Playing defensively as the Egyptians

  • Hey there,
    I just started playing the new Egyptians race and would like to know how to play defensively. I have mostly played offensively, building many troops and making farm lists and so on, so much of the resource income from playing this style is from raiding. But, when playing defensively, where should my resource income mostly come from? Since I'm building a lot of defensive troops, upgrading wall, building crannies etc, it makes me think that most of my income comes from the village's production. Is it viable to still do some attacks while playing defensively to get some extra resources or should I focus on building a strong defense and upgrade my resource fields?

    Any input is appreciated!

  • Oases are key. Make sure to settle villages to maximize oasis benefit from waterworks. You can raid, but Egyptian units are not good for raiding. A good cap with good oasis bonus is a large help, as Happy said.

  • And by good oases, wishmaster means that you should go grey.

    Once you go grey, you will never move away

  • The one great benefit of Egyptians is the the 2x output of oases with their unique building - waterworks, so you want to get best possible cap and oases to really max your resource production while upgrading Waterworks.

    After that it becomes easier to manage defense, more so than other tribes, because you will have more resources than any other tribe. Even your hero is 2x production, so if you're able to use books early on and get cheap kills to boost hero - do it.

    As for general strategy on playing defense, there are a several types.

    Types of Deffers:

    1) Headless Defender (Reverse: Top-Heavy Defender - cap/supps are reversed)

    This deffer pretty much spams defense in supports and/or stores in cap but never builds troops out of cap to max out garage space.


    1) Cap production is never diminished unless troops are garaged.
    2) If you lose cap, you don't lose troops, so incoming attacks are less stressful depending on field levels.


    1) Needs some micromanaging - trade routes or constant shipments from cap to supps beyond what they can feed in village.

    2) Raiding Defender

    This deffer uses available troops to raid for supplemental income, just as you would for any offense account.


    1) Can bring in needed resources to keep queues going 24/7.
    2) Generally faster improvements: fields, upgrades, troops, depending on activity.


    1) Troops are usually raiding so entire anvil(s) are not ready at a moment's notice.
    2) High dependence on raiding activity and farm availability for overall troop feeding
    3) If raiding is main income, can hamper focus on economic development for some players. Losing troops can mean a slow recovery.
    4) Can lose troops on Natars, inactives, etc.

    3) Specialist Defender

    This deffer has specialized villages: One for infantry or one for cavalry only, or pure resource village vs pure defense village. Mobile Defenders and Multi-Anvil defenders are subsets of this.

    Mobile Defender: Has a love of ponies that probably borders on obsession. Fast troops are the bread and butter for this account. Typically Gauls - DRs/Haeds but Egyptian works too with Anhurs/Resh.


    1) Dangerous for attackers in that they can defend nearly anywhere with short notice
    2) Focused development means more resources devoted to 24/7 queues.
    4) Less upgrades/ More building slots available for other uses


    1) Cavalry troops are expensive, so losses - especially when caught solo defending - are greater.
    2) More crop upkeep, less crop efficiency.
    3) Production is limited to one building usually - stables. GS not typically used until much later or not at all, so rebuilding quickly is dependent on trainer use if without GS.
    4) Since most cavalry is heavily one-sided ('cept for Resh), defending one's own account (or any account) relies on standing defense or alliance help to balance the defense.

    Multi-Anvil: This account typically hates building partial "chunks" of troops and prefers to build full, balanced anvils every 4th village or so, with other villages acting as res support for a particular defense village.


    1) Highly organized. Good for OCD individuals
    2) Makes full use of military buildings, defense is more balanced.
    3) Quick defense deployment - only a few villages need to be checked for timing, inserts, etc.


    1) Efficient account until someone feels like upsetting the entire system with their catas or chiefs
    2) Developing defense villages can be very slow with maxing all necessary buildings and upgrades
    3) Anvil villas become priorities along with capital so more targets to defend against attack. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made.

    4) Turtle/Pincushion Defender:

    This defender builds troops anywhere and everywhere. If a village has crop available then it needs more troops. Typically relies on ally mates for feeding excess troops, and a lot of NPC'ing.


    1) Usually no shortage of troops
    2) Good source of standing defense for allies
    3) Lots of defense everywhere makes you a less likely target for attackers.
    4) Troop losses are not generally a big deal - too many troops anyway.


    1) Requires a lot of gold typically, NPC'ing in multiple towns
    2) Def build can be slowed as crop dwindles.
    3) Depends on others to hold excess troops for standing so troop production can continue
    4) Upkeep and maintenance is most expensive of all defender types.
    5) High-stress account, especially if you're running account negative.

    Hope that helps. If you need more Egyptian-specific strats, can give those too.

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • Strong 15c cap with good oasis and you have res for days as Egyptian

    Sounds reasonable since they have increased hero resource production and oasis production. But is it necessary with a 15c or could I do well with a 7c too? Thanks for your answer

  • Sounds reasonable since they have increased hero resource production and oasis production. But is it necessary with a 15c or could I do well with a 7c too? Thanks for your answer

    A 15c will fully maximise the extra percentage bonus as a 15c obviously produces more res than a 7c. A 7c isn't out of the question, but a 9c or 15c is much much more effective.

  • Maaan, thank you for your elaborate answer! I do not know yet which category I fall into or will fall into, but I'll definitely use this scheme in the future.

  • As stated by people earlier, expanding to a 15c seems to be a good choice as a defensive player. What is the best way to build up such a village? I mean since most of my troops in the main village will be defensive, so I won't be able to supply resources to 15c, so I'll have to upgrade fields first to get some income. Should I build troops in 15c right away or wait until it advances? And as the game advances, my main village will obviously make more of the main resources (except wheat) than my 15c, so should I send resources to the 15c or how should I play it?