Whats lurking behind every travian player's life? Reveal yourself the gamer within yourself!

  • This thread is all about other games you played other than travian, game that you enjoyed the most or didn't enjoy at all, comments, sharing game play experience, suggestions and other stuff.

    ( Also i advise not to tell things that reveal and ruin others game-play if they didn't have the chance to play that particular game yet)

  • i have a wide range of games i have played. starting with the 16 bit games on nintendo console, connected to the tv, like Mario, tanks, chicken invasion, mortal combat... good old fashion memories :)

    On pc however everything started to get better with same old fashion NFS Heretic, Quake, Halflife, Counter strike, Heroes of might and magic, Starcraft, Warcraft, and so on.

    Time progressed and technology and newer games took pace like The elder scroll IV Oblivion, Gothic, Skyrim, Fallout, Assassin Creed and so on.

    Some games are just to be played solo and other are better played in a network with your friends and against your friends. there is where the fun starts :)

    I'm a PC game freak and i prefer the PC version of any game over the console version.

  • My first real time strategy game was Powermonger for the sega megadrive, hard to believe it was 27 years ago!

    My captain was rarely "fit" and normally didn't have any food, with the hungry army deserting lol

    this was a frequent occurrence :D

  • I had a Sega megadrive for Sonic and a Nintendo for Mario and Legend of Zelda. Even before that I had a Spectrum Sinclair and programmed it to play worm and bomb. I also had Horace goes Skiing, absolute classic.

    Having kids was great, I got the excuse to have yet more games. We went through all the Spyro and Rachett and Clanks and I was late picking them up from school more than once because I lost track of time, turning aliens into sheep. I’m a terrible mother :p

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  • That is the map for/of the first Zelda-game, for Nintendo 8 bits machine
    I still have the game, and I enjoy it even today.

    i never played zelda but i played 'Robin-hood' on nintendo which was pretty much same structure of the map.
    Same as mario too :)
    To Robin-hood i didn't have any way of saving the game but i was the first to play it from start to finish in one sitting unlike my brothers. 8o

  • Neighbours from hell is a fun game to play on your own.
    Worms World Party, is fun as long as you play against your mates on the same PC by taking turns. :D you can play in 2-3-4 players or more.

    I also played a huge amount 'Heroes of might and magic 2 and 3' the same hot seat against my friends.

  • nice thread mate :D

    played tonnes of stuff from RPG-s, MMORPG-gs, shooters, strategy, the list of good stuff would be like 2 pages but I will mention only my true loves

    still reking noobs on DotA 2

    best series ever made

  • Fallout - New Vegas it is indeed one of my personal favourites. i wish i had the option to lvl up over lvl 30 and gain some more perks i had my eyes on.
    Really challenging, died hundreds of times but it was all worth it. i have played and finished every time with a different faction. first with NCR, 2nd with Mr. House, 3rd with Mr. happy Yes Man and last with Caesar's Legion.
    i haven't tried any add-on or mod because i like to play it the original version first otherwise i don't know what is new.

    Ps: i was a bit shocked when i had to killed Mr. house and i felt sorry about the whole thing. :)

  • I'd have to say it all started im 2002? When we bought our first PC, and the game was called Prehistorik 2, which was quite a fantastic platformer that we struggled with, in 22 years I haven't finished it once, which sounds like the game is super hard, but I have a feeling I just suck at the last level. :D


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  • some games i played was mostly because some of my friends was playing them too so chatting and sharing the fun part of the game was kind of cool.

    In my home town there was 2 internet-caffe shops where you could buy a couple of hours to one of the PC's and play the network games like CS, Half Life, Starcraft, and some others.
    the fun part was playing against each other.

    other games i played was Diablo 1 and 2 (the fury within) world of warcraft, Lineage as a group but not so good. i got bored out of my mind with those.

    I also enjoyed playing some solo games with some spectators watching and helping me out like ; Siberia ( a quest game but addictive), ABE's Exodus ( a really fun and mysterious game world and unique in its own way)
    Then the newer type of games emerged together with new generations of computers starting from Pentium 3 onward.
    Delta-force, Thief, FarCry, Call of duty, Medal of honor was a real treat for the shooters enthusiasts,

    one of my RPG favorites of all times is Gothic followed by Gothic 2 (night of the raven), Gothic 3, Gothic 3 (Forsaken gods) (i spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing them)
    The elder scroll III Morrowind, The elder scroll IV Oblivion and The elder scroll V Skyrim, same hundreds of hours of playing as well
    Fallout series of games are made by the same game developer as The elder scroll