Nominations for Best analytic 2017

  • Vote for one of the following nominations in this category 61

    1. Safiren (29) 48%
    2. Blaze (5) 8%
    3. Athrakos (4) 7%
    4. Catz (3) 5%
    5. Schneeente (20) 33%

    This category is for the creators of server analyses and alliance introductions. Links to the best reviews and server analyses are worth posting here.

    Analyze that :D

  • Alliance introduction (would have preferred that one in the "creative heads"-category...)

    I'd like to nominate Athrakos, our legendary story-teller and voice of the alliance since 2013, creator of ally-introductions and war-threads
    Catz for the wonderful ally-forum-signatures she creates for us for every server we jump on

    and Schneeente for the documentation of our ops and walls, for collecting and sharing endless reports.


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • Guys, I did not even want to participate. But if you let me lose against a mere report collector in terms of "analysis" I'm going to protest. I know, my chances to "win" decreased now because I appear arrogant but ... idc ^^

  • Huh, "a mere report collector" such vulgar words you plebeian. Set foot in tournament and show that your analysis skills surpasses of queen Safiren.

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  • Thank you those that voted for me, it's a pleasure to try to keep you informed about what is happening in Tournament :)

    I might be a "mere report collector" ( what's now wrong with that: "for collecting and sharing endless reports" quoting Schmitz Katze about Scheeente) but the difference between you and me Enti, is that I'm a nice and polite person that wants both small and big players to enjoy the game/the forum and get credits for what they do even f they don't are elite players. To be arrogant is only another word for being a bully and only enjoys those that likes to see other players humiliated ;)

  • It's humbling to get lectured by the best analytic Travian has to offer. I'll try to better myself, please accept my sincere apology. You are doing great work and you are a genuine nice and polite person - and have a sharp analytic mind. You deserved this special achievement medal for your forum profile.

  • Since I have been quoted here:
    I nominated Athrakos, Catz and Schneeente as a 'bundle' because they continuously put a lot of effort into representing our alliance on the forums. Might be Enti's qualities came a bit short when i summed up his analyses by "collecting and sharing endless reports". Anyone who reads his analyses will know the difference.

    Congratz to your win tho, safiren. You indeed reach a lot of players by the documentation work you do and it for sure makes it more enjoyable to follow servers on the forums.

    Just sad you have abused your claimed "neutrality" on the RoA-server on which we have met. We won't forget your efforts to make TM win the regions by having them chief your villages and by that turn around the outcome of the server. This doesn't fit your goal well. Unfortunately, you were unable to understand and even went on after you had promised to instantly stop manipulating pop distribution on the server.


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • Lol, thank you for your nice words both of you ^^ I loved it ;)

    I did a mistake because I didn't understand how RoA worked, it wasn't with purpose. And - really - I don't think it had such an importance to the outcome of the server. That you accepted ELE's capitulation had a much greater affect on that.

    PS: And I really wish I had your talent to knit words together Enti. DS
    PPS: And I voted for you as "Stand-out" ^^ DDS

  • Safiren. I would have believed that if you hadn't done it again AFTER we had told you.
    On the other hand: "Best analytic" vs "I didn't understand how RoA worked". Mind the gap.


    "Between impulse and action there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance."
    (the doctor, voy4/25)

  • You have a better memory than me about the details Katze and I got my medal for the Tournament not for RoA.

    And about to be the best analytic - how can I be? My english isn't good enough, I can't express all my thoughts. I have to keep it simple. But I'm always here for those that plays the Tournament and I guess that is what counted this time.