WvV Round 60 - Fat Tony and the Feds

  • KP Night 5

    Things weren't looking good for the mob, the cops were arresting them left and right. Fat Tony looked at the crowd that was gathered in front of him, you could see it in their eyes, they had begun to lose hope. But the only way forward was to keep going, it was either them or the cops...two tigers cant rule over the same mountain.
    Fat Tony asked everyone to cast their vote for tonight:

    Blaze Zab
    Bob Hawken Dead
    Cali Krybskytten
    Cantbeasked Zab
    Chrissy zab
    Daegonthesnake -SR
    Deaderpool Dead
    Happy happy
    Inky Dead
    Itsnotquiteover Blaze
    Johnny_og_ole Zab
    Krybskytten Absent
    Lagushki Zab
    Lemon Dead
    Madwomanne Itsnotquiteover
    Madz Dead
    MarkokraM Zab
    Marksy Zab
    Mercedes Dead
    Moogle Zab
    Morgz Zab
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Zab
    Rob Jakes Zab
    Ruffian Dead
    Smithy7451 Zab
    Spencer Zab
    - SR Zab
    Susetahnaivart Zab
    Yajyaj Absent
    Zab Absent

    The victim of the lynch turned out to be Zab, he looked at the mob that was about to make him disappear and sighed before he said, "you guys are so blinded by fear that you cant even find the snitches, you are being led around like a bunch of chickens, but i guess i get the easy way out...cause this will only get worse", as he had said what he wanted to say he closed his eyes before he was killed.

    As the mobsters went home, Marksy would make a new home...in prison.

    Lynch - Zab(villager)
    Alpha - Marksy(villager)

  • KP Night 6

    Things were looking worse by the day, the mobsters were getting desperate, there were accusations being thrown left and right in the small restaurant. You could notice that a third of the people were missing, and only a single one of those had been a cop...

    Fat tony called for a vote once again, there was just no going back:

    The Result:

    Blaze Happy
    Bob Hawken Dead
    Cali Absent
    Cantbeasked Happy
    Chrissy -SR
    Daegonthesnake -SR
    Deaderpool Dead
    Happy Lagushki
    Inky Dead
    Itsnotquiteover Blaze
    Johnny_og_ole Lagushki
    Krybskytten Happy
    Lagushki Happy
    Lemon Dead
    Madwomanne Rob Jakes
    Madz Dead
    MarkokraM -SR
    Marksy Dead
    Mercedes Dead
    Moogle Rob Jakes
    Morgz Happy
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK Absent
    Rob Jakes Happy
    Ruffian Dead
    Smithy7451 Happy
    Spencer Happy
    - SR Happy
    Susetahnaivart Happy
    Yajyaj -SR
    Zab Dead

    Happy had been chosen for the lynch, he looked at his fellow mobster and probably at a few undercover cops as well and thought to himself..."they cant see we are being played against each other, leading us closer to our downfall by our own hands" he took a deep breath and then made a run for it, he managed to escape the town, never to be seen or heard of again.

    Later that night...a big smile hung on Chief Wiggums face, for they had caught Lisa "Rob Jakes" Simpson, and found with her was Susetahnaivart, they were caught selling fake handbags, and that would cost them some time in prison.

    Lynch - Happy(villager)
    Alpha - Rob Jakes(Lisa Simpson), Susetahnaivart (lisas lover, villager)

  • KP Night 7

    As Fat Tony looked out over the remaining ppl, he could not help but be disappointed, so far all they could do was catch a single snitch. Are they so blind that they cant even see the difference between family and a rat? But there was just nothing he could do about it...

    And so a vote was cast again, and the results were:

    Blaze -SR
    Bob Hawken Dead
    Cali Daniel
    Cantbeasked -SR
    Chrissy lagushki
    Daegonthesnake -SR
    Deaderpool Dead
    Happy Dead
    Inky Dead
    Itsnotquiteover Blaze
    Johnny_og_ole lagushki
    Krybskytten Absent
    Lagushki -SR
    Lemon Dead
    Madwomanne Lagushki
    Madz Dead
    MarkokraM -SR
    Marksy Dead
    Mercedes Dead
    Moogle Absent
    Morgz -SR
    Notorious Crunchie Dead
    PFK -SR
    Rob Jakes Dead
    Ruffian Dead
    Smithy7451 lagushki
    Spencer -SR
    - SR Lagushki
    Susetahnaivart Dead
    Yajyaj -SR
    Zab Dead

    Fat tony looked towards -SR and asked, "any last words?". -SR looked at Fat Tony and answered "whats left to say? its too late anyway, someone obviously set me up but you are both blind and not united how will we win against the cops when we keep going like this?". As he finished talking,-SR was killed, but contrary to everyones belief, he was not a snitch. He had stayed faithful to the family, and for that he had paid the price.

    Later that day, itsnotquiteover was arrested for buying smuggled pics of cute cats.

    Lynch - - SR(villager)
    Alpha - itsnotquiteover(villager)

  • KP Night Final

    WOLVES WIN!!!!!

    Krybskytten got lynched and was a Villager, Chrissy was alphad and was a Villager

    Morgz had an extra life making it 7v8

    even if you guys could have used the vote changer it would have ended with a wolf win

    The wolves were:
    MarkokraM - Alpha
    Blaze - Roleblocker
    Cantbeasked - Jimmy the snitch
    Lagushki - Eddie
    Morgz - Homer
    YajYaj - Lou
    PFK - Always a wolf ALWAYS

    Thanx for your participation, i hope you had a good game win or lose, and we hope to see you again in future games.

  • G_G

    Next time, listen to me for once. I had the list.

    Thanks for the round.

    I wish you the best of luck, thanks to Razor for being an amazing host.

    - Kryb

  • PFK surviving is pure miracle, i don't care what other players say, pure gift from a god to him...every player accusing him was immediatly alpha'd next day, and rest of the villagers seemed to forget him immediatly after that. :p