WvV Round 58 - Revenge of Dracula

  • WvV Round 58
    Revenge of Dracula

    Noticing how the amount of Vampires are falling rapidly and the strength of the Villagers is increasing,
    Count Dracula have made up his mind, the humans must die leaving only a few to serve as food supply.
    However the village will not go down without a fight...

    The Villagers
    The Village Guard - Protects one person every night (can not protect himself)
    While the Guard is not strong enough to kill a vampire on his own, he is strong enough to fend them off

    Village Doctor - Protects one person every night (can not protect himself)
    Adept in saving people that have been attacked by a vampire

    The Smuggler - Taxi, swaps two people (can not swap himself)
    You need something? This is the guy to ask

    Villager A - Vote Changer (can change one person's vote per night)
    Just a random villager that no one pays attention too, which makes him perfect for switching things up

    Captain of the guards - If alphad will take down a random Vampire with him
    The Captain is the strongest person in town, said to have killed a Vampire on his own once

    Angel - Immune to the powers of the Vampires, if alphad will be allowed to seer 2 players.

    Twins - They know each other and do their best to help the village

    The devoted servant - The devoted servant can, whenever during the game,
    exchange his role with the village vote's victim's (only lynched player roles).
    He plays this character until the end of the game.

    The Vampires

    Count Dracula - Alpha, can kill a person each night
    The Father of all Vampires

    Dracula Jr - Role Blocker, can role block someone every night
    The first Vampire, Dracula successfully made

    Vampires - Draculas children, if he dies his power will be transmitted to one of them

    Chaotic Roles

    Zombie - A villager unless targeted by alpha, instead of dying he is turned into a zombie that joins the wolfs, however he can not become the alpha.

    Beloved Princess - If lynched all villagers are role blocked the following day, if alphad all wolves are roleblocked the following day

    Lovers - Two players picked at random after the first night, if on the same side, they work together to make their team win. If however they are on different teams, kill the others leaving only the two of them remaining.
    If one of the Lovers dies, the other one commits suicide out of a broken heart.

    The Lost boy - At the beginning of the game, he can choose if he want to be a simple Villager or a Vampire.

    No lynch is not allowed this game
    First Vote in on Monday before 21:30

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  • Players:
    notorious crunchie
    MarkokraM - removed inactive night six - villager
    Andi - lynched night four - zombie
    Northern Cait
    Bob Hawken
    Inky - alpha night five - villager
    Rob Jakes
    PFK - lynched night three - Dracula Jr
    MartinJames - alpha night four - villager
    Deaderpool - lynched night two - smuggler
    Dark Tower
    Hawk - lynched night five - guard
    Zab - alpha night six - twin
    Moogle. - Alpha'd night one - villager
    Jakeyyy - lynched night six - vampire

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  • Well, we'll know who that wolf is when he votes to lynch someone..

    I can see why this must be bad for the wolves.. Are you one, crunchie?

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

  • If everyone does passed out then a single vote will mean someone is lynched.

    It isn't 22 passed out vs 1 lynch so passed out wins. It is simple 1 vote received so that vote wins.

    Thus meaning a singular wolf can make one vote, kill a non-wolf and say "oh sorry, I didn't know the plan". That is assuming a load of villagers don't random vote anyway because they have seen/agreed with your plan.

    Someone will die today, there is no avoiding it, personally I would prefer a random chance of getting a wolf than to give the wolves a free choice on it.

    That you are even suggesting this plan is very suspicious to me, in fact, the only reason I am not leading a lynch vote against you due to your plan is because I got you killed last time and I feel bad.

  • I put forward this suggestion only because we don't have a no lynch vote.. no other reason

    in2. jin
    au1. rock
    com4/uk1. Moondance

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  • As most of you know I am a proponent of the no lynch on the first night. However this is, at least to some degree, to give the seer time to start to see what is going on. That is not something villagers have the luxury of this time.

    I am therefore in agreement with Crunchie (as with more things than I would expect) on this one - it would be too easy for a few people to miss the message. Alternatively a couple of wolves could make a single vote for a different player each and attempt a double bluff of some kind (with the possibility of a lynch through an unobservant villager duplicating one of their votes).

    All round I don't think passing out night one is a solid idea. Having said that I don't believe Ruffian knew it was a bad idea so I don't go along with Crunchie's analysis there.

    As a final point I thought it might be a good idea to repeat my sign off in Skype last night for all to see so that you don't have to read back and I don't have to repeat myself (see quote below).

    Chris (Morgz) has opined that this is a fishy statement. I have now repeated it in Skype chat and (after Chris's comment that it is fishy) repeated it here. I am either the most ballsy wolf in history in a round where the wolves have many advantages and can fly under the radar or there is some other explanation...

    I repeat - I believe that the wolves have the advantage in this round and can afford to fade into the background (they do in a normal round quite often anyway!) That is my starter by way of recommendation for this evening. Don't have anything more specific I'm afraid at this stage - not sure how one could.

    "Well I'd just like to say that I don't think that anyone should target pe during this round....

    Sorry I mean me...
    And with that I am off to bed - sincerely hope I get a good night's sleep - probably won't though - such a light sleeper...

  • The villagers had gathered, but unfortunately, after a lot of arguing back and forth they could not come to a decision.

    notorious crunchie lemon
    Tombo457 rob jakes
    MarkokraM tombo
    Andi ruffian
    Northern Cait jakeyyy
    Lemon crunchie
    MadZ lagushki
    Ruffian moogle
    Bob Hawken hawk
    Inky jakey
    lagushki andi
    Rob Jakes pfk
    Blaze Absent
    PFK rob jakes
    MartinJames Absent
    Deaderpool pfk
    Dark Tower blaze
    Hawk Absent
    cantbeasked morgz
    morgz2 lagushki
    Zab blaze
    Moogle Crunch
    Jakeyyy Absent

    The way the vampires had avoided the village for a long period had unfortunately made them less aware of the threat amongst them, but they would soon be reminded of it. The next morning screams could be heard, as people noticed that hanging from the clock tower in the city was Moogles body, sucked dry from all blood....

    Lynch - split votes
    Alphad - Moogle (villager)

  • Seeing it as some people, maybe only 1 person, sent an email to the host account instead of a conversation, please use this link to send in your votes from now on.

    PM to WvV Host Account

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    Link above is confirmed

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  • Right then let's try this again...

    I SLEPT badly AGAIN last night... It is true that vampires are night dwellers but I am far more delicate than that... If I am a vampire attempting to be something else I am extremely bold... If I am not what I imply don't you think someone would have said something by now?

    There is no seer in this round and so there is no way that villagers are going to ascertain who is who through traditional methods... Let's look at the villager roles shall we, with a view to small tactical groups starting to work together?

    Blacksmith, Medic and Taxi are standard roles - traditional tactics apply and it is probably best that they are hidden so not as easily Alpha'd.

    Captain of the guards needs to be alpha'd - sorry. But you do and soon. You take out a vampire with you and when the ratio is 3:1 that is a fantastic thing - less so when it gets to near 1:1. May I politely (nay strongly) suggest that you get in touch with someone as you can then start to influence things while you are alive... If you get in touch with someone you shouldn't what is the risk?? If you get alpha'd you win; if you don't there is a greater chance of lynching a baddie in a small team; if you are the target of a lynching then you have a possible ally instead of none...

    Angel - you are the same as the captain. You have to die asap. In the meantime you should be in a small core team who are able to influence the game and the same above applies re the merits of coming forward and not doing so...

    Twins - you are already in your own small combat group. Imagine how powerful you would be with a larger group...

    Devoted servant is a very powerful role - I suggest that they try not to get killed and go for whatever the safest option is.

    Thanks all for your attention. Perhaps I should now go and have another nap to catch up on my beauty sleep...

  • You definitely should have set that up to PM yourself instead ;)

    *As I'm also playing this game, please feel free to cross check this yourselves.

    Just incase anyone does query the link, the link is legit. It will go to the host account only. The way to tell is by looking at the user ID in the url bar. The user ID there is exactly the same as the user ID on the host account page (33247)

  • Sorry for my absence, I passed about about 8.30 last night. On the plus side I woke up early enough to get a maccies breakfast before work so that's an overall win in my books.

    Interesting first night, same outcome as a no lynch though

    "It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked."

    #MakeTravianGreatAgain #MTGA

  • Crunch's KP Analysis;

    So, we have a bit more information to go on here.

    Given that no more than 2 people voted for a single person it would seem the wolves agreed to spread their votes out. Obviously this isn't fool proof, they could have gone out in groups or 2 for example but I think that is much less likely.

    So, if that is true, which I think it might be, the each person voted for would only have been voted for by a maximum of 1 wolf. It is also unlikely that they would have more than one show as absent but nothing is for sure there.

    Vote -------- People who did
    Absent ----- Blaze / Jakeyyy / MJ / Hawk
    Andi -------- Lagushki
    Blaze ------- Dark Tower / Zab
    Crunch ----- Lemon / moogle
    Hawk ------- Bob Hawken
    Jakeyyy ---- Inky / Cait
    Lagushki --- Madz / Morgz
    Lemon ------ Crunch
    Moogle ------ Ruffian
    Morgz ------- Cantbeasked
    PFK ---------- Rob Jakes / Deaderpool
    Rob Jakes -- Tombo / PFK
    Ruffian ----- Andi
    Tombo ------ MarkoKram

    Each of those groups could potentially have a maximum of 1 wolf in. I do believe it may be worth coming back to these groups as the server continues.

    By a simple game of numbers, Lemon is now the highest likelyhood to be a wolf. As the last surviving member of his group, rather than the only person in his group, statistcally he is most likely.

    From a non-math prospect, i think MarkoKram is a wolf from the things he has been saying on skype.

    Assuming there are no shocking revelations I will be voting one of those 2 tonight.

  • From a non-math prospect, i think MarkoKram is a wolf from the things he has been saying on skype.

    i'm disappointed in your judgement crunch, just disappointed :thumbdown: , although a good theory about groups.
    I would still say ruffian is one of wolves and has lynched moogle even though he knew moogle would get alpha killed.
    That would be exciting!