Server 6 Battle reports

  • Lets start this with some deff. reports this morning:

    Round 1: Killing most of a large army

    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Subseqently, a few waves passes unscratched, so they get desire for more
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Round 2: More armies are killed, and a good wave break

    Deffences gradually arrive and kills a lot
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Round 3: Killing more of the was former a larger army
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Round 4: A good wave break
    A wave break kills 2 chiefs, 191 TKs and 561 druids:
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Round 5: Overkill
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

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  • not sure that 20k clubs dead also mean something special after arties. You can train that in what? 1 week? :D And not very expensive also...

  • not sure that 20k clubs dead also mean something special after arties. You can train that in what? 1 week? :D And not very expensive also...

    All he said was that 20k clubs cost way more than a chief, both time and resources-wise, and he's damn right. 20k clubs are still 20k clubs, even after arties

  • all i said was that 20k clubs were retrainable very fast and thus aren't really attractive to see in kill reports, i personally enjoy more seeing someone sniping and cutting chiefs. if you are aggresive teuton then those 20k are nice too have but those kind of reports are too often shown, and i can't speak for everbody else, but again, i enjoy more seeing chiefs getting killed.

  • To me retraining dead chiefs is a little more than a mere setback, nothing impressive. While chopping off someone's hammer (not implying that that was Butcher's whole army) is much more interesting and satisfying to me. But to each his own i guess

  • When ur saying training 20k clubs is retainable in 1 week... u are assuming they have got the trainer arti... which is kinda hard to assume considering there are only 6 small 1 unique artis which give u 50%... and u have 200 people playing... unless u are using gb as well, then u can use 75% trainer. Which is even more costly.
    The following sims assume u have a tier 2 warrior helmet and a 6% recruitment in your alliance by arti time.
    Sim 1 = 1.3 weeks of small trainer with no gb and only barracks lvl 20. Costs over 5 mil res...
    Travian :: offense calculator

    Sim 2 = 1 week of large trainer with gb and barracks lvl 20. Costs over 10 mil res...
    Travian :: offense calculator

    Now in my opinion. 10 mil res, over even 5 in best case (which in that case it takes more than a week) is more than costly (training time and resource time) than 3 chiefs, which cost 3* 114,300 (assuming teutonic chiefs) = 342,900 res...

    So if u are using sim 1, the res spent on clubs costs 14.58 times (ie u can build 14 times 3 chiefs, and then build another chief and a half with that res - dont catch me on half a chief, i mean u can have the res to build another half a chief).
    Or if u take the worse scenario (sim 2) - u can build 29(.16) times 3 chiefs with the res u build those 20k clubs... and still have a bit of res to spare... so i dont see where the comparison is...

    EDIT: that is also ignoring the 3k + tks that died etc... not even gonna go into that.

  • When ur saying training 20k clubs is retainable in 1 week... u are assuming they have got the trainer arti..

    yes i assume that, because if you play in good ally, even 2 trainers are enough for 6-7 players to use it(and on servers these days you don't have usually more than 3 allies lol), and aggresive teutons are usually first ones in the line for them, so fair assumption i believe, as for the ress, i can't talk for the rest of the people here, but i usually don't have problems with running GBs or running them on half time and using 50%, i checked the sims before making the first statement, i see your point and can't argue numbers xD . My point is while ramming into someone is pretty usual and players either show petty 30-40k phalanx killed in deff or petty 20k clubs killed, and there are usually 3 additional waves incoming. But when you cut chiefs, especially same second ones if you know they will be coming, then you've basically ruined attackers for which he spent more time of his life, and then you can even brag about it more than just kililing 20 clubs :D

    Good there is something for all tastes - see round 4 for example of deff. numbers

    Anyway, as this player that actually plays uk5 said, there's something for everyone :)
    Cheers, and have a good server!

  • Lol XD... i get what u mean. More satisfying however is to build resi between wave which catas resi and chief wave... that's funnier xd.

    Also running gb and 50% is hard in my opinion, according to sim.. its 2.2 mil res needed per day to run gb and barracks building clubs all day with 50% trainer, but that is ignoring any siege and calv being trained... where siege and calv will boost it to just under 6 mil per day. Now that might sound ez but u need to remember that more troops = more wheat consumption... so you wont be able to keep it for a long time.
    If you can then respect... from day 100 to day 200 (from artis to plans) if u can keep that going u can get a 443k clubs 108k tks 32k rams ( or 15k catas) hammer starting from scratch...
    Travian :: offense calculator

    • I usually can run GBs at half rate when i have trainer until day200, then raiding becomes especially easy because of low number of players. And i usually get to one point of club numbers where i smash somewhere because i don't have enough willpower to sustain that much crop consumption you stated above, and then start with WWr at about day 130. And lets be real xD it would be around just 20k rams. It depends on how the server is easy and uncompetitive.
  • Im just saying if u find it easy to run gb and barracks alone. Just do from day 100 to day 200 with trainer only clubs, if u struggle with clubs tks and rams... and i wanna see in ur day 200 that u have a 440k clubs (and optional 108k tks and 32k rams). Even just the 440k clubs alone without any rams etc will do heavy dmg clearing defence in ww and people following you will do much more dmg

  • nope i never get to 440k clubs, i always smash them somewhere when i have 70-80k, so it's easier to go again to retrain, that's why i say 20k is boring, i am fed up with those teuton clubs already xD
    when i start building WWr i usually have just enough time to train around 150k clubs, after 150k clubs everything gets slower because of what you said, crop consumption, and lots of my raidings go for maintaining those troops.

  • Back to the reports, what was the point in trying to put someone down for sharing them when they are showing sniping skills and the incompetence of ZZzzz... Either way just appreciate that someone chose to share reports from an almost dead server.