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  • Was fooling around a bit in Shootmania Obstacle gamemode.

    Quite a fun FPS game with a gamemode dedicated to movement mechanics.

    A game with a very small playerbase sadly, but incredibly fun.


    Arguably the most annoying user on the forum. ( :

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  • nah, i didn't play that one. looks like low gravity kind of thing... it was something from counter-strike i remember. it was a mod or something and i played a few times on a small network killing each other out. :D

    ABE Exodus is a fun game, quite difficult and unique in its own way.

    the real challenge is to save and rescue all those mudoken buggers and have to find a solution not to kill any of them.:D

    This is the kind of game you play solo, but i recommend if you play this, to have some companions with you to share the laughs and get help of all sorts from them. hahaha
    even to remind you to save game very often :D