UK2 WW Update

  • Well hopefully not GoT if we keep the same performance rate as on this server.
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me out this server b4 the server ends. So i want to thank all of GoT alliance for firstly accepting us with warmth and for making our server enjoyable, and secondly for supplying us with resources and artis throughout the server. Most of all i would like to thank gene! Without her we could not have built the wwk we have built. So thank you everyone!
    Less than 2 hrs till server finishes, so lets get that end of server thread up sometime soon XD

  • Finally All our hammers have landed including mine at last.. the server is over

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • Thank you every one, I Personally want to thank each and everyone who participated in the server.

    First of all thank you GoT, for choosing me as a leader and letting me lead you for another server.

    You guys have been great amazing. Nothing was achievable without your kind support, your dedication your trust and support in me and my team.

    It was my Honor to serve you guys once again. Thank you for your unwavering trust and loyalty. It will never be forgotten.
    Our Defenders were the Real heroes. Salute to you guys. Nymeria (Josh), Dracarys (Albert aka Mr. Smith) Thank you for leading the WW team. Albert (Dracarys) without your Knowledge and Wisdom of WW we could have never been in a position where we are.

    Secondly I would like to thank GoT leadership who stuck by me and did all the actual hardwork to managing the entire Alliance, your dedication and commitment knows no bound.

    Thirdly I would like to thank Every one else the entire Server, the players who participated and made this server enjoyable. I have had fun making new friends in SWM and Nemris.
    Thank you to everyone who appreciated our efforts and to those who didn't appreciate.

    Some of SWM and Nemris have also Joined us in our Next Chapter, in our Next Adventure on the UK3.

    Things get fiery on the forums but as the sun sets on this server, so will a new dawn approach. with it new server, new friendships forged, and a new clean slate.

    One last note of all the Hall Of Fame entries on this server from GoT and Others Well done to everyone I am sure this server will go down as the most records entered into Hall Of Fame.

    Kindest and Warmest Regards,

    Amer - Jon Snow - I Know Nothing, My Enemies Know Even less

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • I want to make a point of congratulating GoT before the curtain finally closes on this server. Well done people, truly awesome, and I hope you are all as proud as you deserve to be.

    I overestimated the strength of SWM, probably due to not having played for a few years and not knowing what to expect in a current server (other than playing a tournament qualifier I did without an alliance, just for the medal).
    I also massively underestimated what GoT would bring to the table. It really did turn out to be grown women verses little girls and I, along with many others, are stuck in the little girls camp.
    And those hammers and that defence. Brilliant...

    I seem to have a kind invite to join up with GoT on UK3. It is an honour to be invited into such company, for sure. I'm flattered, but will have to think about it. Three things spring to mind - one, can I face another server right now or do I need a break. Two, do I want to be in the alliance that is favourite to win the server, or in the alliance that forms to try to stop them (and will the best of the UK current/ex-players take up the challenge to meet such a formidable opposition, because if they don't it could be a dead rubber), and three, do I want to to play a server where I am known, so can't post what I want to post on the forum without consequences on my account??

    A final word - thank you to Sandy (Sandytoes2) for letting me so rudely invade her account part way through the server and for putting up with me until the end. :)

  • Thanks to everyone for making the server enjoyable, as they say in this game "expect the unexpected".

    Congratulations to GoT, can't take away their amazing team work resulting in fantastic hammers and massive defence numbers.

    TFSC thanks for the fun and a lot of hard work. Amazing team spirit especially from those who remained until the end. Kurei, always there with troops when needed, Marc/Ra9 the inspiring double act, Dannylove awesome troops builderand comedian, Goku for all the help (and laughs) given when needed, but mostly to Andy for putting up with me yet again and giving me encouragement when things got a little rough at times.

    Until next time ....

    L. x

  • Congratulations GoT friends, you are truly a fantastic dedicated team. With this said, i'l take my hat off and bow before you :

    As about me now is time to reveal who i was on uk2 server :)

    Mercedes, thank you for putting me top of that list :) So yes, i was Tatallor from SWM.

    Thank you SWM team for such a nice and fun game round. :thumbup: GoT won this round but we didn't loose either. We just didn't won, that's all

    Screenshot by Lightshot