The Greatest Treasure

  • Years later he still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And him, the 8-year-old boy, who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever...He found enlightenment, that how valuable life is and war is not a solution. When he escaped that great fire that day he realized the value of I think His great Treasure was the his life. Life is precious cherish it all the time and be fruitful to Humanity.
    killer (playing as dual for Hunter11)
    from EZ Alliance

  • After all the bloodshed, the box was empty. This was the ultimate betrayal for Alexander. He decided there and then that he would trust no one in future and would set out to conquer the world. The world would know him as Alexander the Great.

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