it lasted. Lots of rebuilding needed on both sides, I think they expected our numbers to dwindle after getting smashed up not come back fighting twice as hard lol.