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  • Classic Heroes! and YD stuff :when they are winning "everything is really great whole world is our hands we are best ally in the world"
    when they are losing their story is: "you friendly farmers you cheaters u have multi accs u did this u did that"
    i dont need to come IG to see how heroes and yd are standing i just come here and see if they are crying or they are spamming like there is no tomorrow...
    so guys learn that someone must lose and dont be salty

  • You are so proud that you build the WW to lvl 100 but you really should stop mentioning it at every single opportunity :D

    And you should also stop defending friendly farmers - well, it's not illegal but it makes you look noobish.

  • Heroes teamwork level is so low that you every teamwork call cheating, because your accounts just playing for yourself not for your alliance. I understand why do you think it´s cheating, because you are just travian newbies.

  • yeah i remember last server when i had to do a bitting war for cp helmet... felt so forced by the system... feelsbadman...

    I do remember when they introduced daily tasks, i think it was made back then so that you were given all 4 types on a random order, but still based on all 4 before re-setting the random order again... Not that it works like that in it's practical application, it does seem to be faulty, or they changed the order... so many tweeks over the years, that i can't say what is what anymore. :D

  • about TheHumpingPack (dont talk behind backs and make nuclear science)
    When people stop to play travian only for thamselfs and for 1 log on end and just to show how big b... he have than you will see bunch of good accounts, that you dont understand why and how is that possible. I will just write you that you need to give respect to people that you will get respect back and that first robber is 2 days of hard work from bunch of people (its not any bunch its all real life friends or people that know eachother privat) ... Its 2 days of no life and dont crap on somebodys hard work its not nice...

    And TheHumpingPack its not 1 guy who playing that account... Its one kind of Institution... where everyone have a role that make tham happy .( and because of that you have 2 kind of accounts that everyone is willing to make and other kind of accounts that you know about is people who exploit other people for own benefit)..

  • Lol same old boring topic again :P Why cant heroes and YD get over the last server? nothing too important or glorious was done by any of them :D yes Heroes did play nice! But that's it NICE! Heroes sure aint the best and this comx sure isnt the last one so please move on to your servers please don't waste our time with past.

  • Guys, come on. I never said you didnt deserve to win. You had a decent positioning and prepared well for the ww.
    As for the other topic: it was one of your guys who told the story about using 59*7 cages. :D
    And we all saw the reports of him hitting his FF.
    You can park 1 unit in an account to get a report once it gets attacked. Thats no rocket science.

    So obviously there is plenty of evidence about the friendly farming. But stop acting like anyone said you didnt deserve to win or that FF makes you bad people or something like that. Thats just pathetic.
    As several people have already stated, it is not even against the rules. So there is absolutely no reason to feel buthurt or call other people bad losers.
    The outcome of this server wouldnt have been any different if Myr didnt use FFs. It wouldnt even have changed if he didnt register to be honest.

  • If you had evidence something illegal why you didn´t send it to MH?

    "The outcome of this server wouldnt have been any different if Myr didnt use FFs. It wouldnt even have changed if he didnt register to be honest."

    I am pretty sure YD players would not agree with you. Stop envy, start learning how to play.

  • When will the new ignore function come?

    Too much really stupid provocation is no fun any more, a little more sense is needed to make the effort for a future answer.


    ...und Tschüss!

  • If you had evidence something illegal why you didn´t send it to MH?

    please read my comment again. I literally said it is not against the rules. So please explain why you wrote this. :)

    as for the outcome of last comx:
    You won because of your setup as a team and not because of a single accounts farming achievements. Do you seriously want to disagree on this one? :D

  • yeah, aliens would have easily won regardless, even without his whole alliance. you saw how absurdly bad prepared YD was, we had more defense in our ww with 30 members than they had with 200.

  • I disagree with that Myrm didn´t have impact. They have probably the biggest impact on the server. Do you seriously want to disagree on this one?

    Ofc he had impact. Dont put words in my mouth lopik.
    There is a difference between having impact and being crucial for a server win.
    The most important thing for your win was the number of def and the position of your ww cluster.
    And as far as I can tell, Myr had very little impact on both of these parameters.

    DoH and heroes permanently fighting eachother and YD conquering 5 WWs and running some rather weird ops probably had the bigger impact on the WW race than the amount of hammers Myr had.
    Come on, its not that hard to understand. :)

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  • loptik is mad because he feels he doesn't get enough credit for winning the server, hehe. that's why he tries to make myr appear to have played clean, because if you play clean, you add some value to your "accomplishment". but as I said before, aliens was the only alliance who prepared for the ww and accordingly they won. and they'd have done so even without their 4 wings and 2 confeds. sorry to burst that bubble :S