UK29 - Stats and Analysis thread

  • So I thought, instead of having a thread for every analysis (settling, post artes yada yada yada) we could just have one thread and people can add their bits to it too. That way when you look back you can see how the server developed over time without searching for all the threads.

    Day 15 - A look at Settling and the alliances.

    Personally I think the most important thing at the beginning of a game is to secure a good cropper as soon as possible. With the server having over 3,000 "players" on it (although over a thousand have pop no higher than you get from skipping the tutorial) the key spots in the quads could play a key part in which alliances will be competing at end game. I have only included alliances with 10 or more players so if your alliance has less than that but you want be included the upgrade your embassy, they're handy for culture anyway lol.

    A load of statistics:

    I know this early the stats mean very little but hey, I'm bored.

    So, player count. I'm not putting Purge with P.O.T.C as that is surely ridiculous that they are in a con-fed on day 15. Meaning either the leaders are bumbling idiots and 2 new alliances will emerge from the ashes of the inevitable fallout or they have a cracking sense of humour. I think it's more likely the former. Even as an individual 2 wing Purge alliance 86 is not a grand number. The new alliance bonus means that the smaller wing will have lower bonuses and potentially cause arguments amongst the players. the logical solution is to fill both wings and have 120 players, the alliance Siberia likely candidates to fill the role. A.A are flying ahead on the average pop like the dirty simmers they are.

    Average/Total offence is predominantly a case of 'who has beaten up the most poor helpless animals' so it isn't a true identifier at this stage as most non-teut accounts will opt for a sim start rather that a raiding start. Someone mentioned to me that Purge were very much into their attack points on uk6 so hopefully this part will be a lot more interesting when we revisit it in the future.

    Defence. At this stage, having this stat high is not a good thing. Knights and The wall are clearly just a collection of farm spikers and because of that I highly doubt they will be around for long. As they care so much about defence points I for one will be able to help out later in the server and I'm sure half the players on the server will be thinking the same. *

    A look at the quads:


    Here we have A.A, a preformed alliance who announced their intention to join the server on the forum prior to it's beginning. Anyone who is familiar with them will expect to see them competing for the win at the end of the server.

    Joining them in their quad are JARWOB, a merger of JAR and WoBBeRs, who have likely come together due to A.A being in their quad. They don't look shy though, they have dug in deep, mostly settling 9 croppers a 4/7 wheaters in the center. Their furthest out settling is 23/110. All this suggesting they plan to fight A.A with everything they have. If they are successful they will be in an awful position to try and win the server with so few of their players taking croppers. If i has to guess I would say this quad will ultimately end up A.A's.

    DBZ & Element4 are also in the quad. Element4 need to settle a village before we take the time to look at them though. I grew up watching DBZ so i like these guys lol. As only one player has the theme as their account name though I doubt it is a preformed alliance. The will likely end up teaming with JARWOB at some point.


    To my knowledge, Purge are a preformed alliance from uk6 where they were very big. Judging by their numbers they have also been heavily recruiting on this server. Being preformed and having two wings should mean they will be competing at end game.

    Adam got together because the leader messaged every account in the North. May have picked up a few good players by chance but I highly doubt this will be a long term alliance.

    Hystinca claim to be a smashy alliance and are recruiting across the whole north, however the forum they created for people to apply to join the alliince is locked to the public so I think their numbers may not grow.

    Siberia. The Russians have landed. From my experience russians either get banned or play really well. I reckon this lot will end up teaming up with Purge though, given the numbers.

    Knights, Farm spikers. Nothing further to say about people that do that.

    The South.

    The SE is just so pants that i'm merging this hemisphere.

    Nova appears to be made up lots of uk3 who have had a wonder over now that uk3 has finished. They have the capabilities to compete at end game if they have decent leadership to guide them through it. Given they are recruiting in 2 quads and have a confed with adam it isn't likely to happen without a massive falling out.

    P.O.T.C, I have no idea whats going on here. They have decided to do the entire south. bit brave maybe or are the planning on a massive meta already?

    SEA may muster all the little alliances in the SE and make a proper alliance for end game but time will tell.

    The wall - spikers.


    Looks like a 3 horse race at the moment. A.A in the NE, Purge in the NW, Nova in the SW and hopefully someone SE.

    *Top tip. You can spot spikers easily with the new defence point system. Also, if you are a new player, don't be that guy.

  • I think the key parameter will be how many people are playing to fill the gap before the next normal server restarts (UK1), and delete when it does. I will be.

    I would expect AA to walk this as a result - if they can be bothered to stay.

    I only bought gold on uk29 as the promotion was on and I had no other way to get it into the system for transfer.

  • Purge are a preformed alliance from uk6 where they were very big. Judging by their numbers they have also been heavily recruiting on this server. Being preformed and having two wings should mean they will be competing at end game

    On UK6 the leaders were poor, threw the towel in far to early after
    a fairly good start, remains to be seen if they have stamina this round.

  • Waiting for the posts from the 90% pre-formed before server start A.A complaining there's no decent competition.

    To be fair they did post in every uk speaking forum domain and well and half the european ones inviting people to come to try and make it a fun server.

    Not much they can do it everyone is too chicken to show up.

  • isn't it easier for one alliance to adjust to many rather than many allies adjusting to them especially if there are some plans already set in motion? same way i could go on every domain yelling come play at .hr which will be starting soon and then complain when nobody shows up

  • i have no problems with them because i never played against or with them, but you basically said that everyone who hasn't joined uk29 is a coward, that's pretty much out of uk29 analysis also

    Not much they can do it everyone is too chicken to show up.

    plus, i'm bored :thumbdown:

  • Sure, and Travian is all about building that illustrious WW. Don't you ever get bored? Why not go ahead and try doing something few others have. Like coming up with a unique goal and strategy.

  • because that is the purpose of the game...

    Wouldn't play fifa to line up all the players and have a foot race now would you? If i wanted to do something different I would simply play a different game

  • Actually, in football, for your team to come out with a win, does not always mean having more goals than the other team. Sometimes to simply prevent the other team from scoring would mean achieving success. Success is not determined by any particular result, but rather is determined on whether or not you achieved your aims.
    I'm suggesting you change your aim, because for you to build a WW to lvl 100, would be rather dull to everyone else's eyes. If you were to come to us and say you want to... I don't know, have all 60 of your members being in the top 100 at game end... now that would be an achievement. If you managed that, but didnt build a lvl 100 WW, we would still class it as success because thats what you set out to do.

  • They might as well play sim city if that's what they set out to do.

    In football the aim is to win. Not trying to win is called match fixing and is illegal.

    If doing a WW is boring to people then maybe they shouldn't be playing a game where the goal of the game is to build a WW to level 100 then.

  • What a pointless discussion.

    Just do what you want to. and stop justifying and shoving it down other peoples throats.

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  • Should the maps showing the alliances' locations be a map of Europe? Was that the only way to get them from getters? It's a WW server no?

    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard