UK Goes To Munich!

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  • Average earnings England £26780
    Earnings and working hours - Office for National Statistics

    Average earnings Scotland £23500
    How much is the average wage in Scotland? - The Scotsman

    Average earnings Wales £25918
    Welsh Government|Annual survey of hours and earnings

    Average earnings Ireland €36919
    This is the average full-time wage in Ireland | Irish Examiner

    Think that blows that argument out of the water.

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  • Average income in England is no way just shy of 27k, it's all those billionaires in London pulling the average up, imo it's more like 22k at a push

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  • I don't recall there being any T3.6 servers on the UK but then again you are saying 6 years ago. I certainly do not remember a massive advertising campaign.

    The uk classic was hidden away and launched at the same time as a t4 server from memory. It wasn't advertised and by the time they got around to giving people what they'd been asking for most of the old 3.6 players had given playing and accessing the forums. I certainly can't remember any email notifications advertising it but I may be wrong. The numbers weren't amazing about 1500 I would guess which wasn't much lower that t4 servers were getting on the U.K. Domain. As gold usage isn't as high on 3.6 servers it was deemed a failure and used to justify why there would be no more. The reality as I think we know now is that Travian had no clue how the game was coded anymore so couldn't run it.

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  • for others domains is this argument true ^^

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  • I should point out that the England average is heavily weighted by London and the South East. Scotland earnings are higher than the rest of England. Cornwall is recognised as being more financially deprived than some third world countries.


    That is very interesting. I'm from Devon (next to cornwall right on the border) it's not marked on there as deprived but we might have earned less down there however I can defiantly say that I was much happier there than where I am now in a city :( I have seen that the more 'deprived' an area is the happier and more friendly the people are, in this city people don't even give up seats on buses or help people cross the road, it's all 'me, me, I, I' it's sad ;( sorry for off-topic :saint:

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  • It may just be me, but I think we already discussed the gold price on UK a while ago, when they “increased” the price.

    Price Increase

    They did “increase” the price. And reading that thread you linked strengthens my belief that it is something the UK representive should have been bringing up in Munich.

  • for others domains is this argument true ^^

    I’m a mathematician. To disprove a theory you only need to find one instance where the theory isn’t true. If you want to do a comparison to prove it’s true for all the other domains, be my guest.

    @NE Fan_UK has a valid point that this was a big issue for UK domain, therefore it’s reasonable to assume our representative might have brought it up. However, my impression is that there wasn’t time to discuss issues for specific domains, that you only were able to discuss the topics that were most important for all the domains represented.

    @chainsawdaz I live on the Devon/Cornwall border too :)

    @Lemon thank you for going as our representative and for the thorough feedback. I don’t think you should take any of the comments here as criticism, you did us proud. I think it’s a good thing that so many people want to discuss what happened as it shows how passionate we all still are about the game.

  • @Lemon I hope you suggested to merge the Danish and the UK domain.
    All the Danes play here anyway so we might as well get the CM too. Would be a large step in the right direction.

  • Nice, congratz to the chosen ones. :D

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