The Greatest Treasure

  • .. Years later he still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And him, the 8-year-old boy, who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever...

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    Use your creativity and try to imagine who the boy was, what he might have found, when, where and why this fire took place.
    Write your ideas below. It should not be the complete story, just your guess based on the picture and the text above.
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  • Demetrius struggled to drag the heavy wooden box, each jerk leaving parallel grooves in the sand. "More precious than all the gold in the kingdom", the master had said, before he succumbed to his wounds. Demetrius pulled the box with all his might to get over a hummock, accidentally breaking open the side and spilling the contents on the flame-lit ground. Scrolls by Heron: Belopoeica, Mechanica, Metrica, Pneumatica and Automata.

  • That fateless evening when Akmar opened the box containing the Spirits of flame, the young boy became it's prisoner. Destined to control the flames forever yet comdemned to forever remember the destruction it always caused.

  • easy.It was arthur, boy of a roman father and briton mother. His treasure was his father's sword, the Excalibur. The fire started because of a locas raid

  • IGN = DeHougham, server

    Marcus, an eight year old Roman boy from Pompeii in the year 79 AD, is scared as he watches the flames dancing over the roofs as Mt Vesuvius erupts. The horrifying screams of people in the distance and getting closer makes him realize he is all alone. Marcus, blocked in his house, searches feverishly for his greatest treasure - his trusted guard dog named Caesar. Through the darkness and billowing smoke was a glimmer of a bronze studded collar. Caesar led Marcus to safety barely making it but his greatest treasure Caesar changed his life forever as he was the lone survivor.

  • Young Lucius stood transfixed as the flames engulfed the city around him. He didn't care - his future was unfolding in front of him like a precious treasure almost within his grasp. As soon as his mother, Agrippina, married Claudius, the way would be clear for him to become the greatest Emperor of all time...

  • the litle Afareo crying in the shadows, his family, nowere to be found, he was just giving up to despair when a familiar face apeared in front of him, from between the shadows of smoke a mortaly wounded man crumbles... was the prince! Paris, wounded and crying for the fate of his people...then, in a final moment of clarence... he sees young Afareo, and gives him the sword of kings, "lead our people to safety little one, in your hands is now the destiny, of Troy"...

  • The boy was a son of one of Ravena Senator, he found the Spatha that used by a legendary Hastati . . . still blooded by those marauders around that town in 476AD. The whole city been besieged by Northern Barbarian that some enlsave were part of them to infiltrated the whole city's wall gates which make the rest of people inside that city in grave danger and no where to escape due to both outside & inside were already full of traitors, the reason why glorious Roman Empire randomly recruited Auxillaries from conquered provinces and turn them into; some are slave, some are soldiers enlisted between original Roman soldiers in a Legion.
    A sad truth yet the Boy going his own adventure with other young mercenaries toward east, towarding the remaining greatness of Eastern Roman Empire . . . a city name Byzantium/Constantinople. He's now famous being sole survivor from Northern Italy provinces of the noble Roman blood arrived at the heart of Eastern Roman Empire. He continuing leading an army of thousand Legionaire progressing campaign of the eastern front fighting numerous battlefield & cities, this is why when sudden successfully conquered a great city with numerous casualties this man who previously is a young little boy on that incident suddenly PTSD-ed.

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  • 8-летний мальчик, который только что нашел величайшее сокровище, которое навсегда изменило его жизнь ...Яйцо дракона..., Только драконам было под силу остановить вражду между племенами, и вернуть мир. Но они ушли...,и никто не ведал как найти их род. И вот у людей появился шанс.., правда призрачный...

    An 8-year-old boy who has just found the greatest treasure that forever changed his life ... Dragon Egg ... Only the dragons were able to stop the feud between the tribes and return the world. But they left ... and no one knew how to find their kind. And now people have a chance .., true ghost ...

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  • The flames were dancing to an inaudible tune when the boy found the magical sword in the hand of the dead king, the sword for which a prophecy has been made years ago that the person holding it will be the true ruler of the kingdom. Thus, the Emperor Rastogi was reborn with the essence of the sword, as if the sword was a part of him.


    com83(beta): rastogi2008

    com29(NYS5x): Slavefactory

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  • The young boy was Tacitus, who witnessed the great fire of Rome and stumbled upon the greatest treasure of his life - his future of becoming a historian who later in his lifetime wrote the historical account of this great fire and also many histories chronicling the reigns of the early emperors.

    This great fire started on the night of July 18, 64 A.D. from the merchant area, burned for six days & seven nights and destroyed about two-third of Rome. Unconfirmed rumors accuse Emperor Nero of ordering the torching of the city to fulfill his ambitious plans of building elaborate series of palaces in Rome, known as Neropolis.

  • The young boy was in reality a girl in disguise. Just like Aria Stark traveling the dangerous roads of Westeros, this young woman traveled the furthest outback of the internet. Here, torn between eternal conflicts of the community and the desolate wastes of the game worlds, this lost and bewildered soul found the beacon of light, the lemon among the thorns, the torchbearer, the man so hot he sets cities on fire, and who is so fluffy that you are gonna die!!!! She was last seen, fleeing across the rooftops, carrying this forsaken worlds dearest treasure...

  • The boy remembers feeling sorrow as he pulled the partially burnt parchment from the generals hand, still bloodied. Yet, as he read the note he was overcome with liberation and courage. He ran as fast as he could back to the remaining forces and fellow citizens behind the barricade. I have it I have it! he shouted. No more Fear! No more Fear! Our friends the Gaulic Horsemen are waiting on the other side of the mountain pass! I must go to Guide them through the pass! Ready your shields! sharpen your swords! We will still stand to win the day! The now boy made general put the note back into his pocket. A new fight lay before him. This time, he is not a boy anymore.

  • A boy of 8 years found wonderful grains from his grandfather in the house, in the attic .. 20 years have passed since that time, and today these grains dribble under the window) But then, having tasted them, the picture of the world was horrific, everything was burning, everyone was shouting , somewhere they were running and the child's mind refused to accept this reality)

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  • At midst of the great burning of the pompous city of Alexandria, in the center there lies the grandest library of the ancient world. Accumulated knowledge throughout the history started dying, churning in the hellish flame set by the Romans. People are crying, weeping, and sorrow that plunder throughout the city. Scream and yell, people started dying, slash, drip, slash, prick, and there came silence.

    As we trace back, long way back at great but now burned library of Alexandria. Everything is in ruined, none, nothing, blank, neigh, non of the books and scrolls that was once the greatest achievement in history are now for long gone. Its so hard to imagine how cruel it turns out for the great city of Alexandria and hope it will never repeat again in history.

    As the short story is about to end, a dramatic scene enters the stage. There is actually a peck of life that lit at the center of all the chaos, a boy, an 8-year old boy named Jorje is in slumber, breathing paintly, but he is trying to pull himself, trying to stand up, trying to beat this horrible nightmare. As Jorje tries to open his eyes and normally breath, he hears something, something unusual; A drum beat, *dhug*, *dhug*, slowly and it disappear. With a little cough Jorje finally opened his eyes in tears, he stood up, and looked at the mess the wars brought to him and all the wonderful people who lives in Alexandria.

    As Jorje looks for clue for where he is, he found out that he is at the great library of Alexandria; Was once the center of attraction of a great city. Then as he walk through the ashes of the books, scrolls, and shelves he hears the familiar sound, a drum beat, *dhug*, *dhug*. It grew louder and louder as he walk pass through the rubbles, walk pass the table of the maester he once have serve, and stopped at the big round table. He inspect the table and saw a crack, in the crack he saw a parchment covered in glitters of gold dust.

    Jorje opened the parchment and there it was, written is an ancient architectural plan to dominate everything. It is the "Wonder of the World". But Jorje noticed there are still missing parts of the architectural plan that he needs to find out where. So Jorje with the courage he only have started the journey to build the WW to conquer his enemies...

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  • To be educated at Rome a kid was I when I left dear Italica, so upon arriving the capital uncle showed me the sights. We could see the Coliseum as we climbed the Palatine then the smell reached us... the smoke... then we saw flames. Uncle, sensing a change in the wind sat me on the horse's rump, jumped himself, spurred it and into the wind we galloped. Fearfully horrible giant flames engulfed the capital and the smell of burnt flesh horrified me then.Uncle had shown me a treasure that would serve me well: cool, calm, collected quickly appraise the situation then execute, optimus princeps they called me, my name, Marcus Ulpius Traianus...


  • ...who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever. Fear of death, which caused him to drag himself from the ashes and not be overwhelmed by it, but letting it guide him to become greatest warrior Rome has ever seen

  • Kai clutched the Aether tighter, ignoring the pulses of power that threatened to drag him under once more, and corrected himself with a snort, it might be more accurate to call it the greatest curse. It was for this glowing jewel of incomprehensible power upon which their kingdom thrived that the savage king's armies came and laid waste to them after all. He wondered, not for the first time, whether his family might have lived and his home might have stood if their pacifist King had not refused the Aether's power even as they were being laid siege too, then he remembered the bodies of enemy soldiers and fellow countrymen alike falling like puppets with their strings cut when Kai had, in his desperation at witnessing his King's eyes turn lifeless, unleashed the power of the Aether. And the worst part was he had almost been unable to stop and had it gone on for a millisecond longer knew he would have not, the Aether was a terrifying addiction and their King had known that unlike him, the King had been bred to protect the jewel after all while he was the servant boy that had been bestowed the treasure for lack of anyone else in proximity that was breathing or not an enemy raider. He pulled the hood back over his head with a sigh, banishing the heavy thoughts or at the very least shelving them for a more opportune moment and pocketed the jewel, he had to keep moving, the jewel tended to attract trouble.

  • The boy : Ahmose I the son of pharaoh Seqenenre Tao and brother of the last pharaoh of the Seventeenth dynasty, King Kamose
    When he was seven years old his father was killed from hyksos .
    her invented war wheels
    Name of account :Belly
    Server: Travian Com2

  • That wasn't a calm night. It is there in the hearts of the people of Village 'Faraway' of Holy Kingdom. Now is the time, raging roaring beasts, air-striking everywhere YES These are the Dragons from 'no-man's-land'. Fire and screams everywhere but what is this? an 8 year old boy found a gift from the nature herself.. A Dragon Egg.. Guardian for his whole life - after his parents..