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  • other games i played was Diablo 1 and 2 (the fury within) world of warcraft,

    You've got good taste. :))

    I've got D2 + Expansion, as well as Warcraft 3 + Expansion.
    Even played some WC3 LAN matches with sister after 10 years, bring back memories. :D

    But since I've assembled a newer PC lately... I've starter running newer game.... Like Trackmania United for example. :D
    Or Shootmania Obstacle, which is an FPS game with a mode dedicated to movement mechanics... simplistic, but just the way I like it.
    Cuphead is also very enjoyable and FarCry Primal at times.

  • Diablo 2 the expansion i played a lot because it was cool to find and craft your items forever.. so i was fiddling about with those little stones but sadly, you can't play forever... so i moved on. i have played Diablo 3 the free version which is up to lvl 12 or so and i have started and created other characters too but i think it is worst than Diablo2 expansion :(
    i really like the cinematic clips from D2 as much i like the ones from Warcraft :) awesome

  • Well i started with Supaplex and Lemmings lol.
    Worms Armageddon and Worms 2 also had their shares.
    Sega and Mortal kombat of course :P
    Then came the turn of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and red alert 2 ( Endless and endless of hours )
    Then Warcraft 3, and DotA allstars until today, Dota 2. Actually did some casting, was the one of the 2 official arabic casters and casted Ti5 back in the day.
    Pubg 's fun. Total war Saga really fun.


    Mazzini, Monday, December 3, 2018 - 4:09 PM

    calm , i'm here

  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3 i still play today when i'm in the mood :) i have installed Heroes of Might and Magic 3 'In The Wake of Gods' version. it is damn cool with many new things you can customize your game. in this one you also have a hero Commander in battle with your troops and with xp gained the commander itself lvl up and gains its own set of skills and there are a range of items you can equip on him.
    these are the commander for each race, but the skills and specialty differs from one hero's specialty to another. skills are given based on the abilities you choose when you lvl up

    you play this and you know what i'm talking about. You'l find everything to customize about the game in settings. is a big list of boxes you can tick.

    i played Heroes 2 a lot especially on hot-seat against my friends and Heroes 3, ten times as much. with random map generator you can't find 2 games the same.
    That is the reason i still play this game

    Heroes 4 is a lot different but i didn't like as i do h3, and heroes 5 i played very little. it was running too slow with my pc at that time and never played any newer versions ever since.

    Another similar game i played is called 'Disciples 2 rise of the elves' . is based the same on turns but a bit heroes 4 like. i quite liked it. when you finish a game, you can export your hero and when you start a new game you can import your tough hero and you can cast spells hitting an opponent from the distance before engaging in battle. :)

  • I remember the first game that I spent far too much time on..

    Synergistic Software
    Synergistic Software
    Robert Clardy
    Apple ][

    Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure

    Yes. I know. This makes me old.


    Some know me as feanor (~f) Others as The Old Wolf. (~tow) but no matter what, there's always a moment you know.

  • but i think it is worst than Diablo2 expansion

    That's nostalgia driven tbh. If D2 came out today, with exactly the same gameplay but updated graphics, no one would like it. You're doing the same few runs over and over again, grinding levels and gear -> mephisto runs, baal runs and maybe pindleskin. You'd only find it entertaining out of nostalgia. I started a D2 playthrough with a friend not long ago, haven't gotten around to play much... But I think if we get to the point where it's just grind to gear up, we'll probably stop playing, because it really is tedious.

    Grinding for gear and exp in D3 is much more varied, yet even there, some people complain that you just do the same stuff over and over again. Oldschool grinding is just not very appealing anymore. Of course you have some people who still enjoy it, who play D2 and Runescape (grinding in D2 >>>>> grinding in Runescape though) and whatnot, but it's not many - and again, I think it's largely due to nostalgia.

  • Well, but back then games weren' ao huge, so D2 was actually decent sized.

    Oh for sure, it's large. D3 isn't particularly much larger, but there are more endgame grinding options and avenues to get gear, and some of the the options you have for endgame grinding are somewhat randomized (random map layouts and enemies and bosses). There is also larger build diversity imo - of course you have some top builds that do better than others, but most builds are viable. Hammerdin in D2 was by far the best for PVE, no contest, except for uber runs.

    You still got WC3 by any chance?

    I actually have it, haven't played for ages though :p I mostly played custom maps when I played though...

  • grinding levels and gear

    Yeah... :D that was quite all about in D2. running around and picking up all the stones and adding them on the pile. i had a barbarian tough as nails, with some items full of stuff... a list like a newspaper
    i lost my saved character and after a while i started to play again but i got bored fairly quickly. i didn't have the patience to keep going though

    @Mysterious Stranger You still got WC3 by any chance? :D

    Is it Warcraft 3 you asking about? :)
    i do have it on my game collection :D

    'Spore' is another fun game i did enjoy and had very good laughs about :) you start as a bacteria in the sea and evolve in your own way or choice... up to migrating onto the land ( like in Cambrian period) and keep evolving up to tribe, nation and .... space exploration and fighting aliens over the galaxy :D
    the fun part is you have to shape your body and chose where you want to have your mouth, eyes and so on and also have to choose what type of mouth and eyes and hands... also influenced by your diet

  • Ah yes, the struggle of making a lovely character, but at the end you just make some ugly monstrosity and go with it. :D
    Managed to befriend the Grox though. :D