Over Modding.

  • Is it just me or are posts disappearing again?

    Quoting a message a user has been banned for is normal proceeding and should be followed. I can guess that in some cases it hasn't been like that, I am sorry for that. Will do our best to make sure that every team member follows that standard.

    @Ameno Do you know when your staff will start quoting posts when giving out warnings? It has only been 7 weeks...

  • And administrator is closing threads after they reply so we can't question what they say? Sounds more like a dictatorship to me.

  • It's the easiest way to ''avoid'' arguing in their eyes, but let's be honest, that it hasn't been working out that great for them with this practice.

    There's always the Arab forum, which might be a more welcome place. Tim has no rights there. :rolleyes:


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  • This forum has always been run as a dictatorship since TK arrived.
    Out of the handful of times I have either been warned or banned, I have only once been told why. In respects to forum posts, I have never once been told why they have been removed and I know 100% sure that half of them have been on topic and clean. Im not always a twit. 8| is twit ok to use?

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  • What about removed posts that don't violate the forum guidelines nor the terms? Wouldn't it make sense if we were actually told why they get removed instead of dead silence?

  • I think some are following this saying... ''Silence speaks a thousand words''

    But I'm not sure it's the right time for it to be applied. :D


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  • You can tell there is a speed server starting soon, Lemon has reappeared with a vengeance :p

    This is the part where lemon moans about fire & sand speed servers

    Not sure 40 days counts as soon...

    Moan about what? A server with less than a thousand players or the other 3x F&S that you can't register on due to maintenance? Think the servers speak for themselves.

    But let's stay on topic in this thread please...

  • Oh look, thread not locked, how convenient.

    The allmighty @Templar Knight or shall I say the overlord of .com on forum is at it again apparently.

    Noticed in another thread a person was asking something this morning and a .de SMod replied and helped that person

    Now suddenly that post is gone and TK replies with a similar response...so is this the new Community Managing?
    Removing other domain staff posts because they were the first to reply and help new forum users?

    And we're not even talking about modding from staff of another domain, but a simply reply. Perhaps a .de user posts get removed now on .com domain? :huh:

    Also feel free to erase my post and ban me again for.... your own pleasure? Since this post doesn't really break any rules, I'm fairly convinced others might have to see how good you are at managing .com. :D


    Arguably the most annoying user on the forum. ( :

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  • If you have a complaint about .com, you need to post it on .com. This thread is for .uk.

    But to address your particular issues, mods and sMods are assigned specific areas of the forums. We are not supposed to mod on other domains outside of those assigned to us. Modding can include answering a question from our staff account. We all have personal accounts which are to be used for things such as answering questions on other domains.

    If we are asked to help on another domain, we are doing so from our official accounts at the request of a CM or someone higher up. But that is rare.