Over Modding.

  • Talking about over modding, I was told by a mod of yours that the "Crunch's Art" thread down in the Tavern was removed due to it being a direct insult to me, I liked his art of me... Can that thread make a return?

  • I disagree that any were off topic. But hey, we don't get to discuss it until after the fact do we since you don't message before and the banned account can't read what they were banned for, oh, and you don't actually bother to specify what the post in question was or why it was off-topic. So I guess I can't demonstrate it since I don't screenshot all my posts and you don't say which was apparently an issue at any point. You just ban and ignore. Great (y)

  • MartinJames_UK ....That is something with the forum and its functions. This was reported a bit ago so still waiting to see what kind of solution comes up for the messages after a ban is in place.
    Your post actually just gave me an idea to try for future posts as a work around and will discuss that with Ameno tomorrow to see if we can try it out.
    As for bans...When we give a warning we do not know if that will trigger a ban as it is based on points a forum member has racked up. So again the function of the forum is not perfect but solutions are being worked.

    Lemon ....Send me a PM about what it was and I can at least look into it. Won't promise you anything but can at least look for you.

  • I never drink and play games as many of us has seen the results of that and it never works out for the one drinking.

    I also never drink if I know I am working, like tonight.

  • Happy to help I guess. If you're going to warn and potential ban someone with a post surely it would be better to say hey this is the post im warning you about *QUOTE POST HERE* and this is why you've been warned regarding this post. At least then there would be some clarity. Pretty sure thats how it used to work, but tbh it was 5 years since I was last warned on the forum so I wouldn't remember. Was a good run until *Individual who cannot be named* decided to ban me multiple times. Guess the streak had to end sometime though.

  • I know there has been a bunch of frustration over the last few days about this topic, but I would like some people to take a step back, a deep breath, and appreciate that we now have Armeno and TK discussing with us in a transparent manner some of the issues. Hopefully, now we can try to move forward together - improve the forum issues and have some good forum battles within these rules...

    I had lost hope that with upcoming uk1 that we would be able to do this. We know that there is a thin line between flaming and being banned that we must thread. Hopefully, the mods will let us attempt to navigate this as best we can with stern warnings rather than a big boot and the forum issues you all have identified together can be implemented to assist!

    Commence down-votes :D

  • No need to pm, when we can talk about it here :)

    And I was banned during the time the thread + posts were made, so I obviously only saw a few of the art...

    But can tell you what I know, the thread was located right here: Fan Art
    On the UK domain, it was called "Crunch's Art" or something like that.

    The first post was funnily enough made by notorious crunchie, and was a stickman with a lemon head, then the user Happy posted some of his lemon art aswell, can't really remember what it was...But that's the only 2 posts I saw in that thread, and afaik none of them were breaking the guidelines?

    Hope that's enough info for you to look for the thread! :)

  • Tbh I don't plan to participate in the discussions on here when S1 starts. I think several other major contributors feel the same, its a shame as this forum will be missing something but oh well. We've got other places to discuss things now.

  • @Lemon...I will get with the mod crew tomorrow and discuss the thread.
    If you have no issues with the posts directed towards you then maybe we can do something about it.

    Will let you know tomorrow.

  • The lemon art was removed due to "ban discusson" (obvious and ok to remove imo)

    MJ beckham pics was removed due to spam (also obvious removal object)

    I would have done the same under the old rules (not an expert on the new).

    IMO: No need to feel hard done by, especially seeing both posts was posted to test the mods limits, and not to add something to the converstation. (None of the posts I have seen has been insulting though).

    It's ok to be critcial and all, but the above mentioned removal would have been removed under Tullia and Avi as well. (And I would know since I
    was a moderator here then).

    * I was always among the strictest, some may have been more lenient under previous FA's.

  • Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to follow up on one part of our discussion we have been having here in this thread regarding being warned/possibly banned but no way to read or contact the CM until ban has expired.
    We are working something out so that the player being warned and possibly banned will be able to communicate with the forum staff.
    We do hope this will help solve the lack of communication that the banned player experiences after receiving a warning that results in a ban.

    Will work on getting that rolled out and actually using it here soon as we prepare our forum staff for the changes.


  • Sounds good TK, are you running with my suggestion that you quote posts or the specific offending element of posts when warning players so they can see what they said/did specifically that got them banned too? :)

    This is a good idea and something that I have personally done on the old forum when warning/infracting people. Either way, the Mods should always explain the situation to you because the point of a warning is to help you understand the rules better and not make the same mistakes over and over again.

  • This is a good idea and something that I have personally done on the old forum when warning/infracting people. Either way, the Mods should always explain the situation to you because the point of a warning is to help you understand the rules better and not make the same mistakes over and over again.

    Yeah it was always the way on the old one so I hope we can see it again here :)

  • why I have feeling something is wrong here?

    - as far as I know customer is always right
    - employees of any company in the world are doing anything they can too satisfy their customers.

    now lets put this together 1+1=2 ... thats right!

    I...the person, who buy something(gold) from company = customer ... oh yeah, thats me the CUSTOMER

    You...the person, who is hired to do something for company = employee ... oh wow, thats you all mods, cms, admins etc.

    wait wait wait ...
    me = customer ... you = employee ... am I right? of course I am right, I am customer

    ok lets make sure it still works ... 1+1=2 yep, still same result

    so it goes like this ...

    I as a customer started to use product of company... I as a customer got bored and wanted to meet comunity so the company created forum for me to make me happy... I as a customer started using forum but I wasnt happy anymore because forum got full of insult, spam, discrimination and other things I as a customer didnt liked so company hired employees to make forum nice place again and so I can be happy...

    short recap what we learned today here ...

    we learned that all employees are here because of us, customers. If there wont be us, they wont be here too. they should start act the way to make us(customers) happy again and stop doing things we dont like ... because as far as my knowledge goes, You depend on us and not other way around

    hope we all learned here something today and things will change in direction they should be in first place as soon as possible and thats like right now

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic

  • Please, do keep in mind, that you're a customer to TG, not the Travian Forum.

    As much as the customer is always right is somewhat true, though people to overreact, it's not exactly the case here.