Dual Needed

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am an old school player that took a long break and now started again.. all my experiences are in T3s. Now with t4s i started all over again..
    Im looking for two long term duals to join me in a top 20 account in the new ts29 Sever. Playing as aggressive teutons, top 5 raider for 2 weeks now.

    -West coast US/AUS Timezone ( one of each is needed)
    -Im a heavy gold buyer, so you should contribute too, number doesn't matter as long as you contribute.
    -Knows the game mechanics ( or willing to learn )
    -Uses Discord and Gettertools.
    - Knows how to raid and works as a team.

    You can reach me on discord: Elie718#1928 (quick way)

    or leave me a message here.

    thank you everyone for reading this and wish you all a good weekend :)