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  • Just like any other General thread, here you can discuss everything related to Com29 and post Battle Reports.

    Screenshots of ingame messages aren't allowed unless recipient or sender approves of it being posted.

    Wish you all a load of good luck and fun. :thumbup:


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  • Haha, I've actually just checked and there's a Sphinx in WILD, but I'm using the same name as on forum. :D

  • 2 second villages settled - one hun with top attacks/raiding and one Egyptians - already in top defenders :D

  • This thread is so dead.
    Let's at least take note on Pre-made alliances and new ones.

    From what I've seen, the server has the following premades:
    Shield in South East. Unknown procedence. 2 embassies:
    Shield (-S-) [42 Members] --- NAP with SEA
    Shield 2.0 (+S+) [39 Members]

    Division in South West. Unknown procedence. 2 embassies:
    Zero Division ([Rei]) [45 Members]
    First Division ([Ichi]) [32 Members]

    King of Kings in North East. (Maybe) From China. 3 embassies:
    K.O.K (K.O.K) [35 Members]
    King of Kings (*K.O.K*) [24 Members]
    ^King of Kings^ (^K.O.K^) [24 Members]

    GUILD in North West. New alliance. 1 Embassy:
    THE GUILD (GUILD) [50 Members]

    Last but not least
    ONE (My team) in North West. Most of us come from com7 and com3. EXILE and WILD. 1 embassy at the time this post is made:
    ONE (ONE) [44 Members]

    If you're able to see in-game stats, you get a genereal idea of who controls each quad.

    This server is shaping to be interesting. First Gladiator Helmet was sold for over 815k Silver. We're 8 days in and prices are still sky high for a lot of items. Competition is going to be tough.
    The first to settle was an Egyptian. IGN juventus01. Know him from previous server. He ALWAYS settles first.
    With the map being smaller, the amount of decent croppers is meagre. Many will have to settle with 75% or less. Most croppers are in the south of the map.

    Let's see what awaits for us.


    Greydai - Com7
    EvilBrewer - Com29

  • Thanks excelente analysis... helps a lot for players who's been out of touch for a while.
    I wonder what are the chances that a couple (or triple) Meta will join to achieve quad domination via a Mega. I have seen that happen a while back. It was the only way to beat the super Russian metas


  • Greetings Everyone,

    I last played Travian almost 3 years ago. I played with GR (com 8), Grid (com 6), Godz (com6), WILD (com1 and 5), AoW (com7) etc. Just peeking here after a long break. Anyone from those alliances?

    Or any new Meta? Who is ruling .com servers nowadays?

    Can't login my old forum account. Can't even find my account among member list. Has the things changed here?

    @ELE - You are a former Godz and WIld member, right?

  • I played for Godz, I have never played for Wild. There is Wild on the server but it is not the Wild you know. Nothing about others.

    Who is ruling is hard to say. I wish I could give a list but there is barely a couple names nowadays.

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  • Thanks, glad to see an old face. Are you still an active player? Alone or with friends?

    I know about WILD, they retired after com5, that was my last server as well.

  • All old accounts that hadn't been logged in for a while were deleted when the forum was changed, so your old acount is gone for sure.

    Wild doesn't play anymore - Gira and other leaders are too busy. My team, Ruthless, which had a lot of former Wild players isn't playing either (mainly because I'm busy), so Wild players are generally spread out across different teams. If you spot a WILD alliance tag on any servers these days, it's not legit.

    SGR still play on com1 as always.

    GOATS/CWL still play from time to time too - I hear GOATS are looking to start up relatively soon.

    That's more or less it for the old teams still left I think.

  • Aww... almost makes me want to stick and play the server. Would be interesting.

    But my playing days are over I guess. Umm... may be I can stick around a bit.

    Thanks Ele, I appreciate the help.

  • Yes, haven't played in a bit myself. Lost all my old forum stuff (not that it was much). And kind of lost in this one.LoL
    Still trying to figure to which alliance to try and join for the server. Trying to see if most alliances are planetary in membership or regional. Last i played there where mostly regionals (russian, japanese, italian) and it was fun. I might have asked for the wrong quad to spawn... but maybe not. anyway i like to see global long term strategic goals, great communications & good tactical responses


  • New alliances are finally showing progress.

    Death Before Dishonor! (DBD) Pushing hard for a top 3 robbers of the week medal now.

    Natar Hatars (NH) Finally getting into that top 10 place, with Just Why and Blow as main figures. Two Huns drying up North West farms...
    Few members but quality.

    U~Nick (U~Nick-1,2,3) keeping nice spots on every top 10 category. 88 People total between the 3 embassies at the time this is posted.

    Hunters (Hunters, HuntersA). 99 people. Seem like hardcore simmers, but HuntersA has decent spot in top 10 robbers, so might surprise us at anytime.

    THE GUILD (GUILD) Slowed down it's quick pace after 1st week. Still simming hard as it's 3rd place in climbers of the week shows, but keeping a low spot in raids and medium in attacks. Main fiigure: DrunkenUnicorn

    The Division([Rei], [Ichi]) guys pushing really hard with it's offensive, finally catching up with ONE in raids, with a couple skirmishes and cata attempts in the border.

    Then it's my team ONE (ONE, ONE°) We started a new wing. Only team with both alliances in Top 10 attackers, robbers and climbers. 80 people total.

    The server is quickly evolving. Skirmishes over croppers and oasis are common in a daily basis now.
    Most importantly, Travian devs still haven't sent me an IGM revealing their identities lol

    A week went through and power balance seems to have changed in some quads. I'm expecting a fun server this round!


    Greydai - Com7
    EvilBrewer - Com29

  • As usual, great analisys! Thanks again... seems I'm up "crap-creek" without a paddle. Chose the wrong quad maybe, don't know who should I try to align with, and now a neighbor asking if i wannabe his PD??? Lol