Have the number of croppers been reduced or tinkered with?

  • I see only 4 150% 15c in the grey zone and 22 125% and above 15c within 100 tiles from 0/0 In UK1

    Is this normal or has something been tinkered with at Travian?

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  • It's likely something else they have managed to mess up, just add it to the ever growing list of fu...*mess ups

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  • Hello Everyone

    I have asked and will post a reply once I have an answer but I do need a bit more info.

    What server are we talking about here?

    This way we know where to look.

  • With less croppers it is more important to be one of the first to settle on the server. Therefore it is more useful to have a glad helm. Glad helms went for like what, £150 on uk1 which is more than other servers? That £150 goes to Travian.

    I may have just stumbled upon the reason.

    Thankfully I got a decent cropper :D

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • Yet first person to settle didn't have a glad helm :D seems trav still can't win

  • no point in commenting the first player to settle, tbh he's 1lvl above all of us
    after all, he's Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in one person

    And person who bought glad helmet for ridiculous amount of 850k silver bounced off on the first try, so glad helmet isn't a guarantee to anything. But they do give a chance to noobs like @Marksy_UK to settle in top 3 with it :p

  • To be honest I don’t think the cropper numbers have changed at all.

    It’s just the settle quick guides have become more common so they no longer garuntee an advantage against anyone without a helmet.

    Looks like a new step in the evolution of travian settling shall commence. My guess is the .com/tourney route which will ruins everyone’s fun

  • Hello Everyone

    There has been no change in the layouts for croppers.

    But you actually believed that this had happened for an individual server?

    You believed this without knowing the server so clearly haven’t looked into any data or facts behind it.

    If this isn’t your immediate instinct given your role then why on earth should we listen to you?

    Developers don’t like explaining stuff to idiots that don’t understand the basics, they hate it even more when the idiots haven’t looked at the simple facts before asking the question.

    I feel for them, we used to have a guy like that at my company, poor lad didn’t last long when people realised he was bluffing. He made the mistake of being rude to the “I.T.” Guys. Hope you’re smarter than that.

    Top tip, don’t call them “I.T.” Guys

  • Hello Everyone

    There has been no change in the layouts for croppers.

    While there has been no purposeful change, is it possible that other code changes could have impacted cropper numbers accidentally? Us1 also felt high % cropper light. Admittedly it is anecdotal evidence and without a record of the number of X croppers on servers over time it is hard for us to check. I'm just curious how deep the issue was looked into. Its easy to say "we didn't change anything", which is generally enough of an answer but sometimes there are inadvertent consequences to code changes. (like needing 3 characters for autofill)

    Would it be possible for the tech types to look a little deeper? Obviously it would be easiest if they kept a record of server maps and have a database with the the number of each cropper type on a server but they could also compare a variety of servers against the expected figures (which I assume they have).

  • These are the cropper numbers from last UK4 and this UK1, there doesn't seem to be a significant difference. If anyone wants any other servers looking at for comparison, then I would need access to an account with Gold Club.


    Bonus 15 cropper 9 cropper Grand Total
    +0% 626 625 1251
    +100% 536 540 1076
    +125% 252 237 489
    +150% 102 105 207
    +25% 973 1015 1988
    +50% 916 922 1838
    +75% 1112 1080 2192
    Grand Total 4517 4524 9041


    Bonus 15 cropper 9 cropper Grand Total
    ‭+0%‬ 629 611 1240
    ‭+100%‬ 562 520 1082
    ‭+125%‬ 217 226 443
    ‭+150%‬ 100 86 186
    ‭+25%‬ 991 1032 2023
    ‭+50%‬ 923 960 1883
    ‭+75%‬ 1097 1095 2192
    Grand Total 4519 4530 9049

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  • These are the cropper numbers from last UK4 and this UK1, there doesn't seem to be a significant difference. If anyone wants any other servers looking at for comparison, then I would need access to an account with Gold Club.

    Thanks for the data, data is good. Also bless you for taking the time, that must have taken a good amount.

    I took a quick look at Us2 and found 94 150% 15c and 108 150% 9c which is on par with your data.

    For me then the issue is settled then. Unless someone wants to round up data on dozens of servers and prove everyone one.

  • I feel like the past rounds the good croppers near the middle (125%/150%) has been reduced, a year ago or so there used to be 5-6 good croppers in the middle outside grey, last comx there was literally no 150% cropper close to spawn area in - - except for grey, we had to go out to -80 -80 to get a 150%, never seen that before

    Ukx25 I noticed it as well

  • @Mercedes, thank you very much for the numbers.

    I was pointing out that only 22 out of 317 125% and above 15c's are within 100 tiles from 0/0.

    Which is at max 6 125% and above 15c per quad within 100 tiles from 0/0 including the grey zone croppers.

    While the number of croppers seems to be the same, their placement might have been changed.

    I don't have the exact locations of croppers from previous servers but I'm sure there were more number of 125% and above 15c's within 100 tiles from 0/0..

    This has a huge effect because of arti picking.

    Either you go far away for a good cropper or take a okayish 100% or less cropper to stay close to the centre and be able to clear uniques, small diet etc

    Staying close to the center will not help later on if you want to go for uniques and have a good end game account since it's highly unlikely to get a good cropper to feed end game armies. :huh:

    I hope I'm making sense. Please let me know if I'm wrong about this ^^

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  • OK, I'm with you.

    These are the numbers for the servers I can access.

    15Cs within 100 squares of (0/0)
    150% - 8
    125% - 13
    150% - 11
    125% - 19
    150% - 11
    125% - 25

    On that basis, UK1 does look comparatively low, although I'm not sure if UK29 can be used as a direct comparitor as it is half the map size. It would be good to have a wider basis for comparison but those are the only three servers I have access to with gold club.

    I would think that there is an algorithm in the coding that sets numbers of croppers per server and spawning locations within set parameters and that UK1 just happened to have hit the bottom range in the central locations.

    It isn't hard to do a comparison, (got to love Bob for showing me how to use pivot tables). It's just time consuming copy and pasting 180 pages of data into a spreadsheet for each server. I'm happy to do that and make any comparisons and analyses people want, but I can't do it without access to accounts with gold club.

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  • @BlackBlade and @Omega_ES, can you get the cropper numbers within 100 tiles from 0/0 for the servers you're playing in?

    It's highly unlikely that Uk1 hit the bottom range for both 125% and 150% croppers.

    I request players from other servers to put up cropper count within 100 tiles from 0/0 in your respective servers so that we can get an idea of what's going on

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  • Us1
    150% = 6
    125% = 14

    Interesting. So Us1 and Uk1 have about 33% less high level croppers within 100 fields of 0,0.

    UK29 is obviously not a fair comparison but I would hope that is signals a general trend for the reduced map size. (which I really hope is rolled out globally)

    150% = 8
    125% = 17

    Also interesting how much lower AU29 is vs UK29