WvV Round 58 - Revenge of Dracula

  • From skype after a long and slightly heated exchange...

    "Ok while everyone is here - I think it is perfectly clear from the rage quit that Chris is the most appropriate target tomorrow. I can prove after the game is over that he has been very high up on my radar for lynching for days now. He was one of a very few that Crunch and I were discussing earlier on. I don't think that Blaze is the best bet as advocated by Lemon (sorry Lemon)."

    If you are a villager please vote Chris (Morgz).

  • KP Night 10

    Villagers win!!!!

    Lynch - Lemon (Lost boy, Alpha)
    Alpha - Blaze (vampire)

    Crunchie - angel
    Bob - princess and lover
    Dark tower - doctor and lover
    Ruffian - captain
    Madz - servant(guard)
    rest are villagers

  • Thanks for all of your effort Razor,

    A very enjoyable round, even if Crunchie is always convinced I am a wolf!!!


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