Dear CM

  • Following Crunchie's poll thread being locked, I for one did not get a chance to ask my question so I am posting my concern here in the hopes that you don't randomly lock this thread too...

    I think the issue isn't that you, the CM, or your MODs have a relaxed approach. The implication here is that the kind of things some people are getting away with as opposed to others is night and day.

    I was personally sworn at by another forum user, but laughed it off at the time as we're all human and can slip up when we get caught up in it. Since then, that forum user has repeatedly insulted other people and has been called on it by a MOD, but there still seem to be no repercussions for him.

    It is understandable then that a few of us are concerned you are using your 'relaxed' approach too much in the favour of an individual rather than in general for all forum users. This is why I asked whether there is a forum rule for how many infractions before a ban or penalty, so that we can be assured that yours and your team's actions have been as per some guidelines and that, hopefully, the bias we suspect is just all in our heads.

    With regards to the poll, individually, yes it is a bit of banter. However, on the context of who has posted it and his horrible behaviour to date, I can understand why it's annoyed so many people and you should too.

    This isn't me saying I want Crunchie's banned, he's amusing enough that I'd prefer to keep him around. But do I think some of the others on this forum would have been given as much leeway? Absolutely not.

  • I'm sorry, but I still think CM didn't do anything wrong. And Templar knight, I'm sorry on behalf of all the users that u are getting some CRAP (ironically I'm using a swear word to make a point to support CM... if its censored idc :D) replies... u don't deserve it :D.
    If there are any specific examples you guys can give instead of just saying generally "they favour others" then plz give them :P, like multey did now :D...

  • I thought bad language wasn't allowed on the forum posts. It never used to be and at the very least the one using the bad language got a warning and if it happened again much more severe warning and removal of the post, then if it kept happening the person in question was never allowed to post again

    Then that was on the lovely old forum where things were a lot better.

  • I am not favoring anyone as I have no connection to anyone here. I do not play on the UK domain and never have so when I roll thru the threads I treat everyone of you the same.

    As I posted in the locked thread. You as players do not have the option to open a poll and we as mods will need to do it for you till it is sorted out by Travian.

    As long as a poll does not violate forum rules then we should allow it since if polls could be opened by players, crunchie would have started it anyway. Should I tell him no because he left out an alliance on purpose?

    It is not my call to DICTATE to a player how his poll should read or be formatted.

    Then players began posting how the forum staff is controlled by crunchie and the nit turned in to a flame on me.

    I for one would rather have a forum full of players who are enjoying themselves rather then worried about if they may get banned f or discussing some of the things you have been banned for before.

    Seems the UK domain likes the warnings and bans though as many of you have clearly stated.

  • No one before was worried about getting banned for acting normally on the forum. None of us were allowed to frequently swear and most of us thought that pretty reasonable.

    As for the poll post, you failed to consider that your position as CM is relevant when you post or you didn't care. It was obvious posting inflammatory posts on others behalf was not a great idea because of your position. Had Crunch posted it himself the issue wouldn't actually have arisen, but it was you who did. The sensible thing to do would've been to say 'I'm not getting involved in alliance politics' and leave it at that.

  • Please point out to me my inflammatory post in that thread?

    AND let me point out again right now players do not have the ability to start polls so it falls on us the staff to do it for you.

    I am not going to tell someone they are not allowed because you feel it is an insult to you.

    If I saw anything that is insulting to you then it would not have been allowed as that is against forum rules.

  • The sensible thing to do is make the poll as requested.

    Why don’t you make a poll saying who’s will win, MFH, MFH or mfh?
    Oh wait, you can’t because you and your buddies have ruined polls for everyone.

    Thanks by the way.

  • I'm sorry, but your response has literally failed to address the entirety of my post.

    You keep talking about the poll, but that was just an impetus for this discussion.

    What is at issue here is that perhaps not you personally, but your team seem to be letting a particular forum user off with a lot, whilst other forum users are getting infractions for perfectly civil and polite discussions.

    I personally think there needs to be some kind of transparency regarding the punishments. For example the same person has now directed pretty foul language at me again, but beyond you having removed his post, I have no idea as to whether you've done anything to ensure it doesn't happen again. When we see the same guy doing it again and again, it just seems like you're just deleting his bad behaviour and making it seem like it never happened at all...

  • i know the poll was intended as a joke and imo that's fair enough.

    As I said before it's more than fair to let the odd violation off as people forget. But what are we supposed to think when members on our team recieve warnings bans and have posts edited every single time and one player is repeatly allowed to verbal abuse us? Generally 2 and 2 add up to 4

    If this isn't the case then I will retract my comments

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • Since before Christmas I informed the staff who moderates both the UK and US domains to just edit posts but do not give warnings or bans unless it is a serious offense.

    So that is why you have not seen many players being banned for things they have done recently.

    That was my call to make and I made it.

  • You still not banned ;)

    That's a shame, never once said it was my call. I can keep posting this all day, feel free to keep up your "different" method of CM'ing that is clearly just to cover the fact that a good CM has been replaced with a sub-par one and a silent one...

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  • Right it's your call, but what guidelines do you follow when making that decision? Or is it your complete discretion?

    Surely after X number of infractions you have a rule that someone gets banned?

  • Since before Christmas I informed the staff who moderates both the UK and US domains to just edit posts but do not give warnings or bans unless it is a serious offense.
    So that is why you have not seen many players being banned for things they have done recently.

    That was my call to make and I made it.

    Sorry, can you just clarify that your entire approach is that people can do whatever they like repeatedly as long as it's not 'serious' and they get off Scot free?

    Is it just me who thinks that's pathetic administration?

    EDIT: apologies for the double post, not sure how to fix it on my phone. Please don't give me an infraction!

  • I am not favoring anyone as I have no connection to anyone here. I do not play on the UK domain and never have so when I roll thru the threads I treat everyone of you the same.

    Some of us are active on multiple domains though, and you say that you treat everyone the same, you sure about that one Templar? :whistling:

  • First of all, I can state that whenever a swear word is seen in a forum post it is immediately removed. Forum Moderators do not work 24/7 for the forum, they are removed as soon as they are seen.

    For repeat offenders, there will be warnings given which come with a number of points. The more serious the offence, the more points earned. Once points tip over a certain level it triggers a ban, initially for 24 hours then building in time until it can become a permaban. I saw several forum users permabanned in the "good old days" whose posts were far more inflammatory than any I have seen on the forum in the past few months.

    As you aren't moderators, you aren't privy to seeing what warnings and bans have been awarded and it isn't our place to share that information with you. However, I'm sure Crunchie won't mind me saying that he has had more formal warnings from me than any other person on the UK forum.

    Because of the insinuations of bias from MFH players, I stopped modding the UK3 forum and have requested instead that it is overseen by Moderators not playing that server. That has now been the case for several weeks.

    As previously stated, the Moderators have these positions having applied to do them and they carry out their duties on a purely voluntary basis. This is not because we are power crazed individuals, but because we love the game and are committed to helping maintain an active community. Anyone is free to apply for a Moderator post, and the application process is rigorous and lasts several weeks.

  • Thank you for taking the time to address the concerns I've flagged, I do appreciate the detailed response and at least now we can appreciate there is some semblance of a system in place.

    I can't say it is working though given the frequency of the profanities has not gone down. I would recommend you revisit your processes and find some way that works better. Obviously it is your forum to run, so whether you take that on board or not is completely up to you, I am just stating my opinion.

  • Thank you, everyone, for your feedback.

    It has all been noted.

    As previously stated, every effort is made by the forum moderators to keep the forum clean and respectful, friendly and a place where everyone can voice their opinions without fear of ridicule.

    Like everyone, the moderators are only human. We can’t be on top of everything every moment therefore appreciate support from the community in reporting posts that break the rules.

    There are systems in place to deal with breaking forum rules, but these are used privately. There are no stocks or public whipping posts here.

    Active debate is encouraged and the staff are open about providing information about next steps should you be unhappy with how an issue has been dealt with on the forum. All you need to do is open a conversation with a Moderator, we will always find the time to reply to you.

    Keeping language clean and respectful is something we want everyone to do, which is why swear words with sexualised meanings are removed as soon as they are seen, and swearing directly at another forum user will result in warnings being given.

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