• you know what would i like to see in update. i would like that alliances are permitted to have avatars. so when you click on some alliance you can se like hero circle they avatar.
    something like the flag you know or like in GoT
    you know how it will be great if you can like franchise it. when you open alliance you can see statistics from different servers they won this and that . like they already gatter all info on getter tools and they have knowledge of ours IPs it can be done. So you open alliance page of some alliance you got in the left corner nice shiny avatar on the right you have current members on the left you have all kind statistics and acoplishment. and they will need give also then alliances like players have 3 years for playing travian. you know.
    it would get the feeling its the real group with history new players would respect that older players would glow over that offcourse hahaha. but it would be nice to see that direction

  • It is a nice idea though. I've been cleaning up all the old data from the HoF and was thinking it might be interesting to do a stats project on how servers changed over the years. Not just the numberof players, but also I noticed the distribution of tribes changed over time too. The early servers were dominated by Romans, but now Gauls tend to be the more popular choice.

    Some alliances kept names from server to server so can be tracked like Noein, though some changed names like Pulse/inc/TBC. If anyone wants anything specific and I can do it, I should have complete records of all remaining data for UK slow servers together within a couple of weeks, as a player project of course, nothing official :)

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  • The early servers were dominated by Romans, but now Gauls tend to be the more popular choice

    I think we are seeing more Gual accounts since easy with new players and you see them using the trapper a lot. I know I prefer to play Tuet since I can play both anvil or hammer.

    But I know many who still prefer to play Roman.

  • I think it's more because the sign up guides new players to be gauls. I don't acutally think the trappers are nearly as important for start game as they used to be, because the raiding start isn't as big a deal as it was. At one time you could have great fun with the big teuton raiders in your patch. I would let them send a raid, trap them all, wait for the rescue party, release my prisoners, trap the next set... Sometimes you could keep their mace going round in circles for hours :D. The other big advantage of traps was for safe storage of settlers. Traps now are just pop boosters.

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  • Please don't. DO NOT make any updates till you fix all current bugs.

    I get it's frustrating but the majority of websites we visit will have active bugs even if they're not that obvious. If websites prioritised bugs over upgrades, there would never been any new functionality. Often, new functionality can also fix a bug (since it removes the reason for it existing in the first place).

    Personally I quite like the idea of branding an alliance. It could well add to the team ethic and values the game instills.

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