WvV Round 60 - Fat Tony and the Feds

  • WvV Round 60
    Fat Tony strikes back

    The door to the restaurant was pushed open, two men in police uniforms walked in wearing a smug look on their faces. One of the men looked at a table a bit further away, a fat man was sitting there eating spaghetti and meatballs. The man next to him opened his mouth and said "so Fat Tony, how does it feel to know that you'll be going down any second now, once we find enough evidence...hehehe, make sure you don't drop the soap in prison".

    Fat Tony didn't reply, he just looked at the two men as if he was looking at someone stupid. After they said what they wanted to say, the two men left the bar in the same swaggering manner that they entered it.

    Fat Tony sat there silent for a full hour just staring at the door, suddenly his fist slammed down on the table in-front of him, the look on his face was filled with fury, he was finally fed up with this situation, there can't be two tigers in one Chicago. He looked to the man standing behind the counter as he said, "Clancy Wiggum have crossed the line. Send this out to the entire family, from now until all the rats are found, we will fish out them one by one until none are left. This time its okay to be a snitch, for the future of the family, make them tell me about anyone they find suspicious, and if there is a majority, we make em disappear"...

    The Good guys:

    Fat Tony
    Sends someone to follow a person
    will know if that person went out the day/night before

    May protect one person each night
    can not protect themselves

    May protect one person each night
    can not protect themselves

    Bart Simpson
    The Slingshot
    may silence a person for an entire day
    (the ability to speak, not vote or use a role)
    a silenced peson can not talk in main chat until the next KP
    can not silence the same person twice

    Johnny Tightlips
    If arrested (alphad) will make the cops confused
    stoping them from arresting someone the following day

    Frankie the Squealer
    If arrested (alphad) will accidentally give the cops more leads
    leading to two arrests being made the following night

    Maggie Simpson
    Vote Changer
    Can change one persons vote each night
    (does not have to be the same as their own vote)

    The Bad Guys

    Chief Wiggum
    calls for the arrest of one player per night

    Choses a person to mask them
    making whoever spies on them think they were home all night


    Trying out as a cop, Marge is eager to prove herself
    She can role block one person each night
    Can't role block the same person twice in a row

    normal wolf

    Jimmy the Snitch
    one of the cops snitches
    (normal wolf)

    Nicky Bluepants Altosaxophony
    Homer simpson in disguise trying to infiltrate the mafia to help the cops
    (normal wolf)

    Unnamed Cops
    the normal cops

    The Chaotic Guys

    Lisa Simpson

    will play her saxophone on the first night, leading to someone falling inlove with her
    she may chose who to play it for
    if her lover dies, she can pick a new player to to play for, if she dies the lover dies too
    whoever is chosen will be a "third" team whose job is to survive until one side wins

    Rex Banner
    will randomly get three names
    for each person on that list that dies
    he gains a one time kill

    Power up

    The Golden Donut
    somewhere out there is a golden donut lost in a shipment of 100 donuts
    every player may every night guess on a number between 1-100
    the one that choses the right number first gets a 1 time get out of death card
    the number is submitted with lynch vote
    (works both on lynch and alpha kill)

    Attention: Make sure you submit you vote as conversation to host acc or on skype and not as email to host acc.

    Brought to you by Razorwind

  • Player list:

    Bob Hawken
    Rob Jakes
    notorious crunchie

  • KP NIGHT 1

    The restaurant was a mess, there were people everywhere, each person yelling louder than the one next to them....
    In the end Fat Tony raised his hand, and the room went silent in seconds....he looked around the room as he said, "Lets do this, bring me your votes, who you think the snitches and undercover cops are?"

    And so the votes came in:

    Blaze madwomanne
    Bob Hawken No lynch
    Cali No lynch
    Cantbeasked susetahnaivart
    Chrissy No lynch
    Daegonthesnake YajYaj
    Deaderpool Rob Jakes
    Happy Crunchie
    Inky No lynch
    Itsnotquiteover lemon
    Johnny_og_ole Krybskytten
    Krybskytten No lynch
    Lagushki Ben
    Lemon No lynch
    Madwomanne Madz
    Madz Meme
    MarkokraM Madwomanne
    Marksy Happy
    Mercedes No lynch
    Moogle Happy
    Morgz Cali
    Notorious Crunchie Happy
    PFK Zab
    Rob Jakes cantbeasked
    Ruffian smithy7451
    Smithy7451 crunch
    Spencer Deaderpool
    - SR PFK
    Susetahnaivart No lynch
    Yajyaj crunch
    Zab No lynch

    (altho i did say in the skype room that no lynch is not allowed, it was obviously not clear enough, my bad, i blame not being able to edit posts i make)
    Most people voted no lynch therefor tonight no one was gonna go sleep with the fishes.

    In another part of town, jazz music could be heard as two ppl started jamming like no tomorrow...

    Meanwhile Notorious Crunchie was caught red handed while selling some stolen goods.

    No one found the golden donut, the search continues...

    Lynch - No lynch
    Alpha - Notorious Crunchie - Legs(medic)

  • Seeing it as Razor isn't around atm...I'm just gonna post it here...

    Do I get an extra life for wearing these bad boys?

  • KP NIGHT 2

    Just like the day before, everyone was gathered in the restaurant, but this time there was no chaos, or commotion, just silence as everyone was waiting for Fat Tony to speak. He did not make them have to wait long before he said "Yesterday, they caught Notorious "legs" Crunchie, those pigs. Have you found any leads on anyone yet?", he looked around the room, and noticed someone raising their hands, "You there, Mercedes, right? Do you have any leads?" he asked the person having their hand raised. She looked nervous as she replied "Yes boss, I do. Word on the street is that MadZ is a snitch, however some others say that Deaderpool might be one, I'm leaning more towards Madz tho". As Fat tony heard her suggestions, he nodded towards her, before issuing for a vote once again....

    And so the votes came in:

    Blaze Absent
    Bob Hawken PFK
    Cali Madz
    Cantbeasked lucky
    Chrissy Absent
    Daegonthesnake Deaderpool
    Deaderpool Madz
    Happy MadZ
    Inky PFK
    Itsnotquiteover Blaze
    Johnny_og_ole deaderpool
    Krybskytten Happy
    Lagushki PFK
    Lemon PFK
    Madwomanne Madz
    Madz Deaderpool
    MarkokraM deaderpool
    Marksy Deaderpool
    Mercedes Madz
    Moogle Madz
    Morgz Cali
    Notorious Crunchie dead
    PFK Madz
    Rob Jakes Lagushki
    Ruffian Madz
    Smithy7451 Madz
    Spencer Happy
    - SR MadZ
    Susetahnaivart Absent
    Yajyaj deagonthesnake
    Zab Madz

    The people had voted, it was MadZ time to visit the bottom of the ocean, and as they grabbed him, they could feel something hard under his shirt. Ripping open the shirt, Fat tony found a microphone taped to his body and a saxophone tattoo on his chest....this guy was indeed a snitch no doubt, unfortunately he was just a low level snitch, but a snitch nonetheless.

    Happy that they had caught one so fast, the mob partied, and you cant party without donuts....and in the commotion a scream could be heard, "I found it, I found the golden donut", but in the commotion, no one could tell who said it....

    However, not everything was going good...another person had been arrested, that person was Louie the Lemon who was knowing for forging swords and other metal works...

    (The golden donut has been found, however if its power is used, another one will appear)

    Lynch - Madz - Wolf - lover of Lisa simpson
    Alpha - Lemon - Louie(Blacksmith)

  • Wait a second, do I see a better version of myself in there?

    On a serious note, how do I sign up for one of these?

    Edit: Nevermind, just saw the Signup thread. Stupid me.

  • And that person up there ^ stands on trial for the crime of being a wolf.

    Votes for deaderpool tonight please.

    It should be noted that that is far from a consensus and there are many people who disagree with you on that. The votes will tell the story anyway...

  • KP Night 3

    As per usual, the people had gathered at the family restaurant, and for today the two most prominent suspects were Deaderpool and Ruffian, and so the votes were cast...


    Blaze Deaderpool
    Bob Hawken ruffian
    Cali Morgz
    Cantbeasked deaderpool
    Chrissy ruffian
    Daegonthesnake Ruffian
    Deaderpool Ruffian
    Happy Ruffian
    Inky deaderpool
    Itsnotquiteover ruffian
    Johnny_og_ole ruffian
    Krybskytten Absent
    Lagushki Deaderpool
    Lemon Dead
    Madwomanne marksy
    Madz Dead
    MarkokraM Ruffian
    Marksy Ruffian
    Mercedes Deaderpool
    Moogle Ruffian
    Morgz deaderpool
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Deaderpool
    Rob Jakes Smithy7451
    Ruffian Deaderpool
    Smithy7451 ruffian
    Spencer Ruffian
    - SR Ruffian
    Susetahnaivart Ruffian
    Yajyaj ruffian
    Zab Absent

    Ruffian turned out to be the most suspected to be an undercover cop or snitch, and so he had to be silenced....before he died a different kind of police badge dropped from his pocket, where the name "Rex Banner" was written.

    In the commotion of the lynch Bart took the chance to hit Blaze with his slingshot so he face planted and bit his tongue, leaving him unable to speak for a day.

    As Fat tony was eating supper, he got a call, Mercedes Frankie the squealer had been arrested, this would surely bring trouble their way.

    And in another part of town, one could hear jazz music being played, another person had fallen victim to Lisas seducing...

    Lynch - Ruffian (Rex Banner)
    Alpha - Mercedes (Frankie the squealer)

  • KP night 4

    The votes are:

    Blaze Inky
    Bob Hawken Absent
    Cali Deaderpool
    Cantbeasked Deaderpool
    Chrissy Deaderpool
    Daegonthesnake Deaderpool
    Deaderpool MarkokraM
    Happy Deaderpool
    Inky Deaderpool
    Itsnotquiteover Deaderpool
    Johnny_og_ole Deaderpool
    Krybskytten Rich
    Lagushki Deaderpool
    Lemon Dead
    Madwomanne Deaderpool
    Madz Dead
    MarkokraM Deaderpool
    Marksy Deaderpool
    Mercedes Dead
    Moogle Inky
    Morgz Deaderpool
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Deaderpool
    Rob Jakes Absent
    Ruffian Dead
    Smithy7451 Deaderpool
    Spencer Deaderpool
    - SR Deaderpool
    Susetahnaivart Deaderpool
    Yajyaj Deaderpool
    Zab Deaderpool

    Deaderpool was lynched and was just a regular villager.

    Happy was silenced, cause he got smacked right in the face with a rock by Bart, ouch!

    Inky and Bob Hawken were arrested during the night, a sad day for the Mafia id say.

    Lynch - Deaderpool(villager)
    Alpha - Inky(Bart) and Bob Hawken(villager)