Nominations for Best alliance 2017

  • Crybaby heroes :rolleyes:
    Didn't win the server, didn't even come close to competing, and not for lack of trying.
    Not in any of the top statistics, individual or alliance.
    Didn't even fight anyone other than 1 other alliance, which was equally as irrelevant as them.
    Hardly chiefed any WWKs.
    Hardly stole any artefacts other than what they got from natars.
    Hardly made anyone delete, and made maybe 3 DoH players leave accounts, and 1 DoH player defect to them.

    tl; dr, had minimum impact on the server except for 2 things

    • Had the biggest fail operation of the server when they crashed 1.5 million+ offense on 2 million defense.
    • Did a few 'supply chiefing' operations and then crowed about them on the forums for days.

    Most pathetic crybaby alliance of 2017

  • Everyone with one milligram brain inside his skull immediately spotted how stupid your "argument" is.

    I explain it to you only if you admit that you regularly are being laughed at for saying and writing ridiculously dumb things. Otherwise I won't take the bait :p

  • NO Enti - NOT!

    The first thing you need to learn about education is that you ignore misbehavior - pretend you don't notice, it helps a child a lot more than correct it.

  • (shake) if you ignore they'll think they are doing fine.


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)