Spam bots

  • Mod_Lemon comeback?

    I know you and the rest of the community want it, but sorry to disappoint you...It's not gonna happen.

  • Shame, I've always dreamt of you banning me. Guess it's gonna stay a dream. ;(

  • Didn't a certain administrator say spam bot posts aren't visible for more than 5 minutes? Been 30 minutes now... shame the UK domain is moderated so poorly.

  • Well, it would be a great start if the staff that's online actually remove the spam bots instead of just looking at it.

  • Proof for HQ if they still don't see it as a problem..

    And yes 275 out of the 278 unread posts in the picture was spam.

  • Now, I'm not pointing fingers on who is wrong or who is not, but I'm pretty sure I've reported about 8-10 bots in the last 4 hours.

    If that's what one considers under control, I'm not exactly sure what an out-of-control would even look like.

  • Can someone tell me why I keep getting notifications about someone quoting me, when there’s nothing here? :huh:

  • Apparently this thread was supposed to be perfect for training new mods, because making a private one only they can see is too damn hard.

  • As you all know moderators are volunteers who give up their time to help maintain the forums. We aim to have spambots caught as early as possible, however it's not always possible to catch them before a genuine user sees them in their homepage feed.

    You can report spam bots by hovering in the bottom right hand corner of a post and hitting the button with a triangle in. Follow that through and it will alert us to the post or thread. And as I'm sure you all know, don't click any of the links for safe keeping. If you're ever unsure, you can see what a link is set to by hovering over the link it and in the bottom left hand corner of the browser you will see the URL. If you're still not sure, best to not click.

    Thank you all for bringing the spam threads to our attention.

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  • Who said anything about mods?

    Forum itself has some bad security in the first place. I've already stated how things could be ''slightly'' improved, but posts keep vanishing. ;)

    And whoever is hiding/unhidig posts here, so old notifications keep popping up... I hope you stub your damn toe on some furniture or something.

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  • Why was my post removed with no notification? What rules did I break? Am I not allowed to speak against the dictatorship of mods now?

    At least have the decency to PM me when you remove my post! Yes I mistook Hawk for PWF before, but that is only because has been as present as the McCann's on a holiday.