UK2 WW Update

  • Well Orr... Your parents must be sooo proud... Ah hang on... They don't like you playing travian... Which is why you do not get pocket money and which is why you rely on the good faith of others to help you out with Gold.

    So credit should be given to Gene for helping you to achieve what ever it is you have achieved.

    Hope you find someone in the real world who is so generous when you finally leave your privileged education.. With your exceptional IQ.

    But it's life skills that help people get on in life. Along with understanding of humility, respect, trust, gratitude and manners.
    When you have recognised that then I might have some respect for you...

    But well done GOT the team... Some of you have shown 'all the above' so I look forward to chatting with you again some time...

  • Orr, I think you will find the expression is 'lower yourself to our level' and of course you wouldn't... In your inflated mind you are a God amongst boys. :D

  • Orr, I think you will find the expression is 'lower yourself to our level' and of course you wouldn't... In your inflated mind you are a God amongst boys. :D

    Yes Orr... You have repeatedly told everyone how fab you are... Which just highlights everything I previously said...

    Just a shame you can not share your great success with your parents... I am sure they would be so proud.. or bored... Like I should imagine people are getting now.

    Hope you enjoy UK3 with your new friends and find some more poor unsuspecting people you can ear bash... About how utterly brilliant you are. I am looking forward to getting a rest from it.. Lol

  • i like this @Happy guy...
    I feel sometimes humility goes a long way... can we please move forward from this useless banter..

    I just wanna talk about that 2 beast teuton hammers drogon had... Man both hammers broke several HoF records <3
    As a fellow team mate competing for HoF i am super impressed... good job drogon

    P.S. @Demeter emma gonna give you hell before you manage to demolish it... hehehe :D :p :evil:

  • Yes those were supper rammers,
    Kindly peace we r done with server.
    Now time to appreciate these wonderfull hammers.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • hahaha Well done Kashi, Arsalan and B@li Awesome Hammer, nice hit as well

    Now we can finally Conclude our major hammers have finally landed. *breaths a sigh of relief*

    now you all can tune off nothing fancy to see unless you wanna see my baby hammer lolz

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Thank you orr and amer for your appreciation.
    This hammer was not a single person effort. my team mates arsalan and bali, worked along side me to build this beast.

    Plus could not be possible without the support of Alliance. Amer for giving me trainer when ever i asked for, BranStark for sitter help. drogon, darkness for all time support, Fen aka The Mountain for feeding large portion for months.

    Thank you swm and co for providing us an interesting server. Golden boy for making forum interesting . kyle and boxx team for providing great competition in game. They are for sure quality raider, great competitors.

    Sorry for being annoying and childish some time, but that was just for the sake of fun, the intentions was never to disrespect any one.

    Yes crunch i was also not fully satisfied specially with the number cats(started late and also starved a good bunch), but still i am happy to stand with bloodcrudle in a row. He was one of the true wwk builder which i always respected. I was a young man back then when he use to build those monster hammers in v3. travian. Those were real hammers, build with great dedications. No helmets, training bonuses etc.

    I’ve seen better :whistling:

    I have build many like these. :D . My size of the hammers always directly proportional to the strength of the opponents.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

  • I’m just teasing Kashi :P

    With hammers this big I’m almost disappointed (as you were so in control of endgame) that you didn’t delay building your WW and gone for the all time records.

    So many impressive hammers from one alliance though is amazing, can’t take anything away from your achievements. Well done guys and gals

  • Some totally jaw dropping hammers there from GoT mega well done. For me if I have enjoyed the game then win lose or draw it don't matter, and both Kyle and myself have enjoyed this server tremendously <3 Boxxx

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.

    Boxxx UK Server 2 Gave up, what an awful version of the game, hated it UK 19

  • Some great hammers coming out of GoT and huge kudos for the teamwork it takes to build them.

    I’m enjoying seeing some serious competition coming to the UK with first GoT and now GoTN. Things were getting staid here and needed a good stirring! Long may it last!

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • TLP - UK6 ( the lazy panda's )
    Got - UK2 ( Game of Thrones)
    Got - UK3 ( Guardians of Travian ) now :thumbsup:

    Will we win 3 out of 3 ?

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  • TLP - UK6 ( the lazy panda's )
    Got - UK2 ( Game of Thrones)
    Got - UK3 ( Guardians of Travian ) now :thumbsup:

    Will we win 3 out of 3 ?

    Someone’s going to lose the winning streak , GoT or MM , or maybe both to someone else.