travian tournement

  • For travian tournement i think u must be fair to all .. maybe for the gold u can sell by rate of their country.. so this suggestion maybe take a many player in travian tournement.. because for me rate gold for TT is to expansive.. that not fair from some player has buy more gold because their rate for that player is not to expansive.. maybe u can go through with my suggestion

  • All gold should be sold at the same price on any server from any domain. It would make gold transfer actually fair, because it'd be worth the same everywhere and if players from other domains went to the cheaper ones they'd also not get the benefit of that.

    Just my opinion on this.

  • Tombo makes a good point in that it would be very difficult to implement... If it were a checkbox, users would likely select the country with the cheapest price making it pointless. If it's based on IP address then users could gain / lose out through using VPNs even for legitimate reasons. You could use the customers billing address as the factor that controls cost, but this would likely be a big change, if even possible. One of the main mantras to the rules of the game is to ensure everyone plays on equal footing, so it would be only fair to players to charge the same rate to all. That said, I do appreciate your frustration.

    Reading between the lines of your suggestion a bit, would you say the issue is not the flat rate cost for all players on a server, but instead the higher prices for gold on tournament servers compared to regular servers?