Det ryktas att...

  • Well i can't speak for others, all i can say is there are both experienced and less experienced people in UKS. The #1 deffer had his first 15c. I just saw that post as forum joking, and i'm sure you guys aren't unfamiliar with doing that. And to be fair UKS did good and had good troopscounts compared to the rest of the server.

    And as for sez i don't know, i'm not that good. Will be fun to see how nordic ends up.

  • Well it was a rhetorical question, but sure.

    And that's fair i guess. KP played an ok server anyway and winning "diplomatically" is still being the best alliance.

    You had as you say 4 diets and 2 (later 3) trainers and didn't/barely made one hammer, nor the most off or the most deff, and that's without fighting anyone all round almost (Janos had the lower per person avg. offpoints before the merger apart from KP). I would take your own advice.

    As i said long time ago, im here to ruin the server for rise. Sometimes you can take artifacts, not because you need it but because your enemies need it.

    And it was even more funny since you decided to use the small diet only for yourself 200 routes from your team. Awesome leadership :/

    No idea what you are talking about. We had the highest offpoints/account before the merge. We had 4 hammers in janos and we had by far the highest amount of defence per account in any ally, UKS got more later.

    Did you sleep the whole server ? :D

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  • I just saw that post as forum joking, and i'm sure you guys aren't unfamiliar with doing that.

    Is there such thing as forumtrolling :O?
    Might try it out some time.

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  • Hehe i started this server only to make a hammer, didn't plan on being leader or anything. Things happen, give me some slack, i wanted an low-maintanance playstyle xD

    Hmm you had quite some natar points early but yeah i might remember wrong, the average of former Janos now is right behind the average for Rise as a whole and quite behind UKS atleast.

    Hmm, 4 hammers? I guess Panics but it's barely/not really what a standard barracks/stable with trainer que would have been. I don't know your deff numbers, so that could be true. Your deffpoints are nice, considering you had more "competition" in the Damp WW. I'm not saying you played bad or anything, just that you didn't really tryhard or play effectively with your artifacts, like most of the server.

    Sleep is very important for your health :D

  • With 2-3 million defence in the WW, is it really smart to go for big barracks/stables?

    Panic had one which you saw

    Leo had one with catapults and one with rams

    I had one on tiktok with rams

    Not very big ones. But enough to zero their WW one more time.

    Sleep is good indeed, so good night. You playing on nordics next round?

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  • Don't really know if i think 15k rams is a ww rammer but fair enough, they are decent offs and nice if Leo had two. But under normal circumstances (not vs 7 man WW) not very usable against a WW, hence questionable usage of so many trainers. Janos had better offs than most in the server i guess, and in general siege number in most armies on the server was... interesting. I thought i started catas late :D

    Good night to you aswell, and yeah i will probably play on the x3 when they start that. Not planning on the x5.