new year ceasefire timing

  • not sure if someone has made an error or not as a ceasefire usually starts at noon (12pm), the current one for new year on UK server is showing as:

    "At 31/12/17, 12:00 am there will be truce. Attacking troops will not fight and starvation will be disabled. The truce will be active until 02/01/18, 12:00 am."

    so can someone from game admin please confirm it is starting from 12am on 31st which is in effect midnight tonight, or is it in reality midday on the 31st as in noon tomorrow ??


  • 'usually starts at midday' says who? The admin has said it starts at 00:01, it's pretty damn clear. The instructions posted on the forum by the admin are literally written by HQ.

  • only querying the timings as historically, i know what HQ admin are like for them up

    so basically starts one second past midnight tonight and stops just after midnight on new years day