"Who Will Win" A Poll Conducted by notorious crunchie

  • don't be so upset MJ, appreciate a joke :)
    You almost have win at your hand xD

    I've no issue with the joke, just where it came from. Between this and his responses elsewhere TK is really making a crap impression since starting. I didn't see Matt or Chris before him wading in like this.

    Also its R D who have the win at hand, not us.

  • I do like to be involved on the forums as it is a fun place to be.

    Sorry if that bothers you but have never lived my life being a stuffy suite and tie kind of guy.

    The forums though are for all players to be involved including the CM's and other staff.

    I hope we have a lot more fun here in the future as the forums come to life. :)

  • Lol... i think they can difrentiate between being a mod and playing a server, we have like 2-3 mods in our server playing in a different alliance, not naming them xd. But they still do their job as a mod. If it is a forum post purly just offend the other team and not really informative then they erase it. And if u did that and they deleted ur message then its not cuz they are on the other team, its cuz they do their jobs as mods xd

  • I'm glad to hear that at least you think we play a straight game.

    I discussed this poll with TK before it was put up, and put him in the picture of the alliances on UK3 so you can point fingers at me if you want to point them at anyone.

    It is a joke, it isn't intended to insult or belittle anyone. The SMODs have no powers in the game and to suggest that it has an impact there is just silly. The MH team and MOD team are completely separate, to the point that we don't know which MHs are on which server.

    I've removed several posts intended to insult staff and would like to remind everyone that the SMODs are volunteers and that EVERYONE, including the CM, give up a great deal of their personal time to keep this forum running for the benefit of all the community. If you want to help, I'm sure your applications would be welcome next time there is a vacancy for Moderators advertised.

  • No one suggested you had any impact in game. I also have said before I don't take any issue with the posting on forum. You're a player on s3 it makes sense that you'd join in and I enjoy that. Getting sick of the constant swearing at our players by an individual and seeing just warnings though I must admit. How many warnings do we get before it results in anything?

    I defend the UK crew most of the times it gets stick if anything but the CM posting insults on a server he doesn't even play is just poor. Especially when his approval ratings are already at Laika levels of lowness.

  • Whether this thread was intended as a joke or not, it has clearly upset some people. If it was not a CM who had started the thread, would it still be up? Maybe, maybe not. My point is that CM's and Mod's don't get to have a special exception to make inflammatory posts when, if a regular member posted it, it would be removed.

  • I haven't ever accused mods/smods/cms of cheating. Only that they're bias toward forum members they're teamed up with

    I understand that the team monitoring the forums want to keep activity up so are reluctant to punish 1st or 2nd offences or rules that have been broken due to ignorance of the rules (I've been guilty there myself) but the fact that some people have gotten away with numerous violations shows that there is obviously something wrong

    Yes the team here is voluntary and everyone here appreciate the time and effort you all put in, but if you're not capable of being impartial is it really fair you to have that responsibility

    The fact my last post touching on this has been reported for moderator veiw only proves my point futher

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • Is there somewhere where the forum administrators have codified the rules? Particularly how many infractions does a person need to get before they are banned or face a penalty of some sort?

  • Well why don't you let players actually post replies instead of removing them because it makes you look bad. It's seems you have a some crazy double standards since you became CM and I hope you either stop abusing your powers or leave your position as CM. Cue this post being removed proving my point...

    My point is being proved right here. I've just been informed that my post (that I've quoted) has been removed for insulting forum staff. Where have I done that? Are we allowed to openly question forum staff performances? I certainly hope so because if not then how will their performances improve?

  • Hello Everyone

    Since the players do not have the poll tab option yet then it falls on us the forum staff to prepare and open a poll based on what the player wants.

    As long as it falls within the forum rules then it would be allowed. The poll is not insulting anyone as if players had the poll option it would have been posted by crunchie himself.

    AND yes had he posted it, then it would still be up and running just as this one is.

    Post accusing staff of wrong doing have been removed and that will continue to be the case since right now accusations are just flying around only because my name is on that first post and I joined in the conversation.

    I let this poll go since you the player do not have an option right now to create and open them yourselves.

    If you want CM and staff to operate by the book then we can do that. I for one would like to bring a little relief to all the stuffiness myself and make this fun for all who work or play on the forum.

  • Bring relief through regular censorship and angering the community base? I can find dozens of posts complaining about you already from a wide selection of forum users - in fact I already did find a selection and it was removed. You're not bringing relief or making things more fun - just look at how all of your 'jokes' have been going down! All you're doing is causing constant issues every time you get set loose on a keyboard.

  • No your name is getting mentioned because you are doing a sub-standard job compared to the job that Matt did when he was with us. Either have yourself and your mods play by the book or don't play at all. You are not in a position to improvise giving the state of Travian in general.