UK Goes To Munich!

  • And now for my next trick! I will make people stay on topic...

    A poll should hopefully be up tomorrow :p

  • I'm sorry, but I have been way too busy today, so haven't had the time to get the poll(s) ready, I may try to wake up early tomorrow before work and get them done... :sleeping::saint:

  • I'm sorry, but I have been way too busy today, so haven't had the time to get the poll(s) ready, I may try to wake up early tomorrow before work and get them done... :sleeping::saint:

    Come on Lemon, Im eagerly awaiting this much anticipated forum poll which has caused so much unrest! X/

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  • Without digging up the past too much isn't this like bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

    Ignore everyone saying they didn't like the way Travian was heading for 5 years, ploughing on with a game no one wanted and now asking the 6 remaining players how to make things better?

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  • Oh wow! This thread is still here, lovely!

    Many of you have asked what happened to the poll I said I was going to post 3 weeks ago.

    I decided that a poll wasn't needed as I know some of the other people going to Munich already have recieved a good amount of responses on their surveys + my original survey managed to get a decent amount of responses before I closed it.

    Found a few comments in another thread about the event..

    They only want to listen to the people who say what they want to hear. If crew/employees disagree or suggest anything other than what is coming down the line they get sacked off. TG staff who stay the course never say a word against the company line anywhere, at anytime. Even now, when they are investing all this money in getting people up to Munich to represent their communities, the people with invitations are handpicked. Sorry lemon, but you know it’s true. Where was the competition or forum polls to choose a representative? Other than you and one other, there won’t be anyone willing to really challenge the way the community is “managed”. HQ is interested in tourney and finals players. The rest of us who are the bread and butter of the business can either stick out the rotten customer service and broken servers or go take a flying jump. Those of us who do stick it out do so because there is no comparable game or community and stay despite HQ, not because of it.

    They will have to listen to the community if they don't want this game to completely die.

    Unfortunately I am yet to see TG listen to us, which is one of the reasons why I was about to canceł my trip a week ago, but seeing it as we only have one person represented from our domain, I decided to not do that.

    Yes, the invitations were handpicked.."Rumour has it that it was the CMs who nominated people from their domains."

    Seeing how many people have multiple forum accounts, I think that it was the right decision to handpick players instead of making a poll, as it would just come down to who has the most forum accounts.

    Trust me, some of the others and I, will do our very best to make them realise some of the things they need to change.

    I am sure between Lemon, ELE and certainly Lotte, they can get their point across. I have seen some very good suggestions throughout and as long as these guys can be given the time to discuss them all in depth then there is hope...however, as to whether they listen is another question entirely. I personally believe it will all be a complete waste of time and TG will continue to push players away whilst updating the game with new graphics and useless unimportant rubbish. For me it is my last hope of sticking at this game, if nothing comes of it, then I for one will finally retire - I am sure that will make some people happy at least :saint:

    I don't think we have enough time to discuss everything, we have recieved way too many suggestions for that.

    I have personally started going through all the suggestions I have recieved so far, but don't be shy to post even more in this thread or pm me on skype.

  • Can you talk to them about having hideous orange signatures, that even lady gaga wouldn't wear, removed from accounts forcibly please?

    Already on my list, but will add it one more time, to make sure that they look into it.

  • You mean 18? Once you settle it, you're already rocking a -3/h crop due to MB. :D

  • I guess I should report my post from Price Increase here now that there might be a better way to get it across. This was my set of suggestions for TG about how to improve and got my record of 9 likes:

    If I was Travian Games, and I was looking at building a business case around "how to increase revenue going forward" this is how I would approach this. Now, this is not just me taking the piss. I am the CTO of a technology startup company and have been for the last 6 years. I also engage 1on1 with our customers to solve technical issues. I will approach this from my personal Travian experiences.

    1. need to increase player base. This requires marketing. Marketing normally costs money. However, you can get free marketing from:
    a) putting an app on the app store ($99/y on Apple and $25 one-off for Android - that's pretty cheap)
    b) word-of-mouth - make a good game, people will recommend it.
    2. I understand that they are testing concepts, and testing ideas for revenue generation. This is great:
    a) problem is that many of these ideas are highly unlikely to actually generate revenue on economic principles e.g.
    i) Travian Kingdoms must have cost a lot to develop. It also costs more gold to play. If it was successful, then it would increase revenue. HOWEVER, the response has been that players WILL NOT pay more for simply a revamped travian with better graphics.
    ii) I think we are also seeing that some domains are becoming unsustainable e.g. AU/NZ. I played there before and you can only get about 25 players per quad to end game. It is VERY hard to hold and defend a WW with these numbers.
    iii) I would be VERY surprised, if there was not a direct correlation between "competitiveness" of a server and revenue generation. The more people you have racing for croppers - the more gold expenditure. The more people you have smashing into each other - the more gold is spent recovering. If there is a slack, underpopulated server, then people will not spend gold as it's not really worth racing for it.
    iv) this would also result in players leaving. If there is no longer a challenge, you can either go to another domain (and sacrifice any gold you have, and have to pay currency conversion fees), or quit. The other domains also do not translate into your language, so you either use google translate - which slows the game down, or quit.
    v) If you could transfer gold between domains, buy gold in a domain in any currency (saving currency conversion fees - which Travian has to pay to convert back to EURO anyway), and also if you could translate the game into any language (travian has already done this). Now, alliances and interractions on a server, etc will be more complicated as you will have multiple languages on a server, but it would be on the onus of the players to interract with MH, etc in the language of the domain, using translater, etc.
    vi) if you had each domain start servers on regular dates, and then reduce the server numbers, then players could plan for this, and increase the number of players per server, increase the competitiveness, and revenue. e.g. currently UK has 5 servers. You could reduce this to 4 and also fold AU/NZ into this. Allow gold to also be bought on UK using AUD and NZD. Restrict servers to starting e.g. 1/1, 1/4, 1/7, 1/10 of the year so everyone knows and can prepare for royal rumble on these dates, rather than only get 1 week and lots of people missing out. I really see zero advantage to not pre-announcing server starts significant time in advance.
    b) the ads feature was a good idea - especially as it is not intrusive to gameplay, but all of the ads are for other Travian products. So, this is not really going to generate external revenue!

    2. need to make the game easier on individual players and, especially, leaders. At its heart, this is a persistent browser game
    a) some in-game features should come for managing the alliance. Alliance tools could be helping to organise defense calls, better wiki (the current one is pretty poor).
    The game is being supported by players' own 3rd party efforts. When new players do not have access to these, it makes it appear more difficult to pick up. You should investigate the most-used tools and look to integrate. I would recommend NOT wasting time replicating great tools, but simply look to purchase these from the developers, otherwise the player base will keep using the tools we are familiar with. Classic example is Kingdoms chat feature which people were not familiar with, so kept using Skype e.g. offer to contract Kirriloid, gettertools, Travianer app - then you suddenly have an improved alliance interface. You could make access to some features part of gold club, etc.

    Just my humble opinion...

  • Can't wait for this! Hopefully, once you've returned, you're able to share as much information as possible with the community!

    Sometimes I wonder whether TG keeps 1000s of people chained up underground, each controlling a Natar village... ;)

  • What do you prefer? 20

    1. Daily recap (16) 80%
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    Day 1 is coming to an end, so please pick what you prefer! :D