Farm List Error?

  • I don't appear to find anyone else having experienced this error before.

    We have been unable to send farmlist raids for the last 14 hours. A
    message pops up saying to enter a CAPTCHA but no CAPTCHA actually
    appears. We have tried logging out, changing password etc etc. Nothing
    we do fixes this error.

    Report to support/MH, posting on the forum does nothing at all to solve this since they have split community and game in the customer support area

  • @Tombo457 is correct in stating the in-game staff and forum staff are very different. We are two separate areas with two separate Customer Service Managers.

    Errors in game need to be reported in game and will be answered in game.

  • Hello Everyone

    Just to follow up here this is a bug and developers are aware of it. They are currently working on it but no time line yet as to when it will be resolved.

    Please do report it ingame though.