Looks like it's time to say goodbye

  • For the past 7 years, I have been a moderator on the UK forum and started off with the username of Little Miss Trouble, and latterly became known as Cali. I have just arrived home from work to find that have been removed as a SMod, without any explanation or warning.
    I am deeply upset by this as have enjoyed my time working as crew for TG, but for some reason, it has been decided that my services are no longer required.

    I would like to thank everyone on the UK domain for all their help and support over the years. It is a sad way to leave, being pushed out of doing something that has helped me through various trials in my life. I am not sure I will be back on the forum and this will likely spell the end of my playing days as well.
    So, would like to also thank all the players I have met over the last 9 years and for my dual, Bloated Fish, for the 2 WWRs records we achieved.

  • Sorry to see you go Carol! You taught me a few things a couple years back when I had the pleasure of playing in the same ally as you for a short time. You and Meme will be missed.

  • I’m sorry that you had to find out the news this way. I was a little luckier that at least I discovered before it was publicly posted on the domain.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • I'm not sure what to say really...I'm in shock. =O

    Thanks for always being an amazing mod throughout the years, I really hope you stay here on the forum, if the forum is still a thing tomorrow, who knows? Or at least stay in contact.. (my skype is on my profile)

    It was a pleasure working alongside you a couple months ago, and I hope that you will keep up always being positive and keep up your great mindset for whenever you experience new obstacles in life.

  • I'm sorry you have to leave LMT. You've been a mod here almost the whole time I've been on the forum and even when I went through my moodiest period about 5/6 years ago and was getting in trouble here constantly you were respectful and fair despite the fact I probably wasn't.

    The domain is poorer for having lost you as crew on the whims of our new overlord.

    You were awesome on the DwD acc in Pulsant too!

    Thank you.

  • I'm lost for words after reading this, but it's hardly surprising Travian is embracing the self destruct button both in game and now on the forum. Glad to be getting out of this myself.

    Thanks for all your hard work LMT, I know a fair amount went unnoticed to most users but for those who have modded alongside you we all realise and deeply respect your contribution and the effort you put in to keep the forum ticking along as well as it did for all those years.

  • Hey Carol,

    Really poor work again from Travian, a ridiculous way to treat people who have done nothing but their unpaid jobs over many years. You should keep playing if you can purely for the social factor if nothing else as you have many friends on here. Even though i imagine it leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth. Travian you should hang your heads in shame, whoever made this shocking decision should be the one getting the boot!

  • If you consider how desperately Travian needs free (gratis) workers and if you then consider what kind of multihunters are allowed to hunt, that really makes you wonder what you must have done to warrant such a reaction.

    I mean, there are MH's that literally banned a whole alliance to show off their power and they weren't punished/released of their duty. Because they are needed. Same with mods. So tell us, what the heck did you do? I'm really curious now.

  • I am not allowed to discuss the reasons publicly, however, I am taking the matter further and if allowed in the future, will post an explanation.

  • Tell me in private. "Schneeente" is my skype nick. Or per PN. But at least you know the reason, so there is that.

    In your initial post it sounded like "it just happened without explanation or reason"

  • Praise the gods Ameno has arrived. Don't muck it up Ameno, you know what we want and we are all watching.

  • Everyone should know the email complaints@traviangames.com. Don't flood it with nonsense, but be honest and provide feedback on any recent changes you disagree with and as much depth as you feel is needed.

  • I also think that a certain post, thanking Meme and myself, should be reported. Its fake and I don't appreciate my name being included in it.

  • Can I just say a huge thanks for all the messages, both here and on skype, you have no idea how much they have meant to me. The past 23 hours have felt a bit surreal and I've let what happened get to me more than I probably should have done.

    Feeling much better about things now, an intense karate session has helped as tonight was basically arm work. Lots of punches with some kicks mixed in. Was told I looked very focused this evenining, can't think why that would be :D

    I have also decided to stick around the forum, will be posting a lot more too!!

  • Hey Little Miss Trouble. Sorry to hear what has happened to you. We had a few run-ins in the past, mostly due to you being too lenient with that deviant Martin James, but I thought you fair and reasonable despite the company you kept (I'm looking at you, fat fish). Anyway, all the best to you, and I'm glad you're sticking around,