LA's Random Info and Tips

  • Hey Guys and Gels,

    I've decided it's time to write something of use again, but rather than the usual guide where I make a very specific guide, I've decided to write down all the less obvious tips and info I've stored up over the years. Hopefully you'll all be able to find something of benefit to improve your game! Some of this info I've learned from others, so I take credit only for the guide.

    1. The hero will do the same amount of damage, and have the same effect on a battle, whether he starts on 100% health, or only has 1% health left.

    2. You can equip the hero with bandages, cages, ointments etc, anything that goes in that box, even if your hero is already en-route.

    3. It's possible, I've done it, to cut waves of attacks, using animals captured from oases. One of my most loved achievements was foiling a conquer attempt by cutting the waves with nature! For those desperate times when you've run out of defense and no-one can make it to you in-time. A hero can only be revived that quickly... animals can be captured all day long though. I'm not going to explain how, I'm merely planting the seed by telling you it's possible.

    4. If you equip the hero with the xp helmet, this has an effect on scrolls as well!

    5. Put all your points in fighting strength, or all your points in the bonuses... don't spread.

    1. When placing items in the auction house, its possible to bid on your own item, you just won't know its yours by any visible sign. If you put an artwork on to sell, and check a few hrs later, and there's only one artwork on sale, you can know its yours... what you do with this information I'll leave to your imagination.

    2. Things like buckets and ointments tend sell for more on Sunday nights, especially in the first couple of weeks. You can guess why.

    3. If there's two of you both wanting a lot of the same item, just message the other person and agree to bid on every 2nd item, rather than senselessly pushing each other up.

    4. Buy your books, as many as you'll think you'll need, in the first week. Their prices soar afterwards.

    5. A bucket is worth 199 ointments... don't pay more for ointments than you need to.

    1. Start of a server, why not go ahead an send all your friendly neighbours a message an hour before protection ends. Check who's read their messages when protection ends. Don't bother scouting those who have. Careful though, just because they haven't doesn't mean they aren't active.

    2. Imagine you're player A. You've registered 5am, along with everyone in sight, including player B. Farm A and Farm B are coming out of protection at the same time. 99% players will raid the farm closes to them first when they log in. When they've cleared that farm, they go for the next one... when they get to the next one, quite often it will have been emptied already.

    3. Here's a tip for really advanced start game raiding. If you're the only player close to Farm A, then go to Farm B first. Get res from it before it's completely empty. You can hit farm A after. I use this strategy all the time, often working my way from further a field, then working my way in. Player B might not be awake and sending troops from the word go. He might do after 30 mins though... who's going to make the wasted trip, you or him? If he farmed from the word go... well you were going to make a wasted trip then regardless.

    4. Raiding oases: Lord Aslan's Comprehensive T4 Start Game Guide

    5. Sunday, midnight, when the statistics have reset, go look at the top 10 defense statistics. Keep refreshing the page and gradually you will see players gaining singular defense points. A player gains singular defense points usually because they have a wall and/or residence and have been raided, killing a single offense unit. One would only raid a player and be willing to lose a troop every-time, if the bounty is worth it. Therefore the chances are good, that the players in the top 10 defense at the start of the week, have a good production and are inactive... Enter these players into your "New Player" farm list. Scout them to make sure there's no defense and are in-fact inactive... once you've determined that they are indeed inactive, feel free to go knock down their wall and resi, and add them to your regular farm list.

    Enough for one nights work, will almost certainly be adding more as inspiration strikes. Hoping to play uk19 starting on Jan 11th, see you all there!

  • 5. Put all your points in fighting strength, or all your points in the bonuses... don't spread.

    Interesting points indeed, but surely this is only the case if you have infinite gold to buy books/buckets? Especially in early game I think this makes no sense.

  • There is always a plan B.

    you do that trick with troops and hero stuff and you might miss the 2nd villa rush.

    what would you prefer? a hero lvl 5 or a nice juicy cropper? :)

    yes, buckets are sometimes cheaper than the healing equivalent of ointments, but you can only use a bucket every 24 hrs.

    ( i usually use 5-6 books, 200-300 ointments and 3-4 buckets in the first few weeks.) then my hero is big enough to look after himself :D