WvV Round 59 - Pirates of the Caribbean

  • WvV Round 59
    Pirates of the Caribbean

    "In order to affect a timely halt to deteriorating conditions and to ensure the common good, a state of emergency is declared for these territories
    by decree of Lord Cutler Beckett, duly appointed representative of His Majesty, the king.
    By decree, according to martial law, the following statutes are temporarily amended:
    - Right to assembly, suspended.
    - Right to habeas corpus, suspended.
    - Right to legal counsel, suspended.
    - Right to verdict by a jury of peers, suspended.
    By decree, all persons found guilty of piracy, or aiding a person convicted of piracy, or associating with a person convicted of piracy,
    shall be sentenced to hang by the neck until dead."

    And so the Royal Navy has declared war on Pirates, who just love to roam free.
    A young boy started a second wind in the defeated pirates, and a select few now remain.

    In order to end the war once and for all, I, Captain Teague, Keeper of the Code, have invited a delegation of the remaining Pirates
    and a delegation of the King's Crown to settle this amongst each other.
    From Shipwreck Cove, on the Island of Shipwreck, with a capitol called Shipwreck, I have sailed to Port Royal to oversee the Final Battle.
    Together with King George II, I will see to it to be a fair fight.

    Villagers - Special Pirates

    William Turner - Blacksmith

    William Turner Jr., Son of William Turner, a.k.a. Bootstrap Bill, is Port Royal's Blacksmith.
    He came aboard the crew of Captain Jack Sparrow to rescue his crush, Elizabeth Swann from the dreaded crew of Captain Barbossa, and stuck along ever since.
    His righteous character and blacksmithing skills gives him the power to protect someone every night.

    "Captain" Jack Sparrow - Houdini

    The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. To some the worst pirate ever heard of, to others the greatest pirate ever seen.
    It is still debated whether or not his actions are out of clumsiness and the results are just happenstance.
    Nonetheless, this gives him the eerie ability to escape custody, or even the noose.
    He is immune to one alpha kill, or one lynch.

    Jack the Monkey - Seer

    Once a pet monkey of Captain Barbossa, Jack has taken a rather annoying but useful role among Big Jack's crew.
    Due to his small size, he is the perfect spy, and always finds out if you have any dirty secrets.
    He can visit you undetected and find out all there is to know about you.

    Regular Pirates - Normal villagers
    Comprised of, but not limited to:

    Joshamee Gibbs

    Elizabeth Swann





    East India Trading Company - Wolves

    Lord Cutler Beckett - Alpha

    As the head of the East India Trading Company, Cutler Beckett has slain several hundreds of pirates.
    He has no qualms about using their own kind against them, as he had Davy Jones in a vice and fighting his battles for him.
    Now he has pleaded his case to the King to lead the Final Battle against the pirates, and he was appointed Alpha.

    Ian Mercer - Backup Alpha

    As second-in-command to Lord Beckett, Ian Mercer has slain his fair share of pirates, too.
    His knack for devious tricks like planting evidence, together with his Scottish temper, makes him a terrible foe.
    Whenever Lord Becket is indisposed, Ian takes care of the Alpha kill.

    Royal Navy Soldiers - Regular Wolves
    Due to too little main and side characters, regular wolves are all gathered under this nominator

    Chaos Roles

    Weatherby Swann - Governor

    As Govenor of Port Royal, Weatherby Swann is loyal to the crown.
    As a father to Elizabeth Swann, who has taken her place along William's side, he can't help but look out for her safety.
    His weak character causes him to flip sides whenever he thinks it's in his best interest, so he always sides with the winning team.
    However, sometimes he is adamant in his beliefs, and is able to muster up the courage to throw his weight around and pardon the victim of a lynch once during the game.

    Tia Dalma - Witch

    Calypso, bound in human bones by the Brethren Court, is roaming the earth as Tia Dalma.
    As the Goddess of the Sea, her witchcraft appears to be limitless.
    She hates the pirates for binding her, but she hates the East India Trading Company after she finds out that it was Davy Jones who told the Brethren Court how to bind her
    She has the power to kill one person during the game, and save one person during the game, and takes the winning side by default.

    Syrena - Siren

    The power of a Siren's song is said to be a powerful lure.
    However, Syrena's empathic ability has its drawbacks, as she falls in love with her first victim, making her the first part of the lover's couple.
    She will then die with them, and her spell is so strong that her lover will also die when she does.
    After 4 nights, her urge to feed is so overwhelming that she needs to kill, and so she will kill anyone who is near her.

    Jakeyyy - inactivity - villager - lover
    Krybskytten - inactivity - villager
    Moogle - Lynched - Alpha
    Notorious Crunchie - suicide - Siren
    PFK - Alpha - Govenor
    Rob Jakes - Lynched - Seer

    Lynch: Monday Jan 22, 21:30 GMT

  • What an eventful day in Port Royal. Several people could not help but bully the local people around, and were therefore absent during the nightly gathering.
    The local tavern was filled to the brim with drunkards, and not long after, a brawl emerged.
    People were throwing punches left and right, and when I finally arrived, things quickly calmed down.

    "Alright, you maggots! Who be it that is responsible for this awful ruckus?!" I bellowed.
    Most people quickly pointed to Rob Jakes, and before he could even blink I had him at the end of my cutlass.

    In all the commotion, I almost didn't notice two figures approaching an empty seat, and they left in fury.
    When I walked over to the seat, I saw a taunting note with an empty vial, no doubt addressed to the culprits.

    In the distance, a sweet voice sang, and a shiver went down everybody's spine: Syrena had called upon them.

    TL DR;
    Rob Jakes was lynched, he was Jack the Monkey - Seer.
    Syrena lured in her victim and fell in love.

    Player Vote
    Blaze Rob
    cantbeasked Deaderpool
    Deaderpool Rob
    Happy Rob
    Jakeyyy Absent
    Krybskytten Absent
    lagushki Absent
    Lemon Absent
    Madz No Lynch
    Marksy Lagushki
    Moogle Rob
    Notorious Crunchie Rob
    PFK Rob
    Razorwind Rob
    Rob Jakes Razor
    Ruffian Rob

    Next Lynch: Tuesday 21:30 GMT

  • It was an even rougher night this time.
    Jakeyyy and Krybskytten were pillaging again, I swear to the Gods: I will send them to Davy Jones' Locker myself if they ignore me again!

    I cleared my throat, and the discussions quieted down.
    "It is with a sad heart that I have to tell of the abdication of King George II, it is unclear as to who his successor will be for now"

    People were obviously disgruntled and I had to raise my voice to quiet them down.
    But alas, the people were too angry, started debating among each other, and while two people minded their own business and five were randomly punching others (one was even so drunk he was punching into thin air) it was the majority of the people that ganged up on Moogle and dragged him outside.

    Everybody followed, including me, and there was a noose hanging at the ready.
    Moogle was able to grab hold of the pistol of one of the people dragging him towards the noose, and fired it at Razorwind.

    Everybody fell silent and looked in horror to Razorwind.
    He looked down at his chest, where a red spot grew bigger and bigger, and he started laughing.
    With his last breath he quickly drank a vial, and he sank to his knees. The red spot stopped growing and started shrinking.
    With a heavy sigh, he spat out the bullet that went through his heart moments before.

    Moogle yelled in panic: "No!! It CANNOT BE! You should be dead!".
    I ran towards Moogle to sever his head from his shoulders, but Razorwind grabbed my arm... with more power than I gave his frail body credit for.
    Razorwind's eyes flickered and his grin went sinister: "It be a'ight, love! 'im will be dead soon!"

    He didn't even have to finish his sentence as the group strung him up and kicked the bucket from underneath his feet.

    One quick drop and a sudden stop ended Moogle's life, and an EIC card fell from his coat pocket.

    TL DR;
    Moogle got Lynched, he was Lord Cutler Beckett (alpha).
    Razorwind was alpha'd, but he saved himself from death.

    Player Vote
    Blaze No Lynch
    cantbeasked krybskytten
    deaderpool Lemon
    Happy Moogle
    Jakeyyy Absent
    Krybskytten Absent
    lagushki Moogle
    Lemon Templar Knight
    Madz PFK
    Marksy Moogle
    Moogle Crunch
    Notorious Crunchie Moogle
    PFK Moogle
    Razorwind Moogle
    Rob Jakes Dead
    Ruffian No Lynch

    Next Lynch: Wednesday 21:30 GMT

  • I know it's a sad evening...but we will have to look at the bright sides of life.

    We now have 2 confirmed villagers.

    Razor, for being the Witch *

    And me, Lemon for being the only one who tried to lynch the real threat here on the forum.

    Specials, please get in contact.

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  • Today was a sad day. There was a gloomy mood all around the Tavern, and people were fed up with some of the no shows.
    As the mob marched on to finally kill Krybskytten, they saw him impaled to a door... apparently the civilians repaid him for his pillaging efforts.
    Since they've haven't heard from Jakeyyy either, they went to check on him... only to find him dead in the arms of Syrena who was also dead... both had a dagger in their hands lunged into each other's hearts.

    This view was too much for many of the group and panic spread.
    Nobody saw that PFK was knifed down in the commotion... there goes another figure of balance.

    TL DR;
    Krybskytten died of inactivity but was about to get lynched - Joshamee Gibbs (villager)
    Jakeyyy died of inactivity - Mr. Cotton (Villager - Lover)
    Crunchie committed suicide after staging a mutual murder - Syrena (Siren - Lover)
    PFK was alpha'd - Govenor Weatherby Swann (Govenor)

    Player Vote
    Blaze Krybskytten
    cantbeasked lemon
    deaderpool Absent
    Happy Lemon
    Jakeyyy Absent
    Krybskytten Absent
    lagushki krybskytten
    Lemon krybskytten
    Madz krybskytten
    Marksy Lemon
    Moogle Dead
    Notorious Crunchie Absent
    PFK Happy
    Razorwind krybskytten
    Rob Jakes Dead
    Ruffian krybskytten

    Next Lynch: Thursday 21:30 GMT

  • Today was actually a nice day: the commotion was down to a minimum, and there was even laughter all around.

    The fact that one person was missing, didn't seem to sink in, although I found it curious.
    At one point, Lemon showed up with a big Ship's Wheel in his pants, much to the amusement of all the Patrons.
    It was quite amusing, but we had work to do. I drank down my beer and stood up. Before I could speak, the entire Tavern came up to me. I trained these landlubbers well.

    Lemon still had that Ship's Wheel in his pants, and it started to annoy me. "What in the blazes is that Wheel doing in your pants, Lemon?!" I asked furiously.
    With a sheepish grin, as if he was waiting for someone to ask him all day, he replied "Dunno Cap'n, but it be drivin' me nuts!"

    Thunderous laughter emerged, but one person didn't find it funny. Maybe because it was his ship's wheel? Who knows. He yelled: "Allright, lynch him!"
    The mood quickly turned sour, and as one all patrons surrounded cantbeasked and lynched him instead.
    A piece of his red coat slipped out from under his dust coat, and they knew they had the right one.

    I still wasn't assured about the absense of Madz, and when I went to check on him, his door was ajar. I looked inside and saw his corpse, lunged over his desk with a knife in the back.
    Stuck to his back by the knife was a note that read: "Pirate scum! - Mercer".
    Madz's body covered a piece of parchment: it was a to do list. it read:
    "To do:
    1. Forge sword.
    2. Sharpen hatchets.
    3. Lynch cantbeasked"

    I knew enough and let the undertaker of Port Royal take care of the remains. Bloody shame.

    TL DR;
    Madz was alpha'd - Will Turner (Blacksmith)
    cantbeasked was lynched - Soldier

    Player Vote
    Blaze cantbeasked
    cantbeasked lemon
    deaderpool cantbeasked
    Happy Blaze
    Jakeyyy Dead
    Krybskytten Dead
    lagushki cantbeasked
    Lemon cantbeasked
    Madz cantbeasked
    Marksy cantbeasked
    Moogle Dead
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Dead
    Razorwind cantbeasked
    Rob Jakes Dead
    Ruffian Cantbeasked

    Next Lynch: Friday 21:30 GMT

  • Sometimes I even forget it's a battle, with all the booze and laughter going on in the Tavern.
    Pirate jokes left and right, some as old as the Kraken that Davy Jones tamed as his pet.

    With a sharp cough, I reminded them of the obligated lynching, and not caring much about it: Tia Dalma nodded towards Ruffian.
    They dragged him out without much fight, strung him up without the usual bloodlust, and came back to find lagushki's corpse. The note that was knifed on his back read "Today will be the day you all remember as the day I killed Jack Sparrow! - Mercer"
    Little Marty shrugged: "Meh, we got 'em all anyway! Cheers!"

    lagushki was alpha'd - Captain Jack Sparrow (Houdini)
    Ruffian was lynched - Ian Mercer (new Alpha)

    Player Vote
    Blaze Ruffian
    cantbeasked Dead
    deaderpool Ruffian
    Happy Ruffian
    Jakeyyy Dead
    Krybskytten Dead
    lagushki Ruffian
    Lemon Ruffian
    Madz Dead
    Marksy Absent
    Moogle Dead
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Dead
    Razorwind Ruffian
    Rob Jakes Dead
    Ruffian Blaze

    Pirates won - Game Over

  • Player Role
    Blaze Scrum
    cantbeasked Soldier
    Deaderpool Ragetti
    Happy Marty
    Jakeyyy Mr. Cotton
    Krybskytten Joshamee Gibbs
    lagushki Cpt. Jack Sparrow (Houdini)
    Lemon Pintel
    Madz Will Turner (Blacksmith)
    Marksy Elizabeth Swann
    Moogle Lord Cutler Beckett (Alpha)
    Notorious Crunchie Syrena (Mermaid)
    PFK Weatherby Swann (Govenor)
    Razorwind Tia Dalma (Witch)
    Rob Jakes Jack the Monkey (Seer)
    Ruffian Ian Mercer (Backup Alpha)

    Night 1:
    Razor poisons lagushki, but is too late
    Moogle alpha's Lagushki
    Rob seers Blaze
    Madz protects Crunchie
    lagushki uses his Houdini ability to escape death
    Crunch falls in love with Jakeyy

    Night 2:
    Moogle is lynched
    MadZ protects Lagushki
    Moogle Alpha's Razor
    Razor heals himself

    Night 3:
    Madz protects lag
    ruffian alpha's PFK
    Jakeyy dies of absence, takes his lover with him
    Krybskytten is lynched

    Night 4:
    madZ protects Razor
    Ruffian alphas MadZ
    cantbeasked is lynched

    Night 5:
    Ruffian alpha's Lagushki
    Ruffian gets lynched

  • Love your summary of who did what. Looked like a fun game, thanks Sebas for hosting :)
    Bet crunchie made a beautiful mermaid...

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • Thank you Sebas, for a great round!

    Lots of interesting roles for people to get into!


    I’m not good-looking. I used to be but not anymore. Not like Robert Taylor. What I have got is I have character in my face. It’s taken an awful lot of late nights and drinking to put it there. When I go to work in a picture, I say, ‘Don’t take the lines out of my face. Leave them there'
    - Humphrey Bogart

    Anglosphere 6 - Salacious B Crumb

  • Thanks all for playing.
    I made the Houdini up just for this round.

    I have plenty other roles that I know of, but that would make a really chaotic round: there'd be almost no regular villagers then :)