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  • With regards to UK29 - none of the first 3 accounts to settle were Egyptians, it was a Hun, Teuton and Roman. It takes a lot of adaptation to make use of the extra resources and I think a lot of Egyptians underestimated this.

    Not much to adapt in early game. Play it like you would have as a simming Gaul or Roman. Additional resource from hero just meant things got done faster.

    I think the difference in settling was due to difference gold usage and travel time to settle. Playing solo, I was about 22 hours late than Blaze to send settlers and additional 23.5 hour travel time to cropper.

    I used 350 gold in the first week on npc, inst-build and ah. I had raided about 10%-15% of the top raider.
    Probably the biggest difference was most gold users went for Teut or Huns. Maybe if there is another server like this we will get better stats.

    Of course playing with a team helps as you can push top players to get the important croppers.

    I think they have a little too much of an early advantage which could be lowered a little by removing or cutting in half the extra hero resource bonus and allowing waterworks in only the capital.

    The early game advantage from hero helps them keep up with tribes that can raid. Though waterworks should get some nerfs. Something like 100% for cap and 50% for other villages.

    @Chris (Lord Aslan) @Blaze Great job with raiding! You guys have a monster hammer considering its just one month in game.

  • It doesn't work right if you just build the village up as normal using the Egyptian tribe. We had some very experienced heavy gold users playing Egyptians and even with adapting the normal SIM start plan the accounts were resource heavy before CP was ready even following the normal heavy CP plan. I think after this server sitting an Egyptian I could probably cut the time down to be 1st to settle without raiding at all on most UK servers though but it would cost a good chunk of gold, lol. (We settled 3rd as Roman this server.)

    I don't agree that the hero bonus equals out other tribes raiding advantages as not many players get any advantage from raiding pre settling in Travian now and not many even try. Only just recently the high level of so called silver bots packing servers with false accounts left an opening for a few raiders after the initial ceasefire ends. This bonus I feel gives an unfair advantage that is not required to the level it is set at. A 50% bonus is more than adequate, not 100%!

    Building of high level crannies and pushing the normal CP heavy buildings before the resource fields are developed to the normal levels will work for the majority of Egyptians if using a moderate level of gold.

    I hope they tweak things a little when they are introduced into the other servers of the game but they do make it much more interesting which is what the game needed. Same goes for the Huns, a nice fun attacking tribe.

  • So its been establish playing Egyptian as offense is just un natural.
    So how about HUNs, although on paper they seems outclassing every other tribe. but people who had experience with HUN of the impression, they are very good at start but untimatly Teutons overcome them in mid / after mid game. Similarly Hun cats are too week compare to Roman . So Roman WWK still winner, along with Teutons rammer.

    That mean role of Hun hammers are more of a smashy /clearing hammers. along with raiding.

    Blaze may put forward their analysis of the HuN tribe.

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  • Egyptian offensive would be pretty sweet.

    Not for end game though.

    But they can do 3 hammers for artefacts. With all that wheat you can make enough hammers to zero a cap alone.

    Could have some great fun with that.

  • yea may be used to build multiple dedicated artifact hammers and then get back to its natural game play as defense. But in general they really suck as offense. Even with those extra resources etc. They just don;t give the feel, fail to satisfy the offensive player. Not a single proper raiding troop, like gaul TT may be.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • Maybe, but they can smash out GB & GS a lot lot earlier that anyone else can.

    They don’t really even need to raid, which means the hammers can all move 24/7 whereas most multi hammer players would need one raiding to help feed the one attacking.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would never play Egyptian attacker but there is some upsides that can make them one of the most fun

  • To be fair, any and most troops can be used as defence.

    ECs is the main example, I think all roman defenders should build ECs.

    They key is turning up within ten seconds of the attack landing and recalling straight away so the defending village doesn’t have to feed them

  • To be fair, any and most troops can be used as defence.

    ECs is the main example, I think all roman defenders should build ECs.

    They key is turning up within ten seconds of the attack landing and recalling straight away so the defending village doesn’t have to feed them

    Thank you! I've always thought this for Roman deffers but get swiftly put down when I suggest it haha

  • Show use how to play Huns as defenders Chris. I want to learn.

    Lmao anyone thats ever played with me will tell you, even when playing Gaul, I don't build defense. I'm an offense player through and through, always have been, probably always will be. One of the reasons why Huns is perfectly suited to me. I would be quite ok destroying for 6 months and then finally being destroyed myself- story of my trav career basically xD

  • Just another noob passing by. :)

    Does AA has any rival in UK29?
    or another AA vs server story?

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  • I wish... <3<3<3<3 but we will get crushed like a bug.

    we hope to find some friend in this server though. :D

    You guys are very far away from me unfortunately :(

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