Which Tribe Should I Choose?

  • To the main difference from a good player to a beginning player is the deep knowledge about the 3 tribes.

    You need to understand this in order to get the most out of every strategy, believe me, there are strategies only one Teuton can do. Others, only a Roman. When you do not have this knowledge, you make many mistakes with your tribe and stubbornly use a strategy that will never work with you.

    It is common to hear from some beginning players, and even some veterans, that the best tribe is x or y.

    There is no better tribe! When you hear this from any player you can be sure that this player does not know how to play, he did not understand the fundamentals of the game.

    But now you will learn how to choose your tribe and strategy correctly and efficiently.

    First let's talk a little about each tribe, Yes! This has to be done for two reasons the first is that I know that many beginners will acquire this material and hardly have they this knowledge.

    The second is that for me to prove to you the efficiency of the right method of tribe choice, you need to know these characteristics.

    I advise strongly that you do not skip this part, but if you want to jump at will, just do not come to complain after you do not understand, But if you want skip to the chapter: players' personality.

    not to be too long we write a pdf that will help http://bit.ly/travianlegends-select

    know our channel on youtube with tips for beginners and advanced players.

  • teuton is best hammer account... most AP/ training second, and keeping a hammer qued is super easy, so AP/training time is all that really matters

    Bully me and I'll blow up your cap

  • my opinion on all tribes

    very good for agresive and active players... if you have enough time you can make life hard for everybody around you but like i said you need a LOT of time to be succesfull teuton
    very fast rebuild time of clubbies also very cheap
    very high raiding efficient in begining

    no defence in begining
    with fast training wheat problem come very early on if you arent raiding enough
    higher gold usage imo

    very easy to sim as you can build fields and infrastructure in same time
    ECs which hit like wall are to be feared overall romans hammers do a best damage in wheat/power comparison
    EIs best raiding troops in game in terms of speed/capacity
    HDT decrease wheat consumption of cavarly

    expensive troops which make raiding in begining more risky
    long training time and long/expensive rebuild time

    not much time required
    very good def accounts not many will try to attack you in beggining as you can have a traps
    when going def you can build it in every village what will counter any hammer
    TTs are good for raiding if you have more time
    not close to non gold required for average def players

    building def in every village can be usefull but you come to feeding problem very early
    going def you need off player to help you clear surrondings

    feel free to add some pros/cons or correct me if i am wrong in something

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic