Nominations for Best alliance 2017

  • Vote now for the following nominations 69

    1. S.S.T (2) 3%
    2. MFH&NMS (16) 23%
    3. Bar (2) 3%
    4. AA (31) 45%
    5. MM (16) 23%
    6. JB (2) 3%

    Post here why your alliance was the best in 2017 and get a chance to win the prize!

  • i nominate MFH&NMS as they played outstanding on uk3 only to miss out on winning by one level

    friendly team that help newcomers learn the game (i speak from experiance :p )

    most def in the WW of the four on the server and hammers to smash all the enemy WWs multiple times

    Happy does NOT speak for me. hes an absolute loon i swear.

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  • Barracuda (Bar) is the best alliance!

    The main players are all experienced veterans and always in top 20 in UKX & AUX.

    One of the most coordinated and liberal alliance where no one forces decisions on you still almost everyone cooperates.

    Leaders are smart enough to setup multiple alliance wings and distribute good players to make sure we win the final battle and not just the early game.

  • ha, good one

  • I'd like to nominate AA from last UK2 server (2016-2017). They dominated the whole server ALL the time. Had enough defence in their WW to defend against all alliances (like SWM, LCA, Olympia, Pantheon), and had enough WWRs and WWKs to defeat all of their opponent's WWs. Not once, but for 2 rounds.
    They also dominated at arti time taking all the best artis for their alliance, no matter that some artis spawned in other quads.
    I take my hat off to AA.

  • I'd like to nominate JB from most recent UK2 for a fantastic display of individual skill, as a small alliance who simply refused to Meta up when the going got tough and stuck it out with excellent displays of both offence and defence

  • why isn't there a "none of the above" option?

    Woe and despair - there's not an option to have no winner!

    What a shame, I was hoping we would all vote 'none of the above' and when we look back in years at the best of allies of 2017, we can reminisce how everyone on the forum was too miserable to nominate a team for a fun award.

  • I’m not going to lie, I am a little bit gutted I didn’t get nominated on this one too :D

    AA and MFH are both worthy winners for different reasons.

    AA for their dominance and MFH for almost beating R D. Both very worthy achievements.

    Why wasn’t Cuda’s super awesome ally nominated though? Not a proper tournemant without them