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  • i'm not sure you guys(moderators, and so on) are reading this thread correctly, people which suggested things that could improve the forum basically painted it out for you, and i'm pretty sure that they know what administrator is talking about. But this isn't about what are forum possibilities right now, but what could be in the future. We need you guys to atleast try to understand what was suggested by users and then try to implement it to help us, the users to have better and more pleasent experience on forum.
    Strive for the better, don't let forum stagnate...

  • The problem is that there are domains where there are 3 servers and domain where there are 20 active servers.
    This means that the domain with 3 server si forced to see also 17 subsection that they do not need.
    Beside that every subsection which is added to the forum add workload to it, which can cause lag and issues.

    The labels are there for a reason, as well as the watching functionality.

  • A domain with twenty active servers? That sounds awesome! Which one is it, I'd like to have a look at playing such an active domain.

    Just out of curiosity, who decided on the new layout for this forum and was any customer feedback or input taken?

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  • Had a quick look, most I found was 11 - actually the international, .com domain. This of course includes the PTR server, the F&S beta server and tournament finals. Most I found other than that was 9. I checked the Arabic domains as well as Turkey, Iran and Russia because they seem to be a large part of the overall playerbase, always bringing a ton of players where they go. I checked .de because the game is German and started on .de originally.. I checked China because well.. It's a China so the potential playerbase is massive.. And I checked Portuguese and Spanish speaking ones, because while there are regional servers for Europe and South America, maybe there would be players from either continent playing on the other domain...

    But I probably missed something super obvious to check :)

  • You probably misunderstood how it works.

    Every section of the forum is visible in every domain with it's translated version, this is called multilingualism function.
    Every section we add tot he forum will be visible for every domain, because the forum is one, just translated in multiple languages.

    So you will see all the section, doesn't matter which language you have activated.

    By the way: This problem can be easily avoided by people hiding subsections.

    So what if there are 20 different servers in total?
    If I'm only on the NL domain with my player account, I can hide all servers besides the ones that are played on the NL domain.
    This is just a one time setting.
    Press the eye icon in the main view, and de-select which (sub)section you don't want to see.