Gold sale at .com favouratism

  • Is this favouratism or what?

    why do com servers get 30% whereas we get 20%? How does that work?

  • Is this favouratism or what?

    why do com servers get 30% whereas we get 20%? How does that work?

    Because it is a flash sale and not a whole weekend sale. Each domains gold sales are managed separately.

  • Usually they alternate between them. There's a high chance that people miss the flash sale though - some of my teammates were sleeping while this one happened, and there's no/hardly any prior warning/announcement that it will happen - it just happens.

    Which is also why I (as well as others) make sure to spam various skype chats so people notice :p

  • Flash gold sales happen at various times. I know one of my teammates on a speed server missed one when he needed gold because he was sleeping. He works overnights. The goal with a flash sale is to try and time when most players on that server or domain are active. Will some be missed? Yes, it happens. But the flash sales are very short limited times.

  • I only know that .us has had the same cycle. I am only aware of gold sales either a minute before they happen or 1 minute or two after they start. I have already passed on to the CMs that players are asking for a weekend sale. I was told that this was passed on higher up. Hopefully, we as players will be heard.

  • but it happens in a time where the people from america are awake...

    People from Oceania and Asia were sleeping - and even if not sleeping, you can still be away from your account for 4 hours for whatever reason. Anyway, point was just that flash sales and weekend sales are different, and that while of course the 30% is preferable, the short sale time has a downside too. (And that the percentages have nothing to do with "favouratism")

  • .us players would complain then :D, it would be the same, even though it was long period without gold sale, you can't really blame them for time difference if .uk and .us are in the same cycle. It's always lose situation with one of the domains.

  • Btw, I'm not saying anything about whether or not .uk should have one or the other sale :p From what I've seen, .uk seems to be getting slightly fewer sales though. Last one for .com before this one was by the end of November (full-weekend one).

  • Hello

    The UK just wrapped up a full weekend gold promo just a few days ago.
    The US domain also just had a flash promo 4 days ago
    The COM's of course just had a flash promo yesterday.

    They are done in random cycles and yes some people miss them due to the times they are on.
    They are random times though but are targeted for the regional domains


  • This alternates, as been said.

    But instead of 40% and 30 %, it is now 30 % and 20 %. Shame for the addicts that bough a million gold at flash sales, good for travian that discovered they buy them anyway :D

  • Hello Andi

    Just wanted to jump in here to clarify what you have posted.

    I just did a triple check with others and Travian has never had a 40% gold promo

    It has always been and still is only 30% for flash and 20% for normal gold sales